Mercedes-Maybach GLS review with max speed on the Autobahn! 😱

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This is the Mercedes-Maybach GLS!

It’s the ultra-luxurious (& ultra-expensive!) version of Mercedes’ largest SUV, and Mat’s here to see if it’s really worth the eye-watering £160,000 starting price!

Now, of course, the GLS may be powerful, but you don’t pick a Maybach for performance… You choose it for the incredible interior! And trust us, this GLS doesn’t disappoint. Name an in-car mod-con, and you can guarantee it’s got it. From super-reclinable back seats to a fridge and built-in champagne flutes, the Maybach GLS is built so passengers can travel in pure comfort.

Of course, the luxury doesn’t end with the back seats! Although the dash and features up-front may mirror the standard GLS, this version has been elevated, with Maybach badging and leather found throughout… Even the door bins are lined with it! What’s more, you’ll find a load of styling upgrades on the outside too, from the bespoke Maybach grille up front to the chrome rear bumper at the back.

Peer under the bonnet and the Maybach can still pack a punch, with a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 & a small electric motor combining to produce 558hp & 730Nm of torque. But then again, it needs that power when it weighs in at 2.8 tonnes!

So - is it worth the hefty price tag? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:35 Back Seats
05:13 Exterior Design
06:51 Interior
07:45 Boot
08:14 Five Annoying Things
09:49 Five Cool Things
12:20 Engine
12:38 Driving
15:12 Verdict

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carwow преди 13 дни
Maybach GLS vs Cullinan vs Bentayga... Which are you choosing?
Rich преди ден
Ks преди 4 дни
Tough Critic
Tough Critic преди 6 дни
VOTE: Cullinan
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris преди 7 дни
Rolls for sure
Kiran H N 1SG19CV018
Kiran H N 1SG19CV018 преди 7 дни
W W преди 2 часа
Me🤔🤔🤔 hmm Google dogging
Ockar Bramwell
Ockar Bramwell преди 8 часа
This car very nice🌋🌋🌋😍
Just A Greek Internet User
Just A Greek Internet User преди 13 часа
i didnt see any max speed on this video...
stefan6888 преди 22 часа
The ruff way he's acting inside and outside the cars he's reviewing, knocking and pulling on things, i wouldn't trust him with a bicycle, let alone with an expensive car.
lbrt Mirhfr
lbrt Mirhfr преди ден
Hey, come around the next time you are in Karlsruhe. Or Woerth
Rich преди ден
Hi Matt, Great review, it’s pronounced “My- Bach”
tano} {bmw
tano} {bmw преди ден
i still prefer the x7m but i really like tjis suv
1afrosnow преди ден
Can't believe he put his dirty shoe on the screen. Not cool man.
SDA Dan Cars
SDA Dan Cars преди ден
I think this is the best SUV on market in terms of quality and comfort 👍
Addala Yahia
Addala Yahia преди ден
4:28 that is the reason why Mercedes doesn't trust you
Asif Zardari
Asif Zardari преди 2 дни
That was not ethical you touching the infotainment screen with your shoes.
LynxEng преди 2 дни
Just a shame it looks disgusting, like all Maybachs do
Rob Buser
Rob Buser преди 2 дни
...still no-one better're the coolest car reviewer around ace! (...and what a yacht!)
Capo Khan
Capo Khan преди 2 дни
Il own this car when they ban petrol cars
DaLaaNi Bombina
DaLaaNi Bombina преди 3 дни
I wish I could get that interior colour for my AMG! 😱
David Viner
David Viner преди 3 дни
It wasn't exactly whisper quiet on that autobahn tbh
super entertainment
super entertainment преди 3 дни
Despot1c преди 3 дни
We can literally fit another person into that ridiculous amount of leg room this car offers.
Marlon Mudzudzu
Marlon Mudzudzu преди 3 дни
I'll order one then :P
Tr4nnel преди 3 дни
Was Matt filming from out of the window? That sounded like a LOT of road noise lmao. Probably just the microphone picking up the slightest noise, but still.
Mark Kamau
Mark Kamau преди 3 дни
Sorry guys couldn't help notice that lovely Nardo grey RS5 Sportback 🔥🥵
Jean-Paul Soto-Torrado
Jean-Paul Soto-Torrado преди 3 дни
Those rear displays are hideous.
HB90.49 преди 4 дни
Hilarious as always Matt
Fabian Huber
Fabian Huber преди 4 дни
Didn't you recently learn that you only indicate when EXITING a german roundabout? :D
Yama S
Yama S преди 4 дни
The female companion wearing a mask on camera and not wearing s*hit off camera - but still got caught at 14:42 ... why dont you just ditch that POS all together?
Ruth Sasu
Ruth Sasu преди 4 дни
this car cost too much just a get a kia carnival 2022
TheTallRaver преди 5 дни
Looks hideous!
Jeff Gavy
Jeff Gavy преди 5 дни
After seeing Samantha,,,I would like to see your wife
wowrada преди 5 дни
When I want a cat that size ill buy a leopard 2... I always wonder how small your confidence has to be to buy sh*5 like this XD
Nicholaj Madsen
Nicholaj Madsen преди 5 дни
Put that foot down from the screen, why aren't you respecting the cars your driving
Ben Lecluyse
Ben Lecluyse преди 5 дни
O S преди 5 дни
Having attractive women in car reviews....distracts from the reason for watching!
Vroopz_mart3nYT преди 5 дни
Is Samantha a non binary?
Burak Caliskanman
Burak Caliskanman преди 5 дни
The Cognition
The Cognition преди 5 дни
Still prefer AMG GLS 63
Josh McKenzie
Josh McKenzie преди 5 дни
I don't think enough people are talking about that dogging comment 😳
gianluca piatta
gianluca piatta преди 6 дни
Looser .. seatbelt in the back . That's not luxury at all . Well British believes that land rover is good off road car😂😂 .so ......
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh преди 6 дни
I am sorry but those eyebrows are somewhat creepy.
K.M. Tanvir
K.M. Tanvir преди 6 дни
The dancing car.!! 11:12 🤭😳 Indians will understand 😁
dzamar reza
dzamar reza преди 6 дни
this maybach is so cute when he playing with his suspension
Ioanides001 преди 6 дни
11:40 this is NOT whisper quiet, what are you talking about?...
Ioanides001 преди 6 дни
These huge, expensive luxo-barges are sooo stupid. And this mish mash of luxury wood and leather with old technology (that old Galaxy tab, gosh, laughable) and ugly black plastics, sometimes chromed! So so stupid.
Steve Murrell
Steve Murrell преди 6 дни
Hey Matt.....we know you've got a foldable phone ok. Are you getting a commission from Samsung every time you flash it? :)
Tough Critic
Tough Critic преди 6 дни
junior minott
junior minott преди 7 дни
firsy name UG last name LY
Henrique Wise boy Tv
Henrique Wise boy Tv преди 7 дни
Am I the only one hearing jealousy whenever he says GLS
Henrique Wise boy Tv
Henrique Wise boy Tv преди 7 дни
Almost made you forget your suzuki.😀
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts преди 7 дни
Ivo Fixzone
Ivo Fixzone преди 7 дни
Mat, can you hide the ugly seat tablets with "push of a button" ? 😀
Richard Coates
Richard Coates преди 7 дни
Barfmobile. What a hideous monstrosity.
ramzesdrugi33 преди 7 дни
What a gopping car. Yuck.
disturbed250 преди 7 дни
Ill be honest.. Thats one ugly fckn car lol
Mohira Qodirova
Mohira Qodirova преди 7 дни
11:14 great movement
Finley talk Pham
Finley talk Pham преди 7 дни
Matt are you a vip person
John Wilson
John Wilson преди 7 дни
The bentayga is the only car that carries the luxury SUV look well , the others are vulgar . Less said about this maybach monstrosity the better….
quirinobest salicchio
quirinobest salicchio преди 8 дни
Mercedes is nice, but Samantha wins over everyone
CRAIG Eagle преди 8 дни
Who else was like noo when he started kicking the TV screen 😫
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali преди 8 дни
Really very super 🚘 Car
NeWorlDay 20
NeWorlDay 20 преди 8 дни
Yummy. I love maybach interiors. We vote more sam.
TheSlacky775 преди 8 дни
Samantha who has drawn her earbrows on, with a BLACK SHARPIE... lmfao
Jayant Jolly
Jayant Jolly преди 8 дни
You guys need to do proper POV videos on Autobahn!! Those would be fun!!
Tausif Jahangir
Tausif Jahangir преди 8 дни
4:30 uses foot on the screen also wonder why Mercedes doesn't trust him.
miro kljajic
miro kljajic преди 8 дни
I stopped watching after you show the plastic parts.
KDS KDS преди 8 дни
Can anyone pls give me samantha's instagram 😂❤
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall преди 9 дни
Who is Mat recommending to shortlist a Maybach? - "Need help buying your next car?" Only come to Carwow if you're a company director who can afford to lease cars costing £50k plus - or if you enjoy drag races because that'w what you get most of the time on this channel now. I used to love Carwow and as much as I enjoy the odd luxury car review, in my opinion if CW believes it's still a top car review channel that appeals to the average driver then it's seriously deluded.
Jason D
Jason D преди 9 дни
Forget about the ugly car thing.. Sam seems fit and fun..
I'm Legendary Audrius
I'm Legendary Audrius преди 9 дни
This car looks horrendous. Sorry but makes me 🤮
Hipp Hyseni01
Hipp Hyseni01 преди 9 дни
maybach review just straight to the massage seat 😂😂
Stoyan Iliev
Stoyan Iliev преди 9 дни
Can't wait to buy one after 25 years...
Mtho Thela
Mtho Thela преди 9 дни
A GLS vs Cullinan head to head would do!
fish and banana
fish and banana преди 9 дни
I saw one of these driving down the highstreet yesterday, it is a thing of beauty.
Argal von Bregev
Argal von Bregev преди 9 дни
Wait a second... "The chrome is all plastic"? On a car that's probably around 250,000€ in that configuration? And even the heated windscreen is an optional extra? Seriously, it's an impressive car, and one I'll probably never be able to afford, but at that price it should better come with everything. But then again, it's a Mercedes, they still sold S-class last year without a rear view camera. And the worst seats in any car I've ever been in, other than the Trabant. It looks really good from the inside though. Like, REALLY good :D Sadly you'll kind of have see the outside to get there... and Mercedes is just, let's say, catastrophic at that.
dickachu преди 9 дни
next months on every moscow parking lot
PhiveWalls преди 9 дни
why isn't the Maybach logo on the wheels?
Ehsan ail Basa
Ehsan ail Basa преди 9 дни
SRS Fleet
SRS Fleet преди 9 дни
Another car 99% of people can never own, nice though. Matt, why don't you start Bikewow?
Sat Shim
Sat Shim преди 9 дни
Review this vs Range rover sv autobiography lwb....
Benjamin ._.
Benjamin ._. преди 9 дни
what a magnificent review, well done mat
Hoody neighbor
Hoody neighbor преди 9 дни
The feature that stands my Toyota Corolla from these cars is it's now 450 thousand kilometers on the clock without a headache.
chester ingosan
chester ingosan преди 9 дни
Id love it if she appears every now and then🤗🤭
Abha Dwivedi
Abha Dwivedi преди 9 дни
Mate, why you not launch it?
Sahil Giri
Sahil Giri преди 9 дни
mat never miss his chance to showoff his phone xD
Musonda Ngosa
Musonda Ngosa преди 9 дни
Do a review on the 2022 Mercedes S Class Guard V12🙏🏽...I love how you do the reviews.
Ranjit V nair
Ranjit V nair преди 9 дни
ധീര ജവാൻ വൈശാഖിനു കണ്ണീർ പ്രണാമം 🙏
light shadow
light shadow преди 9 дни
hey your next mercedes vid should be about the 2022 guard😀
MOCHACHINO преди 9 дни
14:42 can see Sam smiling on the reflection 😂
jeSuperfly преди 9 дни
That thing just looks like a super ugly version of a Dodge Durango on the outside...
mitsos7 преди 9 дни
I just bought the car and another one for my sister,i think we will like it
pepebeck преди 10 дни
my man needs to upgrade his shoe game
kierunkowskaz преди 10 дни
costafilh0 преди 10 дни
Million dollar cars CRAPPY LOW LIGHT CAMERAS! COME ON!!!!!!!!!
TheBigBLT09 преди 10 дни
That is one of the ugliest things I've seen! 🤢🤮
Ben Smith
Ben Smith преди 10 дни
Curious how the passenger seat affects the drivers visibility at 2.00 when it’s moved all the way forward like that
WhizFizz !
WhizFizz ! преди 10 дни
The poor man's Rolls Royce.. or a glorified Mercedes GLS.
Young Renzel
Young Renzel преди 10 дни
We need Samantha on the channel
djengo преди 10 дни
the inside is a damm beauty. but the outside is ugly like a duck
kevin delee
kevin delee преди 10 дни
you do not put your feet on a maybach
skunkpussy07 преди 10 дни
We definitely need more content with Samantha. Maybe less Yani and More Samantha in some of these tests.
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