VW Arteon R Shooting Brake review - better than a BMW M340i?

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This is the all-new Volkswagen Arteon R Shooting Brake! It’s the estate version of VW’s Arteon R, and Mat’s going to put it through its paces to see if it has what it takes to go toe-to-toe against competitors like the BMW M340i Touring!

Starting off with performance - the Arteon R Shooting Brake’s powered by a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbo petrol engine which can put down 320hp and 420Nm. So it’s clearly no slouch, although the power output is down compared to the M340i Touring’s 374hp!

However, the engine isn’t the only update compared to the standard Arteon! The R edition comes equipped with an aggressive sporty front bumper and air intakes, along with a new rear bumper. And of course, as you’d expect from an R, it’s also sporting quad tailpipes!

The question is - is it really worth the £52,000 price tag?! There’s only one way to find out… Stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review!

00:00 Intro
00:46 Engine
01:38 Brakes
02:12 Exterior Design
03:06 Interior
03:56 Chassis
04:34 Driving
06:08 Back Seats
06:24 Boot
06:45 5 Annoying Things
08:06 5 Good Things
09:02 0-60mph
09:29 Verdict

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carwow преди месец
So, would you rather go for the Arteon R than the BMW M340i Touring? 🤔 Let us know below!
Vik преди 17 часа
R for rip off
Vik преди 17 часа
BMW 340i or 340d all day long
BW Pyrotechnics
BW Pyrotechnics преди 17 дни
Of course VW
DANNY. B преди 20 дни
Bmw m340i
Aydin Gaming 123
Aydin Gaming 123 преди 25 дни
@Nicolae Istratii if its an coupe version its a m4
Snakeays11 преди 17 часа
Vw made the arteon with less cylinders in order to have low fuel consumption in daily use and sporty when you need it and combining that with practicality and sexy looks i think its the ultimate all arounder but it a shame a lot people dont buy it because they want a car with more "premium" badge like bmw mercedes audi etc.
Tăng Like Zalo (www.maxlike.net)
Tăng Like Zalo (www.maxlike.net) преди 3 дни
👆👆👆08:54:47 Có một lâu đài nhỏ. Ở trong đó có em. Anh cứ nhìn mà xem. Cứu em nhanh đi chứ! ☀ 🌏
Dịch Vụ Zalo (www.maxlike.net)
Dịch Vụ Zalo (www.maxlike.net) преди 4 дни
👆👆👆01:48:55 Trời không xanh. Mây cũng không trắng. Em không say nắng. Nhưng em lại say anh. 🌏 ☄
Runawaygeek преди 7 дни
Really, you would be considering this or an S3 Audi or M340i, it's very nice looking, but would have loved to see a V6 option 😀
Westie Tech
Westie Tech преди 8 дни
It should have the RS3 5 pot 🤷‍♂️
Robbie Schertz
Robbie Schertz преди 10 дни
I love how we all assume VW is lying by default now
Aydin Gaming 123
Aydin Gaming 123 преди 10 дни
This car should come in manual version
Douglas Thorburn
Douglas Thorburn преди 14 дни
You should do a 0-100kmh test, this is probably why nearly all cars accelerate faster than stated as you are only testing to 96 kmh.
Christopher Armour
Christopher Armour преди 18 дни
Jesus Christ this is beautiful. I'd drop my daily immediately for this thing.
The midlands angler
The midlands angler преди 19 дни
Such a good looking car
BlackDim100 преди 21 ден
It's cool so I assume we will not see it in the USA market.
Bib the Boulder
Bib the Boulder преди 21 ден
Having watched Matt review the Bentley Mulsanne everything else seems poor by comparison...
Aydin Gaming 123
Aydin Gaming 123 преди 23 дни
Better and cheaper than the Audi RS6
Ivan Gonzalez
Ivan Gonzalez преди 23 дни
Wish they sold this in the states
FunkierCrib преди 24 дни
very honest review. I will subscribe to see more honest reviews. Thank you!
Smug преди 25 дни
So basically it's a shit car not worth the money, we got it. Just like any other VW cars
Cosmo 82
Cosmo 82 преди 26 дни
550 hp and manual 😊 It would be perfect 😍
S44YYR преди 27 дни
You'd need a brain bypass to buy that over a less expensive M340i
Robert Burton
Robert Burton преди 28 дни
That’s it I’m renouncing my American citizenship…. Where do I need to move to own this car??
Adam Szoke
Adam Szoke преди 28 дни
Where is carwow stick of truth?s:O
Ben Turner
Ben Turner преди 28 дни
If you want to look like everyone else on the road buy the BMW. I'd take the Arteon any day of the week personally because......look at it!!! 😍😍
Bryan S
Bryan S преди 29 дни
Please don't forget DIESELGATE and Vw should be punished
Илья Спиридонов
Илья Спиридонов преди 29 дни
подумал русский обзор)
Chris Green
Chris Green преди месец
I brought a CLA shooting brake over this, please compare the two, but with the CLA 35 compared to this model. X
Oguzhan преди месец
This car is more expensive than a M340i… Lolilolilol
FLOB32 преди месец
2k more than an M340i estate (which offers 2 more cylinders, 50 more hp and 80Nm more torque)? That's a pretty good way of not selling a lot of this model..
Felix Berg
Felix Berg преди месец
Really like the front design, still hope to see a new generation of the scirocco, would look pretty sweet with that front imo
Ivan Forpatril
Ivan Forpatril преди месец
You definitely need to do something with colour grading. That purple-looking blue is quite confusing.
Daniel Bifröst
Daniel Bifröst преди месец
Wouldn't pay 70k for a Arteon R , some extras and still only get the boring 2.0 TSI
Adam B
Adam B преди месец
Looks great. I hope it’s coming to the states because I don’t have the 140K for an RS6 wagon and I hate SUVs…my wife has a Q7 which is sad.
Shadow преди месец
A shootingbrake that isnt actually a shootingbrake.. I hate manufacturers naming cars things that they arent
Abishek J
Abishek J преди месец
The Arteon R sounds better and looks soooo good! That's one sexy looking car!
Benoit Bricet
Benoit Bricet преди месец
It's vw, so... no.
Outside Duh Box
Outside Duh Box преди месец
Haven't heard rev hang that bad in forever
Metti herjou
Metti herjou преди месец
A question:- how does it compare to Genesis YUP shooting Break ???
DEVILTAZ35 преди месец
I don't remember the steering wheel shaking like that in an M340I though. What is up with the suspension on that car?
DEVILTAZ35 преди месец
Centre console is sadly still just a Passat in design.
DEVILTAZ35 преди месец
Is there a sedan version?. I like blue but it is a step too far having blue brakes on a blue car.
Aydin Gaming 123
Aydin Gaming 123 преди 29 дни
Its not a sedan its a 4 door coupe and yes there is a coupe version
MURFY HUSAyN преди месец
Waiting for m3 estate 🔥
Adam Valkoššák
Adam Valkoššák преди месец
Would like to see in it 3.0 v6 or 2.3 r5
Armin Petschelt
Armin Petschelt преди месец
Awteon Aww
Stuart Hunter
Stuart Hunter преди месец
Fast on track....!? Won't that juggle your asda shop a bit
MUCKSPREADER1 преди месец
I'm hoping mat mentions the Kia stinger the same amount of times in this video as he did the stinger video.As for that interior it looks so cheaply made. Another boring vag product pushed by mat so he gets paid.
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 преди месец
Now to ban SUVs please!
Aydin Gaming 123
Aydin Gaming 123 преди месец
When will the Arteon R launch in Australia
Aydin Gaming 123
Aydin Gaming 123 преди месец
If not ill buy the golf r instead
TheFrag81 преди месец
Sticking a 2L in a car that size seems pointless.
Manuel преди месец
why dont we get these shooting brake versions in the Americas come on.... we missing out
imhoman преди месец
I wonder if VW ever watches these reviews and the reactions of the journalists and just turn around and says to themselves: this carbon fibre and plastic bumper does fuck all to our main customers. Its still a shit car.
LaCr0 преди месец
Another R without the VR6. Keep it VW.
Rover Waters
Rover Waters преди месец
looks like a KIA
Othniel Sarpong
Othniel Sarpong преди месец
and of course im gonna launch It
LÆVIS преди месец
That car sure is Purple/ Blue And Loud about it
Jason Meehan
Jason Meehan преди месец
A shooting break has two doors and a hatch back not 4 doors. So it's just an ordinary every day estate car or wagon in the US. Let's call it a space ship instead as it has more in common with that.
killer0178 преди месец
The car from the front is beautiful, the back ok but on the side..... it looks like a stretched sedan with a rear part that doesn't belong to it...definitely not a fan of the side view
Pramith Aryan
Pramith Aryan преди месец
It’s still not a BMW ☹️
Pramith Aryan
Pramith Aryan преди месец
It would be glorious in BLACK !🖤
Pramith Aryan
Pramith Aryan преди месец
Damn !!! this car be lookin GOOOOOOD !
Pramith Aryan
Pramith Aryan преди месец
777 DTL
777 DTL преди месец
Do they have this in the U.S market? Because I will totally buy it
Govind Pilla
Govind Pilla преди месец
Station wagon
ac1m преди месец
Is it purple, is it blue, you never know
André Gaveau
André Gaveau преди месец
No crap when I saw the thumbnail with the car's side profile I thought it was a Renault
Stratos p
Stratos p преди месец
Peugeot 508pse is better than all these
Davor Vrki
Davor Vrki преди месец
Ugly and shiti vw car🤮🤮🤮
Peter Lane
Peter Lane преди месец
VW make great cars….
S. Murz
S. Murz преди месец
seeing this after the North American WRX launch is just depressing on the WRX side.
Jack Evans
Jack Evans преди месец
These things are shit heaps..same as BMW..
Brian Ewasko
Brian Ewasko преди месец
I really wish they sold this car in the US. I ordered a Golf R but I’d rather have the size and utility of this car.
q2subzero преди месец
make it left-hand drive... drop the 'shooting break' and sell it to the USA!
G TO преди месец
Avoid it.
G TO преди месец
This car is crap. No way around it. Regards from Germany.
Dooo Gides
Dooo Gides преди месец
A lot of “R” than “hummer” in H2 Still think it’s Audi RS but more expensive
Stanko Balek
Stanko Balek преди месец
Isn't this copy of Skoda superb?
Jack McDonald
Jack McDonald преди месец
It needs a VR6 and a manual gearbox
Jack McDonald
Jack McDonald преди 10 дни
@Aydin Gaming 123 yes. Screw autos.
Aydin Gaming 123
Aydin Gaming 123 преди 10 дни
It should have a manual gearbox because it would be more fun
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar преди месец
I own a BMW M 😏 3 😎 40i 😓. I go away
Chris R
Chris R преди месец
Car is sexy af
Gabriel Hajjar
Gabriel Hajjar преди месец
Wish we had this in the US
Hol' Up
Hol' Up преди месец
This is a beauty.... Doubt its coming to North America though
mczeljk преди месец
Still just a VW with the same boring interior
Zatosan преди месец
Cannot buy it in USA.
Richard Melchers
Richard Melchers преди месец
A souped up VW, the ultimate chav car. For the same money you can buy a Tesla, faster, more modern and not so drab.
pablo rages
pablo rages преди месец
The old 6 cylinder CC was better
Jordi Robinson
Jordi Robinson преди месец
Nice looking car (I actually bought the first gen Passat CC just for its looks many years ago - took it back after a year!) but typical cheap looking interior from VW which lets it down, shame as it is a good looking estate
Calvin W
Calvin W преди месец
Why do European wagons get called "shooting brake"? This north american saw the G70 shooting brake, and now this thing, and is very thoroughly confused...
Danny Rhym3z
Danny Rhym3z преди месец
Really nice on the outside, ruined on the inside like the golf mk 8. 7/7.5's are so much nicer
Dojin Palmer
Dojin Palmer преди месец
The happy satin respectively drop because seashore histopathologically satisfy anenst a wonderful nephew. curious, handy clutch
alfie sole
alfie sole преди месец
Jeeeeezzz, thats pretty
Mr. Polo
Mr. Polo преди месец
Buying a car that looses 50% of its price in 3 years. So you burn 40.000 Euro in 3 years for a car. How stupid are you?
Margaux Lowery
Margaux Lowery преди месец
Sure an RWD-biased car is worse than an FWD-biased car...
Rubber Thingy
Rubber Thingy преди месец
Why don't they just call it an estate!
Avenging Sylph
Avenging Sylph преди месец
VW Artyom ^_^
R. преди месец
Arteon, RT ON, Ray Tracing On?
MrD преди месец
Wow its actually fast
TheJoesmoe1987 преди месец
Nice looking car
The_Nameless преди месец
I have liked the Arteon from the start and now it got even better, man i want one really bad
Mr. M
Mr. M преди месец
3:33 Why can't I unsee that part? lol What is that random ball out of nowhere?
Roger Dickinson
Roger Dickinson преди месец
haha I just watched the bit about the price, they aren't going to sell many of these !!!
Roger Dickinson
Roger Dickinson преди месец
It's bloody hideous. Same boring powertrain, same infuriating interior buttons. Get the BMW, it will depreciate less.
Dan Ked
Dan Ked преди месец
Horrible chrome features
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