208mph Bentley GT Speed review: see how quick it really is.

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This is the new Bentley Continental GT Speed!

It’s had some subtle exterior styling upgrades over the standard Continental GT, as well as Alcantara and aluminium additions made to its interior. But the biggest changes are under the skin.

The GT Speed’s 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine has had its power boosted from 635hp… to 659hp!! This means it can do 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds - but stick with Mat to see what time it will do in reality! It’s also had a number of chassis tweaks to make it handle as well as it wafts.

But with prices starting from £209,900 😱😱😱 does the GT Speed provide both the luxury and the performance to warrant this hefty price tag? Let’s find out…

00:00 Intro
01:06 Engine
01:43 Exterior Design
02:34 Interior
03:04 Price
03:32 Brakes
04:25 Chassis
05:11 Drifting
05:51 Back Seats
06:07 Boot
06:32 5 Annoying Things
07:44 5 Cool Things
08:55 Driving
12:16 0-60mph
13:26 Verdict

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carwow преди месец
What would you drag race this GT Speed against? Drop your suggestions below!
Lionel Anderson
Lionel Anderson преди 4 дни
The V8 version springs to mind. It may not have bragging rights, but then do Bentley owners really care what other people think?
Neil Tully
Neil Tully преди 16 дни
Lamborghini Urus……
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 преди 20 дни
@Tilata good pics but I think the s63 coupe would be a closer race with the s63 ripping the Bentley off the line and just edging it out in the quarter. A lot of weight in the s65 but either way they're both good matchups
Tilata преди 20 дни
Wraith, M8 comp and S65 Coupe
Ganapathi Thooyamani
Ganapathi Thooyamani преди 20 дни
Koennisegg jesko vs the Bentley speed gt ok
William Cheng
William Cheng преди 10 часа
Ive seen RC cars can go 206mph....i bet pick up way faster than yours...haha
LindorPlays преди ден
decent boxing moves caught me off guard
Hector Goodhope
Hector Goodhope преди 2 дни
Beautiful car but the soft limiter on a sports car worth that much is pathetic
Dịch Vụ Zalo (www.maxlike.net)
Dịch Vụ Zalo (www.maxlike.net) преди 4 дни
👆👆👆00:54:49 Bỏ lỡ hoàng hôn thì anh có thể ngắm lại vào ngày mai. Bỏ lỡ em thì anh sẽ không gặp lại lần hai. 🌫 🌏
reaktor55 преди 4 дни
It's not electric, for some reason.
J. Savage
J. Savage преди 4 дни
review the new jaguar xj575
c0d3 преди 6 дни
Wait! I think you have boxing skills🤔
Geraint преди 7 дни
The irony of the "silly accent" portion of the video being the only few seconds without a silly accent.
Özgür KURT
Özgür KURT преди 10 дни
What a car!
Steve Waldron
Steve Waldron преди 10 дни
C'mon Matt get up to 2021 date You're miles behind
mena seven
mena seven преди 10 дни
The Bentley Continental is a beautiful and luxurious sport GT. I like the olive color of the car.
Eliomar Lacerda
Eliomar Lacerda преди 10 дни
This green whatever color is mesmerazing beautiful
Karolis Tenti
Karolis Tenti преди 11 дни
148 kph is more than 90 mph, not 70, still it stopped in 44 m
Peter Goodwin
Peter Goodwin преди 11 дни
I would love a hydrogen fuel cell version of this car
Paul 55
Paul 55 преди 14 дни
I've not seen boxing like that since I watched The Wizard of Oz. :p
trev mel
trev mel преди 14 дни
Now this is a proper CAR WOW video not like some of those lame efforts recently posted!!
Dinesh Gaikwad
Dinesh Gaikwad преди 15 дни
Sometimes I feel that the new car releases have becomes just like new iPhone release, a little more here, little more there and something new here and voila!
Daniel Clee
Daniel Clee преди 15 дни
Shame that the only people who can afford this kind of car are physical wrecks. A car doesn't make you a man, just a pretender.
andrew mc
andrew mc преди 15 дни
stunning!!! and looks like Australian roads.
Omar Alomari
Omar Alomari преди 17 дни
Clearly Mat jinxed Anthony Joshua! Thanks a lot Mat!
Nini Hjord
Nini Hjord преди 19 дни
Anyone looking for 0-60 jump straight to 12:20😂
lloyd M
lloyd M преди 19 дни
You wouldn't get your head kicked in from Boxing. You would need try Kick-Boxing for that.
ThePhiltastic преди 19 дни
It loses half its value before reaching 208mph. That’s for sure.
Jon Man
Jon Man преди 21 ден
what a ugly ca rlol sorry
Banele Twayi
Banele Twayi преди 21 ден
Its not British, Its actually a BMW underneath which makes it German.
Sourov Hossain
Sourov Hossain преди 21 ден
Wow excellent car
Roger Thompson
Roger Thompson преди 22 дни
Hi Mat, when are we going to see you in your new Tesla?
192dude преди 22 дни
I love that color!
lonetrader1 преди 22 дни
I love the front end!
TheMister Mann
TheMister Mann преди 23 дни
I'd hazard a guess and say you regret mentioning that loser of a boxer after the fiasco of last Saturday night!
Paul Hill
Paul Hill преди 24 дни
Like sitting in an expensive handbag... how could he know?
andygreyrider GRN1998
andygreyrider GRN1998 преди 24 дни
Boring Bentley more like Frank Bruno versus Mike Tyson!
Fred Rino
Fred Rino преди 24 дни
Okay, but sadly Anthony Joshua was defeated! ☹️💔
Aaron Dylan
Aaron Dylan преди 25 дни
James HH
James HH преди 25 дни
“Over the normal GT Speed” What do u mean?
Car Guy15
Car Guy15 преди 26 дни
Is it just me, or does Mat sound like Benedict Cumberbatch's interpretation of Sherlock Holmes?
Rifqy Saputro
Rifqy Saputro преди 26 дни
Bentley from uk, mat also from uk, why the car is lhd?
Leo B.
Leo B. преди 26 дни
Bentley in a few words: expensive completely unreasonable stuff 😂😂
Just Mingled
Just Mingled преди 26 дни
It's German...
Pranjal Banerjee
Pranjal Banerjee преди 26 дни
Sounds like moira Rose at 07.00
Muadzam Shah
Muadzam Shah преди 27 дни
Oz Camp n Hunt Dan
Oz Camp n Hunt Dan преди 27 дни
Bentley luxury in a cheap blue t shirt.......class
Tom C.
Tom C. преди 29 дни
Serious punch to your pocked...
The King of Antarctica
The King of Antarctica преди 29 дни
lebza_22 преди 29 дни
Mat knows how to throw a punch
7lvn Blue
7lvn Blue преди 29 дни
This car has grown on me over the years, but this green is for a jag only lol
iseeolly преди 29 дни
I don't understand the sills....you spend extra for strong lightweight carbon fibre bits that the car doesn't need?...so the carbon fibre just adds weight ?
Aviation Mode
Aviation Mode преди 29 дни
oh that’s what he was reviewing with his mum
Crazy Phill
Crazy Phill преди 29 дни
I want drag race for New Porsche Cayenn GT Vs Lamborghini Urus
niovids преди 29 дни
I dont understand why u do brake tastes from 70 and sometimes from 60 mph??? Stick to one pls, for science, and for logic.
Khanya преди 29 дни
Does the akrapovich pipe affect power and weight or is it just the tip? 😉
James преди 29 дни
Mat v Jake Paul confirmed
Rick P
Rick P преди 29 дни
2022 Lucid Motors Air EV GAME-CHANGER
Aamer Habib
Aamer Habib преди месец
Oh the poor cows
Aamer Habib
Aamer Habib преди месец
This is a good car
Joel Crow
Joel Crow преди месец
I'd rather have an AMG E class coupe with white interior....sorry.
J Romero
J Romero преди месец
😂😂 Mat, you know I love you and specially when driving a Bentley 😊😊 But I did notice that your accent sounded so posh once you were behind the wheel. 😋
Splen borg
Splen borg преди месец
Matt vs Bentley, Street Fighter style.
Nemesis12345 преди месец
£210 000 and no adaptive cruise control or lane keeping assist??? Bruh.. What´s next? £300 000 and no seats??? -,-
betterireland1 преди месец
The back end of that is nice, The led style over the last few years have made cars to gimmicky . Soft subtle and beautiful. I will never own one but i do like it.
erastus kago
erastus kago преди месец
with that kind of Engine and pricetag Bentley better un- muzzle my exhaust
Desi Reuben-Sealey
Desi Reuben-Sealey преди месец
2:47 Poor Matt looks like he rushed his lunch and missed his mouth. 😏
meenboli преди месец
1:59 shocking shut lines on a car of such so called quality. I have real issues with trim that doesn't line up. Look at the chrome round the tail lights - left hand side is low on the boot, right hand side is high. That's just rubbish!
ed hardy
ed hardy преди месец
Nice car 🚗👌
james phimister
james phimister преди месец
You can rev the engine in neutral but not in Park. Also I think it was loosing traction when it launched, try using a lower rpm than the maximum 5k should take off smother and probably get a better time. The GT is an excellent car, it's like having a luxury car and a sports car in one.
ukcarver преди месец
Great car, childish reviewer
Z O преди месец
Matt Balboa
Matteo Gatto
Matteo Gatto преди месец
All those plated details look awful and Old fashion
Chaos Knight
Chaos Knight преди месец
the best car in the world
Stan '
Stan ' преди месец
Vamos, que quieren seguir vendiendo el mismo coche y le añaden 4 costuras y 4 pegatinas con la palabra "speed" y ala! Ya hay coche nuevo. Seguro que no han cambiado nada. Vaya basura de video,a saber cuanto le han pagado a Matt por hacer esto
I just wanna chill and smoke💨
I just wanna chill and smoke💨 преди месец
“Hahaha serves you right” Matt: F&@K OFF👉🏽
Martin Dattinger
Martin Dattinger преди месец
Yo Bro its not British its German ;D
Chance Oder
Chance Oder преди месец
Couldn't help notice your belt is lose Matt
Emīls Ulmanis
Emīls Ulmanis преди месец
Dude.... just put it in neutral, and rev the guts out of it
Christopher Marshall
Christopher Marshall преди месец
Seeing how quick it really is means to test the absolute top speed, NOT this 0-60 BULLSHIT, as this is only acceleration performance, NOT absolute max top speed!! Geez, who is the idiot deciding to use 0-60 time for car's performance figures!! COME ON!!!
matthew King
matthew King преди месец
Matt showing his age here.
Hon Guen Loh
Hon Guen Loh преди месец
Dirty finger nails mat… pls you are test driving a Bentley pls be more presentable lol…btw love your posh accent, suits u when driving a Bentley!:)
Kevin Kirika Irungu
Kevin Kirika Irungu преди месец
This channel has become lame. Retire Mat.
Dario преди месец
Cringest intro ever
Ashley Mabunda
Ashley Mabunda преди месец
0:15 That's actually good Matt woww!! Impressive
yass123 преди месец
@9:03 That bind bend to a train track is dangerous. Who designed this road?
Devon Gee
Devon Gee преди месец
Matt Watson vs Jake Paul
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith преди месец
£6,725 extra for a 'premium audio system' is nucking futs. I think it really should come as standard in a Bentley...
Abdullahi Muhammed
Abdullahi Muhammed преди месец
Anthony Joshua is Nigerian not British
Il Gwent
Il Gwent преди месец
208 mph but it's ugly as hell👌
Imam Abdulrahim
Imam Abdulrahim преди месец
Anthony Joshua is Nigerian too you know
James преди месец
I'm surprised. I didn't think Mat would be able to throw a punch, let alone a combination.
mika123123 преди месец
Bentley need to redesign tail lights 😴
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc преди месец
'I'd be no good at boxing. I'd get my head kicked in.' Wait...
Hayriye Zufer
Hayriye Zufer преди месец
It is not british it is german!
Nathan Gallagher
Nathan Gallagher преди месец
if its British, why is it LHD???
9 years old kid
9 years old kid преди месец
Can I buy for $0 plzz hahahah
Jordon Bailey
Jordon Bailey преди месец
I’m impressed with those hands at the start 🤣🤣
I forgot that carwow did car reviews with all the drags races recently
Rolando White
Rolando White преди месец
Matt looks like a proffessional boxer at the start of the video......would love to see u in the ring😂😂😂
Harbeen Guerrero
Harbeen Guerrero преди месец
0:07 🤣🙏
Max Bliss
Max Bliss преди месец
Alcantara is horrible cheap feeling and cheap looking crap (may be expensive but it is cheap)....not appropriate for a Bentley !
Agx9 преди месец
Thor’s dad Odin drives this car
Sandeep Dmello
Sandeep Dmello преди месец
It's not point nought second matt...its point nought nought second
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