New Mercedes eActros review - they let me launch and brake test it 😂

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преди 21 ден

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This is the new Mercedes eActros! It's an all-electric lorry which shows what the future of haulage could look like... And Mat's got his hands on one for a review!

Given it has the ability to carry a max load of 27 tonnes, it'll come as no surprise that it requires some serious power to get around. Under the skin, you'll find a huge 400kWh battery pack (4 times the size of one in an EQS, no less!) along with electric motors which helps the eActros put down 540hp and 970Nm of torque. It also has a claimed range of 400km.

Now this may be a huge truck, but of course, it's also a carwow review, so you know Mat's going to have to launch it and perform a brake test! The question is, will he enjoy it so much that he'll want to review more trucks in the future? You'll have to keep watching to find out!

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carwow преди 21 ден
Should Mat give up on reviewing cars and become a trucker? VOTE BELOW!
Minesaver преди 16 часа
Heck no do not do that
X-manager преди ден
Truker all the way
The Lego Gaming BOy
The Lego Gaming BOy преди 2 дни
@carwow nopw
zoky 136
zoky 136 преди 3 дни
Mat i drive truck for living this still very very small truck 😁😁
Konstantin Ridaya
Konstantin Ridaya преди 6 дни
No. In Denmark you can indicate, what direction you want to do, before you enter a roundabout, but no one do that in practice, and if you do, people would think, that you are either one of those Eastern European truckers, who never sleep or that you are dimwitted. ONLY INDICATE, WHEN YOU LEAVE! As the man said!
stefanlaine преди час
ONLY when you leave! Please don't be a weirdo...
SY преди 2 часа
"yes, only when you leave" - Canada
MrYlijumala преди 2 часа
Wait a minute. How it does not matter how much the battery weights in a truck? It takes your loading capacity and a shit ton of it literally. So you can't haul that much stuff. Seems like it has everything to do with the weight of the battery
Asterion преди 5 часа
in Britain you need to sign when enter too, but not in the rest of eu as far as i know
Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira преди 6 часа
I’m with Mat. You signal left when you are driving in the roundabout, then you signal right when you want to get out.
Deluexe Music
Deluexe Music преди 15 часа
Nikola - much better design and longer range distance. Mercedes - company of old white mans
owl puppet
owl puppet преди 16 часа
Are you sure about dat
VoltTackle11 преди 23 часа
5:33 That lane-departure warning sounds like what happens when I get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on my Windows PC while watching a video.
hardyk2010 преди ден
this was such a cringey conversation.
Sebastian H.
Sebastian H. преди ден
Thanks for the left indicator, otherwise I would have thought you want to drive right. Left indicator in a roundabout is obsolete. You just can drive one way and you use your indicator when you're leaving. As simple as that. Everything else would be senseless 😂
Rick Bullock
Rick Bullock преди ден
Really nice truck but older guys like me won’t like it. Old school truck drivers like the big horsepower diesels with lots of gears to jam because that’s the masculine way. I remember my first time driving a Volvo with an automatic transmission and I loved it but others hated it. Electric is a whole different ball game again. The battery weight definitely does matter because it does affect the gross weight allowed by diminishing how much weight you can carry. The amount of distance the current batteries would allow would be okay for local daily deliveries but not for OTR operating in my view.
Alexander Johnson
Alexander Johnson преди ден
The Merc guy is right, if you are going straight through the round, about as you were, you indicate as you leave.
Gouvas Gaming
Gouvas Gaming преди ден
Marcel probably drives a BMW, he doesn't have blinkers!!
Gouvas Gaming
Gouvas Gaming преди ден
you indicate to get in the roundabout and then indicate before you exit ahah LOL
Blacky Barry
Blacky Barry преди ден
I'm from Germany too, he's right there is only one direction in the roundabout anyway
lore преди ден
One sound: _the lights_
Matija Markovic
Matija Markovic преди ден
all ev's would benefit from a 2 speed box, direct drive is fine for now but would it not increase hwy range at decent speeds (150kph and above) and max top speed too. Its so funny seeing tesalas doing 120kph max in right(slow) lane to get optimal range, ppl passing them in 1.0 vw up-s
jernej55 преди ден
Only when you leave ❗
Miguel Den Boer
Miguel Den Boer преди ден
When entering indicate right when driving on indicate left and when leaving indicate right (or everything the opposite in a left hand drive country)
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh преди ден
How can an electric truck with so many chemical batteries ever be sustainable and env friendly. Lithium ion EV tech is enherently flawed.
How have you got a licence to drive that did you take a hgv test 🤔
Christopher Marriott
Christopher Marriott преди ден
This is what the ev revolution should be trucks and vans.
LAGN преди ден
In Germany, we only indicate when we leave. Which actually makes sense because obviously everyone knows where you’re going when entering the roundabout… there’s only one direction lol
Maxwell Williams
Maxwell Williams преди ден
But what if your going straight ahead, then a car coming the opposite direction has to wait and see if you are going straight ahead or turning left before they enter the roundabout, opposed to knowing that if you aren't indicating that means you are going straight and they can enter the roundabout while you are still going through it. What about dual and triple lane roundabouts?!?
Peter DeVil
Peter DeVil преди ден
LOWDSTAR LP преди 2 дни
Im from germany and im learning at mercedes all about this eacrtos XD it was in Wörth and i think its funny to see you there.
Boski преди 2 дни
All these green nonsense will soon blow up in their face
Deus Vult
Deus Vult преди 2 дни
Scania is the best!
guest преди 2 дни
Common misconception about EVs is that they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. I am surprised I saw this kind of nonsense on a channel this big. EVs are only partially environmentally friendly if 100% of their recharge energy comes from renewable sources as it offsets the carbon footprint generated in the production of the EV . Otherwise the carbon footprint needed to produce such a vehicle is bigger than petrol/diesel vehicle. The reality is that majority of the countries in the world are not 100% renewable (not even close) so the majority of energy for recharging is coming from fossil fuels. So until countries are 100% renewable EVs will be Apple versions of cars. Much more expensive but not offering anything spectacular for the money.
James Pham
James Pham преди 2 дни
Now I understand why I got fined in Monico… I signalled at a roundabout. I thought that they were racist LOL!
Eric преди 2 дни
Is it 400km fully loaded or empty?
boris kovac
boris kovac преди 2 дни
I noticed in Europe they don't indicate on roundabouts because they're all mind readers
Daan Rink
Daan Rink преди 2 дни
Actually in the Netherlands, you’re being told that when entering a roundabout you indicate where you will go. So if you’re going to take the first exit, you indicate right. If you take the third one, you indicate left. This is not mandatory. However once you’re on the roundabout and you exit. You must indicate. What Mat did by before entering the roundabout, is exactly what I would’ve done. To let others know what your intentions are.
Ted Reid
Ted Reid преди 2 дни
Still would drive a scanaia then that cos they are better
Infinite Power
Infinite Power преди 2 дни
So now not only you gonna get hit by the truck, but u not even gonna hear it before you get hit
Ingens_Scherz преди 2 дни
We're about 20 years from these stupid things being industry standard, no matter what the politicians tell you and regardless of any ridiculous "net zero" goals or equally ridiculous EU laws. There are SO MANY reasons why.
Owen Miller
Owen Miller преди 3 дни
1:30 passes the new Maybach gls 600 class
Lean Gro
Lean Gro преди 3 дни
StVO §8 1a nur beim hinausfahren. Only when leaving the roundabout. Is it really different in the UK? Bc it is the same in France, Austria, Poland, Spain, Netherlands etc as far as I know
skander ben
skander ben преди 3 дни
Bro that’s not uk is deautshland…marcel is right
Alexander Rothschild
Alexander Rothschild преди 3 дни
In the Netherlands you indicate when you enter. Also, to show people wanting to enter that you are staying on. Since I moved to Switzerland, I am very frustrated having to wait if people really leave the roundabout because they don't always indicate when they leave. So, Mat, well done for being stubborn about indicating before and on the roundabout!
Karl-Artur Eiskop
Karl-Artur Eiskop преди 3 дни
How did you get your license, you indicate only when leaving the roundabout. I just got my license and that is what they teach.
A G преди 3 дни
That truck can nearly put accelerate my Astra 😂 maad
Tushar Varshney
Tushar Varshney преди 3 дни
In germany you only indicate when u leave the roundabout. Dont know if its different in England.
Dragonlord преди 4 дни
250km is only 155 miles. Awful range, and not at all practical for cross continental truckers in the US. But im sure the story is different for in other countries, and for truckers just doing city to city routes.
Dragonlord преди 4 дни
the merc guy is 10000% correct. doing what you did causes traffic jams.
Mohmmad Asjid
Mohmmad Asjid преди 4 дни
I recommend to do videos on all vans as well .Thanks
shyam pawar
shyam pawar преди 4 дни
Does it goes well on uphill?
Julian Pieles
Julian Pieles преди 4 дни
So sad that they did not test an empty vehicle for comparison! Would have been very interested in the acceleration :D.
Carl Hancox
Carl Hancox преди 4 дни
I'm a truck driver and they ain't going to last for round town work, and parcel delivery
Griffin преди 4 дни
In Sweden, it's up to you if you want to signal left in a roundabout. Though, some people signal left when exiting, which makes me upset on a whole different level
Cristi Stancu
Cristi Stancu преди 4 дни
I dont know if this is specific for any truck , but i saw this one has rear wheel steering , noice
Electro Отаман
Electro Отаман преди 4 дни
In Poland is the same. But I'm from Ukraine so I have the same problem - I indicate when in and out from the circle
Marcin Sobczyk
Marcin Sobczyk преди 4 дни
Marcel is 100% correct.
SM преди 5 дни
You indicate while entering the roundabout if you go on the first exit, but indicate while exiting the roundabout on the second, third exit or going back.
Tess преди 5 дни
4:18 - You insufferable arrogant Brit. Marcel was right. And you showed your Britishness. How the hell do you have the gall to think you know German law better than a German instructor/trainer....
Carlwahlstrom преди 5 дни
In Sweden it's recommended to indicate left when going left in a roundabout, then indicate right to leave the roundabout. Is it really illegal to indicate that way in Germany?
Lorenz Müller
Lorenz Müller преди 3 дни
Yes that’s illegal here. In Sweden there are more two lane roundabouts, so maybe your regulations make sense.
Patrick Holensaber
Patrick Holensaber преди 5 дни
Top speed under 50 mph makes it unsuitable for any highway. Dogshit range makes it unsuitable for long hauls. Front end design seems crash unsafe. Just a shit vehicle. Tesla’s semi looks far more promising.
Nikita A.
Nikita A. преди 5 дни
You don't have to /shouldn't indicate in the roundabout when you enter. The german dude is correct.
Attack444 444
Attack444 444 преди 5 дни
Is Matt really one of those guys who use the turning signal when staying in a roundabout😂😂
mvmallinson преди 5 дни
Of course Marcel is right, can’t believe you even questioned him. Plus you take your eyes off the road far too much, you really need to concentrate on what you are doing a load more
Arthur De Keersmaeker
Arthur De Keersmaeker преди 5 дни
He complaining about blinkers on a round-a-bout. Me already accepted that 50% of the drivers do not use there blinkers
Pika Chu
Pika Chu преди 5 дни
Marcel doesn't take any shit hahaha
Joona Säiläkivi
Joona Säiläkivi преди 5 дни
only when you leave
Rebasepoiss преди 5 дни
4:15 The Estonian way is the same as in Germany i.e. you only indicate when leaving the roundabout.
Árpád Varga
Árpád Varga преди 5 дни
If the truck do that range loaded and charged up that fast not bad considering driving that far roughly need minimum 45 minutes break anyway .
Árpád Varga
Árpád Varga преди 5 дни
He is wrong I think. If you turn left Signal left at enter signal right after second exit till you leaving. If you go straight no Signal at enter signal right after first exit. If you turn right signal right at enter till leaving. In UK ....That's how I know.
lordkorner преди 5 дни
I live in germany and though Marcel's humour, or lack thereof would be mostly down to translation, there are many who get the British humour 😉
lordkorner преди 5 дни
Indicating only when leaving works fine on big roundabouts, however I find here in germany, Indicating when leaving on small roundabouts can be confusing on small roundabouts, especially when turning the oncoming traffic has no idea what your intentions are.
Osman Martinez
Osman Martinez преди 5 дни
Dude wtf does he want to cause a crash? 😂 Ur supposed to use the blinkers like 200ft before making a turn half a second before a turn isn't enough for some of these blind mfks on the road
Lwandle Nhlapho
Lwandle Nhlapho преди 6 дни
Future truck drivers, listen up!! A little something for y'all!
Marcus Jeppesen
Marcus Jeppesen преди 6 дни
im taking my drivers license right now, and you first have to indicate when leaving the round about
Zamfir Julian
Zamfir Julian преди 6 дни
I hope VOSA won't see this review....they will revoke your lorry license. :D
Game Tester
Game Tester преди 6 дни
This is what the market should be focusing on rather than cars.
Can Sürmeli
Can Sürmeli преди 6 дни
Marcel started therapy after this
Zah преди 6 дни
04:50 😂😂😂😂😂
Tony Brenton
Tony Brenton преди 6 дни
I do hope the 2 gear system in this takes off across EVs, it will make a huge difference to highway range.
THE T I T A N преди 6 дни
I mean the rule is to only indicate when you exit the roundabout. There is no need to indicate when entering because there is only one way you can go. And people would think you are taking the first out
THE T I T A N преди 6 дни
@ass idk how it's done on the island. But you can hear him turning in the indicator when entering the roundabout. And then while in it, turning it on again. The Mercedes rep is telling him to only indicate when exiting. In German and large parts of Europe you are only supposed to indicate when you get close to your exit. In this case 3rd exit. Correct me if I'm wrong.
ass преди 6 дни
No, he meant indicating left when going off the 3rd exit, in UK you do it like that. (to the rightof course, its LHD)
ShaRk. преди 6 дни
For medium hauling distances that's quite nice! 25 tons with around 250km of range is enough. Plus when you charge it with more extreme speeds (+350kw) at logistic centers while loading/unloading it shouldn't be necessary to stop somewhere else.
Alex McBroom
Alex McBroom преди 6 дни
The weight of the batteries is very important, as it reduces load capacity and subsequently profitability. This is somewhat made up for by cheap charging but that is already changing. Some places are charging 80p/kwhr already which is not far off the price of regular diesel!
Cesar Lanner
Cesar Lanner преди 6 дни
You should blink when eneter the roundabout
Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson преди 6 дни
Marcel sends vibration through my bottom💖😈
ward abuward
ward abuward преди 6 дни
Yes only when you leave
Top Cat
Top Cat преди 6 дни
Passes the new Maybach press car.
grayson Pruitt
grayson Pruitt преди 6 дни
I feel 80kmh is a little slow for a truck that may have to go on long highways
Felix Nurscher
Felix Nurscher преди 6 дни
80 kmh is the speed limit for trucks in most of Europe anyways
Alexander преди 7 дни
In the Netherlands you indicate left when you take 3 quarter of the roundabout, and indicate right when leaving it. When going straight (2 quarter), don't indicate when entering and indicate when leaving. And when turning right (1 quarter) only indicate right when entering and leave the indicator on. At least that's what I learned when I passed my driving test 12 years ago. I also think it really helps the traffic flow!
Dylan Van Acker
Dylan Van Acker преди 7 дни
In belgium we only blink when leaving the roundabout
Optane преди 7 дни
Not the first lol
Zoltan Varadi
Zoltan Varadi преди 7 дни
Indicating in different everywhere opposed to the UK - in the UK I find it more logical, but most of Europe uses Marcel's way - only indicate when you leave.
Andreas Rapp
Andreas Rapp преди 7 дни
Funny how German tourists in Sweden can't seem to remember how to drive a roundabout. More often than not using right hand lane to go left in a roundabout.
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2.
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2. преди 7 дни
elon you missed your chance. you woke the 500 pound silver back gorila that is the german auto industry. lets see if you can keep ahead of the pack
Lennie Godber
Lennie Godber преди 7 дни
What a pointless vehicle
Andrew N
Andrew N преди 7 дни
Left blink is not the law in roundabout but it should be.
LYF преди 7 дни
Mat: So when do you switch from first to second? Marcel: Yes.
RichCSR преди 7 дни
have you checked with @DougDemuro if you're allowed to say THIS at the start? 😂😂😂😂
Patrick Thibaut
Patrick Thibaut преди 7 дни
I think battery weight is quite relevant, it eats into the max load, and thus the profit of the transporting business.
Calisthenics Trucker
Calisthenics Trucker преди 7 дни
3:37 Marcel, you are so wrong buddy and not only that, you are so adamant about it, getting red face even... The roundabout is an intersection, not a priority road. Therefore before arriving at the roundabout you have the give away sign which by the European safety road rules, you'll have to indicate your direction with at least 50m before entering, even if you go forward. Unless you take the first exit for which you'd indicate right, you indicate left untill you exit indicating right. Only in Germany and Belgium most drivers practice what you preach not realizing that actually is disturbing the flow of traffic without being able to anticipate the others direction and above that not being able to be economic with the truck, diesel or EV Not only once I came to a complete stop finding very hard to start again with a 40T and traffic. Who is a trucker will relate to that. On the other hand, congrats to Mercedes Team for the EV Truck and hope semi's will be on the market soon! Keep distance and indicate! Safe trip out there!
Felix Nurscher
Felix Nurscher преди 6 дни
no, you are wrong, buddy. what marcel said is 100% correct lol
mark t
mark t преди 7 дни
Just what we need, something else to add the the strain on energy to help "drive" up the cost of electric. Short range needs charging more and has a bigger carbon footprint than a combustion engine!! Smart!
Richard преди 7 дни
1:29 is there a GLS 600 Maybach as an escort vehicle? 😂😂😂
Javid Ishraque
Javid Ishraque преди 7 дни
Matt jokes.. Marcel the German thinking what's that ??
Zack H
Zack H преди 8 дни
Quick question,how does it brake, because a normal truck brakes from the engine, what about this?
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