Toyota Mirai review: the hydrogen car that 'urinates' 😂

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This is the Toyota Mirai!

Mat’s got his hands on the latest version of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell-powered saloon to see if it’s really worth considering over the best-in-class petrol, diesel & EV powered competitors out there!

To kick things off, there’s no denying that the latest generation looks much better than its predecessor. The eagle-eyed viewers out there will notice similarities with the LS upfront… And it’s no surprise, given it’s based on the same platform! Anyone who splashes out on the range-topper will also be treated to some gorgeous alloy wheels.

So it looks good, but don’t expect the Mirai to go breaking any performance records anytime soon! The hydrogen fuel cell powers an electric motor to deliver 182hp & 300Nm of torque.

So it’s not exactly sluggish, but when you consider prices start from £50,000, that’s not that far off the price of a Tesla Model 3 Performance! So does this new Toyota offer enough to turn you away from the EV class-leading Model 3?! You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:45 Fuel Cell & Motor
01:34 Exterior Design
02:33 Price
03:18 Interior
05:10 Back Seats
06:40 Boot
07:27 Five Annoying Things
10:09 Five Good Things
11:43 Driving
14:01 0-60mph
14:39 Verdict

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carwow преди 29 дни
What car should Mat buy next? Wrong answers only... 👀
Jaideep Bisen
Jaideep Bisen преди ден
Maruti Suzuki Alto
MrCheese преди 3 дни
Lykan hypersport
Habibur Rahman
Habibur Rahman преди 5 дни
Toyota mirai 🤣🤣
Tough Critic
Tough Critic преди 6 дни
Citroen AMI
Tough Critic
Tough Critic преди 6 дни
Toyota should invest in H2 infrastructure just as Tesla and it's superchargers... Otherwise Toyota should kill the beautiful MIRAI
RockRockEntertainment RockRockEntertainment
RockRockEntertainment RockRockEntertainment преди 5 часа
Why not just scrap diesels and keep petrol cars ? They are more efficient then ever .
I Made Merta
I Made Merta преди 13 часа
The best choice when we have energy crisis is Hydrogen Car...
Simon преди 7 часа
Edu hehe xd
Edu hehe xd преди ден
damn this car is disappointing, expensive for little stuff and hydrogen is expensive
Radiologic преди ден
5:44 😄
Peter Martin
Peter Martin преди 2 дни
Why would you carry hydrogen around to generate electricity to then drive a motor? Why not just use a rechargeable battery?
Simon преди 7 часа
@Richard S It is terribly inefficient.
Richard S
Richard S преди ден
Because you can refill it in 5 minutes! Only needs the infrastructure in place. Much better than a battery. More range and quicker to refill. No brainier really. Battery vehicles are not the answer, remember vhs and betamax or government encouraging you to buy diesel.
Jason Seal
Jason Seal преди 2 дни
Toyota are gonna be the biggest scalp during this fossil fuel transition! What a bag of shit!
Nagow_ преди 2 дни
They look so fucking good
Gold3010 преди 2 дни
Still you count in miles ? Kilometers is now used
Eric Wang
Eric Wang преди 3 дни
Looks like a mock up Mercedes GT
Char Nelru
Char Nelru преди 3 дни
So.. it's a EV car with extra steps huh
Cristian S.
Cristian S. преди 4 дни
Better to urinate water than farting toxic gas
El_Ucca преди 4 дни
Tiny boot, no through loading, slow, fuel expensive and just a few stations provide it, ugly interior, old looking drivers display. Question: Who buys this shit?
James Uphill
James Uphill преди 4 дни
bomb on wheels
Muhammed Jamshad.c Muhammed Jamshad.c
Muhammed Jamshad.c Muhammed Jamshad.c преди 4 дни
0:06 Side look like Astonmartin...any way good look and move toyota..👌👍👍👍😊
Arsyad Idris
Arsyad Idris преди 4 дни
12:33 im guessing it was a good call by toyota to use the chassis from the LS/Crown for this thing. Those are luxury barges, afterall. Meant for wafting and not hooning.
Esterelli преди 4 дни
"12 pounds per kilo" probably tripped a lot of Americans up
THR преди 5 дни
The Toyota feeling... That undescribable little extra that nobody wants in a car
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla преди 5 дни
Great video. ☺
streaky преди 6 дни
This is why HICEVs should be and should have been a thing - so we can get our hydrogen distribution up and running, also the tech is way way cheaper.
Simon преди ден
Not at all. It’s super inefficient and super expensive.
Robin Galunić-Farizi
Robin Galunić-Farizi преди 6 дни
This is the future, not battery powered electric cars...the fuel for this sits in every body of water not too far from anyone...we do this, the pollution is gone
Simon преди 4 дни
But it requires A LOT of energy to harvest these H-atoms.
Harira Normal
Harira Normal преди 6 дни
for such an expensive car, for practicallity reasons it sucks. i mean i understand the underlying technology is what makes it so costly but other than that meh, would go with some cheaper battery powered car
Huug Laoh
Huug Laoh преди 7 дни
I really love the carwow video's. But shouldn't you object to advertisements that are targeting viewers with complete scams? I am referring to the "eyesight improvement" video.
ElkoMaster преди 7 дни
Сделайтемперевод на это
Shahroze Khan
Shahroze Khan преди 7 дни
Do a review of Toyota crown RS! ✌🏻
Jomet Joseph
Jomet Joseph преди 8 дни
He doesn’t like Japanese car
Konuralp Balcik
Konuralp Balcik преди 8 дни
There is hho kit for petrol vehicles cheaper
Reisen DW
Reisen DW преди 10 дни
This is Mat Watson, and this guy can sell Oil to Middle East, sands to dubai even Eiffel Tower to france anyway
David Howser
David Howser преди 10 дни
I just can't wait for below freezing winter driving with multiple hydrogen vehicles having driven before me spewing water exhaust droplets coating the roads with black ice for us to drive over and wreck our vehicles on ! Now that is safe ! This concept is just another, not so well thought out,"GREEN", idea that when applied into the real world to keep us safe from climate change does not keep us safe from injury or death when in vehicular accidents. A society operating many Hydrogen Vehicles that are spitting water on below freezing road or parking lot surfaces is not the answer ! So, where to put water. Maybe an onboard tank to freeze solid and burst when parked? At a stop sign or light idling then accelerating adding heavy icing right there to the road surface just where one wants to actually stop? A parking lot to slip and injure another walking by the back of your parked vehicle or after you drove off leaving water to freeze there? A roadside gutter so a pedestrian can slip stepping off a curb, maybe falling down flat in front of stopped traffic and out of view of drivers ? Your driveway so you can fall there ? Your Garage to slide across while holding your infant child then both hitting the hard floor? Maybe, you need more tasks or to be distracted by mopping up the garage floor before the water freezes and your groceries just purchased thaw? Maybe a high speed highway perhaps in a turn? Maybe the unlimited speed limit Autobahn with high water production by those higher electric energy demands moving the hydrogen vehicle through the air while simultaneously dumping large amounts of water mist contrails at high speed onto the road surface? Your Hydrogen Vehicle needs to relieve itself in public, The question is where to do it safely?
Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed преди 10 дни
The 2021 Toyota Mirai has set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the longest distance driven by a hydrogen FC vehicle without refueling: 845 miles with a single, five-minute complete fill of hydrogen, with ZERO emissions. That is the distance between Paris and Rome !
LAMONT WATERS преди 11 дни
They just need more refueling stations to sell these things. I live in California which has almost all these hydrogen refueling stations, and even out here you still have to to drive almost 50 miles in some parts of the state to find a hydrogen station.
J C преди 11 дни
U.K. government should encourage this by installing fill up points rather than electric cars
Nigel Rudyard
Nigel Rudyard преди 11 дни
Interesting to see if this is the model of tomorrow that will catch on. Instead of heavy batteries, the most abundant element in nature. Really difficult to create the fuel though.
Gandeloft преди 11 дни
7:50 - I've never had a car that does it differently and I dislike it being the way you say you'd like it to be; All in one spot. The trip meter and the odometer are settings I don't want to risk touching by accident and thus having them separated from the controls I touch all the time makes perfect sense.
4U70 преди 11 дни
He looks and sounds bored whenever reviewing Japanese cars. The opposite goes when he is reviewing luxurious cars.
robert zy Wang
robert zy Wang преди 11 дни
i think fuel cell is definitely the future
Dell Clouds
Dell Clouds преди 11 дни
A car with a lot of potential. They should go ahead and make it fully electric. I know for sure they would fly of the dealership lot. And also, the need to change that big ugly infotainment screen. Make it more modern and electric-car like, fix the rear seating space like the headroom, legroom and footroom. C'mon Toyota you can definitely pull this off. Oh wait, probably change the front just a little, or probably not. Big seems like a car with some potential.
Leonardo Di Caprio
Leonardo Di Caprio преди 12 дни
granfather style.. very old
johnnyocur преди 12 дни
I wonder who would spend 65k pounds to buy a dumb car like this
Warden Cobb
Warden Cobb преди 14 дни
More expensive to fuel than anything else, less range than anything else... And not only is the range shit -there's no infrastructure to support this fuel type so you can't even go anywhere!! And it's RIDICULOUSLY slow!!! The only reason Tesla is cool is because they're fast as fuck!! What the hell, Toyota?!??
X_NeD4 преди 14 дни
Why the bots in this comment section just copies any random comment and reply with it to another random comments wtf
User преди 14 дни
Why not badge it as a Lexus at this point? It makes the price more appropriate if positioned as a part of their luxury brand like a Lexus ES.
Jayant Raut
Jayant Raut преди 14 дни
We want minecraft gameplay!
ال رئيس
ال رئيس преди 14 дни
Where you can refuel? In my country dont exist hydrogen pump
Jamie Law
Jamie Law преди 15 дни
I'm not being funny but that car is just disgusting
DMYT BMX преди 15 дни
i remember seeing the original mirai in 2015
Ivanhoe ivandoe Ivanoff hoofs
Ivanhoe ivandoe Ivanoff hoofs преди 15 дни
To be honest and truthful the Mirai is just a renowned diesel car. Many public buses are relying on hydrogen as is known to be a same principle behavior of power and torque as a replacement from diesel, soo basically this is a diesel hybrid except is hydrogen, here in the u.s the advancement on hydrogen as a replacement for diesel is increasing faster, and could possibly top electric vehicles.
Steve Dowler
Steve Dowler преди 15 дни
But, ummm wait a minute ... 11 hydrogen stations? Hmmm ... 25,000 T-word Supercharger stations! and 'piddling' on my garage floor? I could park it on my lawn to keep it watered if I had a lawn. If I don't have a garage well then it just goes in the street like any alcohol impaired Frenchman in the Marais. I'd park it in front of my neighbor's down the hill and snigger along with the other passers-by. Mr. Toyoda, it's not ready, it's cute but a one-trick pony, I'd get the Prius first ... oh wait, I already have a Prius and it's going away to make room for the new T-word ride. Ooopps.
Tomita The Perverted
Tomita The Perverted преди 15 дни
Hmm, you sure those are fake exhausts?
My Stock Market Picks
My Stock Market Picks преди 15 дни
Looks like you were suffering cause of the low roof
ペロロ・オメ・コン山田 преди 15 дни
Hydrogen is the energy source of the future.
Simon преди 11 дни
It’s not a source.
ペロロ・オメ・コン山田 преди 15 дни
It is good for the environment because it uses only infinite hydrogen.
Wind&Solar UpNorth
Wind&Solar UpNorth преди 15 дни
Toyota needs to make the 1,6kWh conversion battery bigger so that it can work as a plug-in hybrid. Then you would have the best of two worlds. The range, the possibility to charge at home and the possibility to fill up your tank within minutes when you are on the road. Infrastructure will come, it has to since the heavy traffic, the transport companies will have to do the transition to hydrogen not batteries.
tricao57 преди 15 дни
wait until Lexus gets mad and build the 1,000HP Hydrogen supercar.....
ペロロ・オメ・コン山田 преди 15 дни
Hydrogen is the energy source of the future.
famris преди 16 дни
Lexus Omani car😂🔥
Patricks Driving school
Patricks Driving school преди 16 дни
I liked the crappy apple comment 😄😄😄
Ariaga II
Ariaga II преди 16 дни
Electric is not the future, hydrogen or synthetic fuels are clearly the future
Ariaga II
Ariaga II преди 4 дни
@Simon but batteries are also inefficient and also incredibly bad for the environment
Simon преди 4 дни
@Ariaga II Too inefficient and complex.
Ariaga II
Ariaga II преди 11 дни
@Simon please explain how
Simon преди 11 дни
Lol they are clearly not.
M Smith
M Smith преди 16 дни
Bit cringey the comments on here, just an Elon wank fest. All the EV fanboys upset over a hydrogen car 😆
Simon преди 11 дни
If you knew some basic physics you would understand why.
Richard Hasler
Richard Hasler преди 16 дни
Ah hydrogen, the 'green' energy alternative to battery power for your car. Sadly, 95% of all hydrogen is made by splitting methane (CH4) into hydrogen and CO2 using steam. Hardly, what we need to combat climate change, the reason many would choose these types of vehicles. Then, as Matt said, there are few filling stations in the UK and the cost is similar to petrol. Lithium/Iron Phosphate batteries are falling in price as more technical advances are made with battery development and range and power are extended. If you have lots of money and think you know it all, like James May, then please buy one.
Eduardo LS
Eduardo LS преди 16 дни
Hit my two bells below
Norma F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ преди 15 дни
"The Sound of Science.." Watson and Mattfunkel........Ok, I'll get my coat!
ペロロ・オメ・コン山田 преди 15 дни
Hydrogen is the energy source of the future.
Jungle Jim
Jungle Jim преди 17 дни
I absolutely love it. Wish it was faster, though.
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW преди 14 дни
Does it have a “wee” button so you can evacuate its bladder at will? In winter you wouldn’t want to have a sheet of ice in the driveway from your incontinent car.
FLASH преди 17 дни
ceboz преди 17 дни
I don’t agree on the final virdict: we should all buy this kind of car in order to force our govs to implement the infrastructure.
Phoenix  𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE
Phoenix 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE преди 14 дни
What car should Mat buy next? Wrong answers only... 👀
SPECTRE AMG преди 17 дни
“Crappy Apple”? Dude your one who has a crease in your large bible phone 📱
Bajotaz преди 17 дни
Hydrogen cars is a waste of time and money...
Norma F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ преди 14 дни
I've looked at that car online before and seriously considered it being my next car, right up until I found out I would have to drive 1500 miles to get it filled up
Ariaga II
Ariaga II преди 16 дни
Do explain how
Victor Nikolov
Victor Nikolov преди 17 дни
I liked the "crappy Apple" the most from whole review
Ad7__m '
Ad7__m ' преди 17 дни
VW Beetle
胡桃 Kurumi
胡桃 Kurumi преди 17 дни
fun fact the reason why it's mirai because in japanese it means future
Marie-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Marie-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me преди 7 часа
6 bq 'u b ױr z{S u u ޮ)  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w - Ǔ ( qǬ k*~ǭ {ږ ~ܩz{ )  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w - Ǔ ( qǬ k*~ǭ {ږ ~ܩz{ )  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w - Ǔ ( qǬ k*~ǭ {ږ ~ܩz{ )  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w - Ǔ ( qǬ k*~ǭ {ږ ~ܩz{ )  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w f ) "{ږ'Z z{l e _ 朆)  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w 5 Ё݅͹Ё 她 Յ 䁑 ́ ٔ ɕ 䁱
Noobsly преди 17 дни
Yay u said apple is crap well done i like samsung
HeliTom преди 17 дни
This is why Toyota have big risks for going bankrupt in 7 years. Tesla is so way ahead by now..
xXBam BamXx
xXBam BamXx преди 17 дни
Just petty faults you are pointing out...
abdelmoneim abdelmoneim
abdelmoneim abdelmoneim преди 17 дни
Japanese need to hire European designers. The Japanese are focused on the technology with much less care for consumer behaviour or pleasure of every day use. Compare the interior of a Lexus from the early 90s when Toyota had the mentality of competing with the germans to the current days Lexus and Toyota. Much difference, the old cars where fantastic, super luxurious and beautiful
Jæ Š
Jæ Š преди 17 дни
5:46 remember when cars didn't need faux coupe rooflines and rear passengers didn't have compromised headspace. I do. This thing's side profile silhouette is revolting. As are most modern cars. The underlying assumptions are flawed Automaker 🤡 should return to 3box designs for the sake of functional rear passenger space.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith преди 18 дни
Not sure why Toyota is still flogging this (in my opinion) dead horse but if you have to have a hydrogen car then Hyundai make a cheaper and better one.
Vatroslav Morbidović
Vatroslav Morbidović преди 18 дни
It looks similar to Kia Stinger.
ペロロ・オメ・コン山田 преди 15 дни
It's not similar.
hk. 6425
hk. 6425 преди 18 дни
The front looks a bit like the Vantage v8
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW преди 14 дни
Matt : I really believe that no one matches your level of hardwork and the effort, ideas, you put while presenting any automobile.
longman преди 18 дни
perfect car..
coolmenthol преди 18 дни
Really nice car, a driver's car :)
Just Listen
Just Listen преди 18 дни
Can't adjust the rear climate controls when you're riding with 3 people in the back. What a fail in my book.
Izzat Fauzi Mustafa
Izzat Fauzi Mustafa преди 18 дни
Toyondai Mirai, because the car looks like the Hyundai's Genesis luxury sedan lineup.
Micheal Phiri
Micheal Phiri преди 18 дни
Mat roasting apple in a car review 😂
Learn Progress
Learn Progress преди 18 дни
Maybe mr James is not wanting to upset his mate on buying a Tesla
Norma F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ преди 14 дни
Mat wasnt lying, he actually does have a degree in Chemistry lol
Ron J
Ron J преди 18 дни
Are these cars safe, I mean due to heat or at time of accidents can it blast?. I'm a noob so no need to make fun. 😅
Harry Shin
Harry Shin преди 18 дни
Yeahhhh Hydrogen's gonna die because EV's make way more sense
mike tyson
mike tyson преди 19 дни
Bro I didn't knew you were a scientist, I am also a aspiring student of science , can you help me which science subject should I pick , physics or chemistry, please reply bro
Ssenoga Isaac
Ssenoga Isaac преди 19 дни
Brake test?
ogulcan bulut
ogulcan bulut преди 19 дни
I did not expect for him to say minecraft
David Cousins
David Cousins преди 19 дни
Sorry but yes I was...
DJ Goldthing
DJ Goldthing преди 19 дни
This over any electric car, thank you very much, once hydrogen is more widely available and hopefully cheaper, that is. Petrol stations are already here. Just convert them as demand for petrol/diesel falls due to electric vehicle sales. Surely hydrogen production is more environmentally friendly than mining for lithium and then building new massive power stations to cope with daily charging of millions of overpriced electric cars. I love to know how many people who live in a flat or a terraced house or only have on street parking are thinking of ever owning an EV or plug in hybrid.
Simon преди 18 дни
Lol hydrogen is so horribly inefficient CO2 emissions are far higher than any EV. EV charging in cities simply happens at public chargers, no problem at all.
Hazzard преди 19 дни
Hydrogen storage is always the fly in the ointment. Yes petrol is very volatile but Hydrogen will explode given the slightest spark.. (check out Hindenburg). What happens in a rear end impact or if the tank is ruptured. Its not so much fire as a bomb and total obliteration. Yes Hydrogen is very very volatile but what of the crash tests to date: How is the hydrogen stored to avoid release in a high speed accident or tank rupture. Hydrogen being what it is can escape through the smallest (miniscule) opening. or pinprick hole. I'd like to hear a bit more from that perspective.
Seccom Masada
Seccom Masada преди 19 дни
The word "Mirai" means "future" in Japanese. As the name implies, this car was too early to be introduced
KyuMonix преди 19 дни
Any vehicle using oil is basically farting Carbon monoxide
Phoenix  𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE
Phoenix 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE преди 14 дни
If i remember correctly this car has a button on the dash to release the water when ever you want, so if releasing water to driveway bothers you so much, just do it before. edit: the button can be seen at 3:52 above the vent, saying H2O
MattOGormanSmith преди 19 дни
Think of all the reasons why you don't have a LNG car, and multiply them by three.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen преди 19 дни
This card requires a hydrogen charging station nearby, which I don't think will get built , as full electrical car will dominated the market. so it is not very practical to won this car.
Mahir преди 19 дни
Looks like Lexus
Jane 24 y.o - check my vidéó
Jane 24 y.o - check my vidéó преди 7 часа
6 bq 'u b ױr z{S u u ޮ)  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w - Ǔ ( qǬ k*~ǭ {ږ ~ܩz{ )  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w - Ǔ ( qǬ k*~ǭ {ږ ~ܩz{ )  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w - Ǔ ( qǬ k*~ǭ {ږ ~ܩz{ )  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w - Ǔ ( qǬ k*~ǭ {ږ ~ܩz{ )  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w f ) "{ږ'Z z{l e _ 朆)  mv , +kz bz * ( g ױ ra w Q 5 Ʌ ́ݥѡ Ё Չа ѡ Ё Q ф ѽ 䰁 ѡ ́ ́ ٕ ѥ ذ Ё ձ ͕ɥ ́ ѕ ȁѼ 5 L
Norma F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ преди 15 дни
my whole family is over 6.4´´ and we have a audi a3... yes we have all sat in it at one, but we need to bend front :P
Gideon Elikem Agbenyegah
Gideon Elikem Agbenyegah преди 19 дни
Mat always comparing cars 😂
Chester Wanoa
Chester Wanoa преди 19 дни
Crapy apple phone 😂😂😂😂😂 Oh that's a nice one mat I also hate apple
Chester Wanoa
Chester Wanoa преди 20 дни
I know from drive tribe that James may has one of these
alexander royce
alexander royce преди 20 дни
Candid guy Fact not as quick as a Tesla
Atv Mazow
Atv Mazow преди 20 дни
2021 Rolls-Royce Phantom vs Maybach S-Class // King Meets Prince
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