Porsche 911 GT3 v Carrera: Race v Base DRAG RACE

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преди 15 дни

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Who’s ready for an almighty Porsche 911 showdown?!

We’ve got the entry-level Porsche 911 992 going up against Porsche’s latest track monster, the GT3!

Now at first glance, you’re probably thinking this is a pointless drag race. But when you consider the two cars here have a £55,000 price difference, we thought it would be interesting to see how much more performance you get for £55k!

So how do they compare? Well starting with the 911 Carrera, it’s powered by a 3-litre twin-turbo flat-six which can deliver 385hp and 450Nm. It also weighs in at 1,505kg.

Then we have the GT3, which houses a 4-litre naturally-aspirated flat-six under the bonnet which can put down 510hp & 470Nm of torque. It’s also lighter than the Carrera, at 1,435kg.

So should you choose the £85k Carrera or the £140k GT3? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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carwow преди 14 дни
Complete this sentence: The greatest sports car in the world is... ?
Jacob Rev
Jacob Rev преди 14 часа
@yeetus59 it's autocorrect it's not my fault something wrong in my keyboard
yeetus59 преди 14 часа
@Jacob Rev cringe
John Green
John Green преди ден
Porsche! There is no substitute.
Adam Huglo
Adam Huglo преди ден
Porsche 1890 electric carriage. See...
lore преди 2 дни
*MINE* 😂
Yuri João
Yuri João преди 7 часа
That 911 Gt3 it's just a masterpiece. The engine performance is amazing, would like to see a race between that Gt3 aside with the 911 Turbo S.
Grant Kruger
Grant Kruger преди 8 часа
We ALL know the stats on the GT3 Mat ;)
mike mercado
mike mercado преди 17 часа
Can’t wait to see 992 Gt3 touring here
Adam Huglo
Adam Huglo преди ден
Adam Huglo
Adam Huglo преди ден
Better than Shmee dribbling over echo.
Adam Huglo
Adam Huglo преди ден
More Porsche in Germany, with German Carwow bloke. Converse around the "NurbRing" Makes awesome vid. One lap each as passenger, one German, one English. Lols Max. Whom is faster on the 'kick butt'
DefyYourLogic преди 2 дни
12.1 seconds for that power is impressive. Basically could keep up with many cars in the 450-500 hp range
Bebop преди 3 дни
Bring back the third pedal for Gods sake
Alexander de Pooter
Alexander de Pooter преди 5 дни
How cool would it be to have them all side-to-side in one Drag Race: 911 Carrera, Carrera S, Carrera GTS, Turbo, Turbo S and GT3!
wuandy1 преди 6 дни
The torque on both of these engines is almost identical. In the real world, almost unnoticeable.
Forrest Neeld
Forrest Neeld преди 6 дни
The base model still looks better
KIWI RYKER преди 6 дни
Is What ever you drive
Dynamo Tightstar
Dynamo Tightstar преди 6 дни
The spoiler on the GT3 is hideous. It looks like a self assembly job and you put it on upside down.
Gozar 111
Gozar 111 преди 8 дни
Would rather have the Carrera tbh.
Rey преди 8 дни
Porsche best cars in the world
Environmentaly преди 8 дни
"Drag race".....lol
Alexander Cooke
Alexander Cooke преди 8 дни
add just sport chrono and the porsche factory exhaust option and the base 911 will run sub 12 in the 1/4 and 0-60 in the mid to low 3's
Zlatko Galic
Zlatko Galic преди 8 дни
Hey man is there any chance at all you will finally race the best Porsche in the Porsche family or do we have to wait another year for that? Guess... Of course it is the GT 2 RS!! I am so keen to see the time also please get rid of the 911 Turbo S... Try the GT 2 RS for once in your live... Thanks
jose luis torres
jose luis torres преди 9 дни
You got nailed …
OMEN 15 Gaming Benchmarks
OMEN 15 Gaming Benchmarks преди 9 дни
Would love if you add Porsche Turbo S, Taycan Turbo S & Cayenne Turbo S to this mix.
Iowan For Justice
Iowan For Justice преди 9 дни
Good race boring but good.
Heikki Mustonen
Heikki Mustonen преди 9 дни
You should have the new GTS against GT3. Carrera is a joke against GT3.
Tommaso Cais
Tommaso Cais преди 9 дни
if you can go for the turbo s or gt3 (or gt2 rs lol)
Samik Bharadwaj
Samik Bharadwaj преди 9 дни
Do a 911 gt3 vs 911 turbo s
Didier Duc
Didier Duc преди 9 дни
That standard 911 is really impressive. It would have great to try the break test with warmed carbon ceramic breaks. Nex time Matt :-)
JoeX Fitness
JoeX Fitness преди 9 дни
ID TAKE THE OLD 4.0L straight 6 carerra !!!! THE NEW ONE IS 1000cc less with two plastic turbos
The Zig
The Zig преди 3 дни
Straight 6? It's a flat 6 bruv
Gay cha
Gay cha преди 9 дни
Why make the comparison "which one you'd buy? " No one, apart from favored customers and wanker influencers, can actually buy a GT3, so stock car therefore is the best (only) choice. Unless you puff up more for a Turbo. GTS will be sweet spot for road useres with a spare £90K folding.... lol.
justin s.
justin s. преди 9 дни
I bet he wont race this to a stock GTR track edition. 🤣🤪
Isma Linkin
Isma Linkin преди 9 дни
Can you make a video of GT3 vs GT4?
William Veramendi
William Veramendi преди 10 дни
This shows me one more reason to be very happy with my base 992 with chrono package...Thanks
Main Man
Main Man преди 10 дни
Main Man
Main Man преди 3 дни
@The Zig Maybe you just don't know how to drive
The Zig
The Zig преди 3 дни
@Main Man Ok caveman, not surprised your tribe died and you're scared of modern reality
Main Man
Main Man преди 3 дни
@The Zig So what? Might as well play a PlayStation
The Zig
The Zig преди 3 дни
PDK you muppet, no manual can keep up with them
razvan craia
razvan craia преди 10 дни
hi mat, you shoud compare the gt3 with the new m4 since they god the same hp
Peter Cavellini
Peter Cavellini преди 10 дни
Is…the one you like?🤥
czierwo преди 10 дни
Someone please teach that knob how to fuel up without spilling on the bodywork?
echonitte преди 10 дни
You’re definitely the next Jeremy Clarkson with that tech yawn…. Lol
GBass преди 10 дни
Tune that Carrera!
Cristhian Moisés Chévez Salinas
Cristhian Moisés Chévez Salinas преди 11 дни
1M race pleaseeeee!
xytolean преди 11 дни
Comet s2 and comet growler
HISHAM Abul Feilat
HISHAM Abul Feilat преди 11 дни
Do a race where you have each one of the 911 models, from the standard Carrera all the way up to the Turbo and Turbo S as well as the GT3!!
Spike Trademark
Spike Trademark преди 11 дни
The GT3 would be the better buy as it keeps its value or will go up, where the 911 base model is just a car that will depreciate. So financially the GT3 makes more sense even though entry costs are higher.
Abraham San Martín
Abraham San Martín преди 11 дни
Hamilton could not with Checo 🤫
Chris Njugi
Chris Njugi преди 11 дни
There's no replacement for displacement.
ekbusdriver преди 11 дни
Gearbox is quicker, but also no turbos so response is instantaneous.
B TL преди 11 дни
HP and Torque on the GT3 ?????????
Tz 6
Tz 6 преди 11 дни
I am toying with the idea of a base 992, the long delivery times are putting me off. The base is a stonking car.
F T преди 11 дни
Bro the porsches entry level re really impressive.(when I said entry level I meant the only the default Carrera , cause the Carrera Gts and the Carrera 4 Gts re not entry level.)
James Sharpe
James Sharpe преди 11 дни
Sapient Budgie
Sapient Budgie преди 11 дни
11.4 for 140,000 pounds? 12.1 for 120,000? Get an RS5 sportback, and a Macan GTs and still have money left for hookers.
Johan B
Johan B преди 11 дни
I own a 997.1 base carrera. I dont regret a second for not having a S, 4S etc. Its a perfect daily car with human maintaince prices and its still a 911 with all the joy and smiles per gallon. It shares the same cylinder volume as the 997 turbo, and the weight is almost the same as the 997 GT3. I will keep this car forever. :) So dear future 911 buyers, try out the base model - it will not dissappoint you.
TEmosh M
TEmosh M преди 11 дни
M8 ,M5 c's and m4 all wheel drive would be amazing.....
Spider-manana преди 11 дни
No mat, it's not allowed, but I'll allow it
Nicholas Marmara
Nicholas Marmara преди 11 дни
Don’t think Matt was too pleased when the other guy said that carbon ceramics can be dangerous in the morning 😅
Giulietta_QV_280HP преди 11 дни
honestly i think the money difference aint worth it (unless you are god damn rich lol) that entry level is just damn impressive. And to be fair throw a stage 1//2 tune with a different exhaust for a couple grand and you are even closer to the gt3 times. Because it is turbo charged there is so much more to gain. (offcourse not counting track times, and that is what the gt3 actually is made for)
Theodor Kuhn
Theodor Kuhn преди 11 дни
I am so interested in comparing 992 carrera 4 GTS vs. 992 GT3 this sohould be an amazing thrilling race
g vg
g vg преди 11 дни
Would've been fun to also have the gt3rs
Stoyan Ivanov
Stoyan Ivanov преди 11 дни
The bit that's worth it in the GT3 is not on a straight line anyway.
Pinto преди 11 дни
So your favourite 911s are the slowest from all 911s .. lol
Ayush Shashi
Ayush Shashi преди 11 дни
Boxter or cayman 718 vs 911 Carrera
Costas Georgiou
Costas Georgiou преди 11 дни
Can you bay 2 base models for the price of the gt3?
RRR Motorsports
RRR Motorsports преди 11 дни
Gt3 sound makes me wetter than a rainy day at sea
lafer hodge
lafer hodge преди 11 дни
I would get the base model and do downpipes, exhaust and a tune would probably be a rocket and still probably save some money
Some Guy
Some Guy преди 11 дни
GT3 is overrated Only the Gt2 and turbo s are Real Porsche killers
Allison Gerry
Allison Gerry преди 12 дни
Great Video!👍👏 Am Investing my time and money in crypto now, this new price is clear sign for new investors to come in 🤩....
Brad Coberly
Brad Coberly преди 11 дни
Lol 😂😆
Nathan Isaac
Nathan Isaac преди 11 дни
A friend that I referred to him just recivce $7,050 profit after 10 days investing.....I became jealous.....lol
Patrick Dean
Patrick Dean преди 11 дни
I think i have gotten myself an expert here, i don't think trying him is a bad idea.
Heather Marod
Heather Marod преди 11 дни
Sometimes it's to believe that things happen for a reason we lose to Learn now we gain when our mind is made up I gave him a try and He never failed me and my friend he's been investing with him for months now
Juliet Benkon
Juliet Benkon преди 11 дни
He's great! I enjoy working with him.
Jamie преди 12 дни
I wonder if someone tuned the normal model and just upped the boost, nothing else........... how it'd fair. Twin Turbo v6 at 385HP seems awfully low. I'd say their is a lot of headroom on that motor.
VaughnJogVlog преди 12 дни
This video doesn’t need to be 9 minutes long. It’s padded to give you ads.
Floating Peaks
Floating Peaks преди 12 дни
I've checked carwow and they always workout more expensive then rivals
Atif Hussain
Atif Hussain преди 12 дни
It would be good to see this GT3 take on the m4 xdrive
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson преди 12 дни
Obvious result, however, flash that 911 ECU and retest!! Cheap upgrade around 500hp from the 3.0! Going to be VERY similar then, especially in gear roll. Make it happen @carwow
Andrew McCullough
Andrew McCullough преди 12 дни
Lada riva
ReLoad преди 12 дни
We all know the more important comparison for these 2 are lap times around a circuit. But of course everyone likes to see a drag race.
D.B. преди 12 дни
Carrera sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
D.B. преди 12 дни
Nobody: Not the result I expected.
Philosophic TV
Philosophic TV преди 12 дни
Its called PORSCHE NOT PORSCH 😭😭😭🤣
delija komita
delija komita преди 12 дни
Make the intro longer next time
Daniel Gumprecht
Daniel Gumprecht преди 12 дни
The Porsche Carrera is such a fast Car, really ridiculous, but next to the GT3 it just looks SLOW. That is ridiculous.
Yasaaa преди 12 дни
The best number plate for a 911 on the entry level car
lqr824 преди 12 дни
Carbon brakes also save something like 10kg per corner, no? Not only is the resulting 40kg substantial, it's all unsprung weight at well. I had carbon on my F430 Spider and it felt really light, I think in part thx to the brakes. Performance wise, they make no sense whatsoever on a street car, but for good steering feel and light ride I'd TOTALLY recommend them if the crazy price is affordable to you.
Josh The Mediocre
Josh The Mediocre преди 12 дни
For the sake of fairness for the Carrera you should turn around and race it against a Civic Si just to show the difference between Porsche and the rest of the world.
Shazia Tahir
Shazia Tahir преди 12 дни
put Ford everest
Marcus Astroth
Marcus Astroth преди 12 дни
I’m interested in a test between the GT3 and the 992 GTS …!!!!!
jogu123 преди 12 дни
GT3 is such a great track day car but just not that fast down the straight line…. But, who cares?
Graham Holladay
Graham Holladay преди 12 дни
4:12 for those who just want to see the drag race and not the fluff in between
FanFan преди 12 дни
Now do a 911 vs Cayman GTS ! bgpost.info/post/l9OXuH_BhmhqvZc/video
mohannad qaddoumi
mohannad qaddoumi преди 12 дни
Depends how much money you have
deplaced II Extensity
deplaced II Extensity преди 12 дни
My Dream Porsche is a 992 Targa 4 GTS🤤
Derek Laverne
Derek Laverne преди 12 дни
That Base Carrera still MOVES.....No such thing as a slouch Porsche.
Óskar Pérez
Óskar Pérez преди 12 дни
Mat: "Sorry guys if I offended you" We jerking off at home... ¬¬
Anders Fagerström
Anders Fagerström преди 12 дни
The G.C.
The G.C. преди 12 дни
So......Carrera is junk. Good to know.
Kassem Ghaddar
Kassem Ghaddar преди 12 дни
Never straight pipe a Porsche 😂
Nabil Shamsudin
Nabil Shamsudin преди 12 дни
Another Carwow drag race where the Porsche isn't ignored.
Jørund Hansen
Jørund Hansen преди 12 дни
Would love to see you race the entry level taycan vs 4s vs turbo s
Overpowered Everything
Overpowered Everything преди 12 дни
Can you test the gt3 against the gt3 Gran Tour package?
Jamie O'Loughlin
Jamie O'Loughlin преди 12 дни
Links not much use when porsche isn't even listed as a brand on the website!
Mr.Scobbles преди 12 дни
Good news today from you mistermad. Ido enjoy a race suchwhat as this whence upon a fast car and a slow car may raze and even before wedo witness the opportunity wedo already know whichwhat of a car will loose and the other won may win. In assuch yesterday I two idid raceit a C63 old one against M5 no problem the mercedesman did assuch loose no problem we did understand. Remember James? Yes we did race also M5 vs. Discovery4 SDV6 bless assuch we did knowit whois looser. Therefore wedo thang you for bringing suchwhat race twous idid take abet with Riley whois looser bud heis a dog. So he didnote halve the money to pay so idid make him watch me eat bread. Gooday.
Bambam martin
Bambam martin преди 12 дни
The gt3 can do that stop alllll day long
Sherif Ghoneim
Sherif Ghoneim преди 12 дни
Thank you Porsche...
Conure Global Inc.
Conure Global Inc. преди 12 дни
A stage one tune on the base Carrera and it walks all over the GT3. Porsche knows this and makes you pay
Austin Papson
Austin Papson преди 12 дни
You should do the 1/2 mile
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