Lambo Urus v Porsche Turbo GT v BMW X6M v Tesla Model X v Jeep Trackhawk: DRAG RACE

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преди 27 дни

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Thanks to Adam for lending us his Trackhawk: adam__tanvir
Thanks to Q Drive Performance for providing us with the Urus:
Thanks to Richard for providing us with the Model X: @RSymons RSEV

Who’s ready for an INCREDIBLE performance SUV drag race?!

Mat’s in the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, and he’s lining up against a Lamborghini Urus, a Jeep Trackhawk, a BMW X6M and a Tesla Model X!!

It’ll come as no surprise to any of you that the stats are absolutely wild! Starting with the Porsche, it’s powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that can deliver 640hp & 850Nm of torque. The Lambo alongside it is mighty similar, with the same size engine deliver 650hp & 850Nm of torque.

Then we come to the Trackhawk, which easily has the largest engine in the line-up - a 6.2-litre supercharged V8 which puts out 707hp & 875Nm of torque! It’s one of the heaviest cars here, though, weighing in over 2.4 tonnes!

Finally, we have the BMW & the Tesla. Under the X6M’s bonnet, you’ll find a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 which can produce 625hp & 750Nm, while the dual electric motors in the Model X producing power that eclipses the field, putting out 780hp & 1,140Nm.

Surely this has to be our greatest SUV drag race ever, right?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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Sphamandla Msani
Sphamandla Msani преди 8 часа
There is no way that Trackhawk performs like that I'm out
Kasper Kubala
Kasper Kubala преди 9 часа
Why is there no stelvio qv :'(
R C преди 14 часа
Jeep makes decent suvs and great off-road wranglers, super fast car not so much!
Mayur borah
Mayur borah преди 17 часа
I hate electric cars
dhillon преди 23 часа
Bro how is trackhawl losing give me that and let me show you 😂😂
TheHowTo House
TheHowTo House преди ден
lol that bmw is tired
Stefan Stojanovic
Stefan Stojanovic преди ден
That jeep is one big piece of crap 🤮 as all the others american cars
dreshawn edwards
dreshawn edwards преди ден
we all know a demond trackhawk will leave them cars lets be real...........
Euro Badger 54
Euro Badger 54 преди ден
I have a soft limiter on my 08 impala. I hate it tho. The limiter is set at 4000.
Jyrky преди ден
That model X jumped the line on the 3d atemt...
Hunter Laing
Hunter Laing преди ден
the porshe won!
Jose Carlos Acosta
Jose Carlos Acosta преди ден
This video made me want that porche
Brett Anthony Bryant
Brett Anthony Bryant преди ден
Tesla… never be late to soccer practice again. Should be their slogan for the model x
willians de sousa
willians de sousa преди 2 дни
Ele disse caramba.🤣🤣
Abdulrahman alhadi
Abdulrahman alhadi преди 2 дни
Finally Matt You won! 😂 Your channel is amazing, my son likes your channel so much. (He told me to send this comment, so it’s his words but my writing 😅)
Gift t.k Mzembe
Gift t.k Mzembe преди 2 дни
hello Carwow please can you do a drag race between a topclass trackhawk vs the brabus 900 rocket SUV
Aabhash Bhati
Aabhash Bhati преди 2 дни
Lamborghini is a joke 🙂
deaks25 преди 2 дни
Nice to see the latest hot Cayenne Turbo still fits the "How does something so big and heavy move so fast!?"
deed man
deed man преди 2 дни
That Porsche Sounds like a fucking jet passing the mile marker Damn!
Daniel Creed
Daniel Creed преди 2 дни
When You Are Expecting the Urus would win against them but ridiculous happened
Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez преди 2 дни
I don’t see Audi
fairytailgazeel преди 3 дни
Starts at 5:00
that guy
that guy преди 3 дни
The tesla should of been much farther ahead
Asid Danial
Asid Danial преди 3 дни
A way to get past rev limiter is to let the car move at about 5 mph then rev it in neutral. Works on my a3
Hidayat Jaya
Hidayat Jaya преди 3 дни
Orang barat bodoh.. indonesia udah banyak buat mobil listrik bertenaga dinamo. Engk di pamerkan. Dunia tetap haus soud yg sangar dan kecepatan yg dasyat. Ubah air jadi bensin baru lah dunia mengakui orang barat memang jenius. Ini paling promosi dgn embel embel lebih kencang mobil listrik dgn mobil bensin. Klo yg gini gini nya coba anda lihat di thailan dan indonesia udah banyak bikin mobil bertenaga dinamo. Wlo tidak sehebat pabrik tesla. Karna bahan yg mereka pakai udah pasti lebih janggih..
Ricky Ahn
Ricky Ahn преди 3 дни
It is certain that Lambo-Urus is just expensive and just high-HP fashion car, so Porsche or BMW X6m is the best choice!! 람보 우르스는 가격비싸고 마력만 높은 패션카인거 확실함, 포르쉐 아님 비엠 x6m 이 답이다.
E U R O P A преди 3 дни
Super Luxury Lifestyle
Super Luxury Lifestyle преди 3 дни
Nice and we need and wish videos in 60fps HDR resolution clarity quality soon please and Sound in full HD 3D
supersonicwings преди 3 дни
Porsche is handicapped by a mile marker. Bring the fight to the Autobahn or Freeway that Tesla would be roasted
atish patel
atish patel преди 4 дни
I think you should do 1 run with a 1/2 mile strip ... would that change the results ?
ARC1T3CT - преди 4 дни
That old Tesla is crazy fast...
JacquesLeConte преди 4 дни
Tesla is gay doesn't matter the speed also minging
Will Castello
Will Castello преди 4 дни
The bmw was impressive the porsche did great but with the trackhawk easy half the price I'll take trackhawk with some mods
oderinle gbolahan
oderinle gbolahan преди 4 дни
Whoever is behind the trackhawk wheel is Slacking off ong
alfie sole
alfie sole преди 4 дни
Tesla is just the best choice. Best price for performance. Love them
BTS haters jealous of BTS's success
BTS haters jealous of BTS's success преди 4 дни
These cars are so fast !!!
HARRY ELDRIDGE преди 4 дни
So what I don't understand is why just race a quarter mile race a whole mile what are you scared of
TheWutangclan1995 преди 5 дни
That lambo was like, oh hold on my mom is calling.
Titan Uranus
Titan Uranus преди 5 дни
I'd just get a Jimni, n with all da spare cash left over, I would virtually stick da biggest donk into it (Dat sounded so wrong, in so many ways). Im gonna digress now, umm yeh...
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan преди 5 дни
Where’s da Benz
Andre Jr
Andre Jr преди 4 дни
exactly no gle 63s
승부사 преди 5 дни
역시 포르쉐가 뒤지게 잘 나가긴 한다
Hector Mercedes II
Hector Mercedes II преди 5 дни
I believe we have the Jeep being sand bagged just a little here. Comes in 3rd in the first two races but third race is what counted and miraculously comes in last every race there after? Did the driver of the Jeep forget he was scripted to come in last in the first two races as well?..... Asking for a friend.
Kosay Gifaeeri
Kosay Gifaeeri преди 5 дни
Remove tesla and add GLE 63s, then it’ll be a legendary SUV drag race.
Kamronbek Tashbekov
Kamronbek Tashbekov преди 5 дни
You forgot mercedes 🥲
Jordan Scheurer
Jordan Scheurer преди 5 дни
Get someone with a tuned trackhawk and you will see a completely different result
Bmw N52 Shorts
Bmw N52 Shorts преди 5 дни
Probably best drag line up
Emo_Galaxy преди 6 дни
I know that I shouldn't but i want an x6M. Used is all I can afford and I still cant afford that, But I want it!
Emo_Galaxy преди 6 дни
Oh btw nice job! Great Video!
jcbewell преди 6 дни
Dam that lambo just can’t hang, second video I seen it where it can’t keep up. Still fast tho and looks amazing 👏🏼
我 最棒!
我 最棒! преди 6 дни
and why the tesla fast they are use power
yes преди 5 дни
Electric cars have lots of torque
我 最棒!
我 最棒! преди 6 дни
why doses the lambogini all lose?
yes преди 5 дни
Because it's slow
*GULLYGOD* преди 6 дни
And that’s the dual motor Tesla imagine the tri motor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Abdelrahman Sherif
Abdelrahman Sherif преди 7 дни
Porche ❤️
yvng vpgrade
yvng vpgrade преди 7 дни
Hellcat durango?
Bra Bandra
Bra Bandra преди 7 дни
The Lambo guy cheated on the brake test. Porsche wins overall
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts преди 7 дни
AMStorm преди 7 дни
but but you can take +100 litres diesel with you can you take battery too for camping?
J. преди 7 дни
I don't know how to feel about the bmw
Indirajiht Gunendiran
Indirajiht Gunendiran преди 7 дни
007 logistics suv over seas right push the button
Indirajiht Gunendiran
Indirajiht Gunendiran преди 7 дни
007 logistics suv
Raii 100
Raii 100 преди 7 дни
Well done to the Jeep. Damn.
Suresh Saroj
Suresh Saroj преди 7 дни
Tesla be like "don't judge a car by its sound" 😂 lol
Fasih Ahmed
Fasih Ahmed преди 7 дни
I think yanni has a Lamborghini urus too
DarkDayz преди 8 дни
Forgot da rango
Alireza Taleban
Alireza Taleban преди 8 дни
Would be interesting to see the tesla model X plaid in few months vs 2022 of the rest of the cars
Angel Romero
Angel Romero преди 8 дни
Some Bolts on, tires, and tune that trackhawk sending everyone to gapplebees
URBAN NATION преди 8 дни
Just tesla not P100D MOSTER BABE
Big bang 1
Big bang 1 преди 8 дни
Isnt the trackhawk suppose to be the fastest suv in the world or is it a different model
Dustin Ricks
Dustin Ricks преди 8 дни
You need to get a hold of a model X plaid. Game over
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu преди 9 дни
Bruh I wasn't even driving and there was a huge smile on my face seeing Matt in that porsche
F. Ranke
F. Ranke преди 9 дни
Content starts at 5:00
Vishal BS
Vishal BS преди 9 дни
The urus is not an well maintained one.... The wheel center locks are the proof...... Even in carwow Lamborghini urus was able to perform a ¼mile time of 11.4... All cars in the drag race should be of good condition...... I would like to see a well maintained urus go against the turbo gt
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall преди 9 дни
Jeep for city races
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu преди 9 дни
Urus most expensive and best looking but wtf ... Lamborgini you dissapointed us fanboys
langa maphumulo
langa maphumulo преди 9 дни
I can't believe it!
Abel Glotfelty
Abel Glotfelty преди 9 дни
They all carry ZF gearboxes! Minus the tesla
⁂𝑯𝑻𝑲 ⁂ Young Dan
⁂𝑯𝑻𝑲 ⁂ Young Dan преди 9 дни
Stock track hawk is not it fr fr
KC Weiberg
KC Weiberg преди 9 дни
Driver mod that trackhawk, i promise its got them all😂
Vladimir Chervenkov
Vladimir Chervenkov преди 9 дни
GEEGS преди 10 дни
You doing good videos
GEEGS преди 10 дни
I’m nice nice
Ngcebo Ngobese
Ngcebo Ngobese преди 10 дни
No one care about the tesla it can even fly I it wants to, maybe in the next 15 year we will but surely not today
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez преди 10 дни
You should had used a X5 M Competition
Kunal Khedkar
Kunal Khedkar преди 10 дни
Why not range rover sport?
ERLANDKZ преди 10 дни
Take X4M competition instead of X6M
Albert Rodríguez Espinal
Albert Rodríguez Espinal преди 10 дни
Hey Matt, we want to see your review on the new Lincoln Navigator ...
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu преди 10 дни
Bruh I wasn't even driving and there was a huge smile on my face seeing Matt in that porsche 😂😂💯
Michael Smith
Michael Smith преди 11 дни
That Porsche is a beast!
Slimmy преди 11 дни
This doesn't make sense
Denis Kovacs
Denis Kovacs преди 11 дни
Urus most expensive and best looking but wtf ... Lamborgini you dissapointed us fanboys
[Ibrahim Ally]
[Ibrahim Ally] преди 11 дни
lamborghini Urus whats going on
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu преди 10 дни
People talking no body can bit trackhawk 😂
salim sallouf
salim sallouf преди 11 дни
Where is the GLE AMG????
Sergesedd22 преди 9 дни
Marcio Leonor
Marcio Leonor преди 11 дни
Urus aaaaaaakkkkkk....model x best
Ahmed Al Kabouni
Ahmed Al Kabouni преди 11 дни
No problem standard Kia ev6 gt is faster dann all of them that for 65000 Euros...
León Del Barrio
León Del Barrio преди 11 дни
I don't like the Tesla 🤔too noisy
Denjo преди 11 дни
bmw 625hp and 3th xD
Brad преди 11 дни
*"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now"* I consider this to be best motivational quote I've heard in a very long time. But motivational quotes are useless if you don't practice what you preach*
Bennice Marlene
Bennice Marlene преди 11 дни
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Liam Nelson
Liam Nelson преди 11 дни
@Heresy Financial Thank you for this. I just looked him up on google and impressed with the information I came across. Will definitely reach out to him. Thanks again 😊😊
anna ralph
anna ralph преди 11 дни
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Anthony преди 11 дни
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Heresy Financial
Heresy Financial преди 11 дни
Tshego Fatso
Tshego Fatso преди 11 дни
Dammit this porsche is crazy 👏👏👏
Jakeyboi преди 11 дни
To get a soft limiter to Rev you need to get the car rolling then in neutral
Adam Soliman
Adam Soliman преди 11 дни
So the race Alain with the Porsche 911 turbo s 992 bs mclaren 720s in a longer track and see what will happen
Adam Soliman
Adam Soliman преди 11 дни
Mclaren 720s
shortvidz4fun преди 11 дни
This video is 😎
Aryan Choudhary
Aryan Choudhary преди 11 дни
I was kinda getting bored by these drag races but I REALLY enjoyed this one. Do more like these. And that Porsche 08:40. Wow!
Armando Mendoza
Armando Mendoza преди 12 дни
Wattafuck, i can’t believe the fucking track hawk with the 707 horses not even get close to the other SUV’s, whatta mess
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