Hyundai Ioniq 5 review with 0-60mph test!

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преди 28 дни

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This is the all-new Hyundai Ioniq 5!

We know that SO many people have been looking forward to the release of this car. So the question is - does it live up to the hype?!

Well for starters, it’s no surprise that people are excited about this car given that it looks absolutely stunning! The unique headlight & taillight designs are great, and the alloy wheels look awesome! But the great looks don’t stop there - once you step inside, the minimalist interior looks really modern, and you’ll find high-quality materials throughout the cabin.

So it’s all well & good with the looks… And performance isn’t that bad either! The range-topper is powered by dual electric motors and a 73kWh battery, which combine to produce 305hp. You’ll also be able to hit a claimed range just shy of 300 miles!

Prices start at £37,000, rising to around £50,000. So… Is it worth it, especially when there are so many EV competitors out there already? Well, you know what you’ll have to do to find out - stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review!

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Kia EV6 review -

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00:00 Intro
00:47 Exterior Design
01:34 Interior
04:19 Back Seats
05:21 Boot
06:17 5 Annoying Things
07:39 5 Good Things
10:00 Battery & Charging
11:06 Driving
15:15 0-60mph & Brake test
16:07 Verdict

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carwow преди 27 дни
Is this the best looking EV in the world?
André Lima
André Lima преди 4 дни
Pininfarina Battista
woody555kl преди 5 дни
@ikho Onyejelem personally think that just looks like a taycan an audi tt and an r8 were in a radioactive accident and mutated into one form🤣
The Cisco Kidd
The Cisco Kidd преди 6 дни
Damn right it is and it will remain the best looking longer than most cars for sure, design is ahead of its time for sure
Brandon Yen
Brandon Yen преди 7 дни
Well I like this Ionic better than a Tesla because all Tesla look the same and boring and I don’t care how fast Tesla is I drive normally 😂 from USA
Az A
Az A преди 9 дни
This is by far the best looking family wagon especially at this price - the design reminds me of the Lancia Delta from the side.. hmm🤔
Guerin Heckman
Guerin Heckman преди 7 часа
Such a cool car, except for the dumpy looking console.
Filip преди ден
Audi quattro concept :D
MatobiGames преди ден
Would love a head to between this, ev6 and some other newer ev’s (run them till they die)
smokingskill преди ден
looks so crappy... like if a elementary pupil did the design.
OT 77 Racing
OT 77 Racing преди 2 дни
If only the colours available would match the futuristic design. Must be the most boring colour options available on any car in the UK.
niceguy60 преди 2 дни
£37,000 is allot of money to give for a Naked Entry Version of a Hyundai Hatchback You would have to pay at least £40,000 to start getting some range and Toys
Valentino Berchu
Valentino Berchu преди 2 дни
Hi Mat pls do a review of the new Hyundai Palisade thanks 😁
Didier Gras
Didier Gras преди 2 дни
IMHO, IONIQ 5 vs TESLA MODEL Y... : Tesla great job, max speed, range especially leveraging its shape and weight. Still prefer, being in Europe, comfort. 99% of my trips are within 200kms one way. With the Hyundai IONIQ 5, I do look forward to ventilated seats, Android Auto, the roomy and comfortable interior, and HUD. Also like reclining seats with foot rest and reclining console for arms rest, all electronic aids especially against collisions, automated parking (Executive version), blind spot cams on dashboard when turning, V2L, sun shades integrated in back doors, electric sunroof shade, wide space available inside with good visibility through the back window etc. And the obviously efficient 400V to 800V internal battery inverter for fast charging. Other bugs with Tesla : Model 3 too low on the ground (Model Y is a perfected Model 3); door handles too complicated for kids and scratchy with persons with long finger nails; blue jeans bleed on those too white seats.; simplistic navigation system(whereas under ANDROID AUTO: ABRP beta notably has settings for car weight, or TomTom Go 's use of all offline maps and charging stations etc. ); quality of paint jobs ; mediocre internal lighting; loud alerts and other things not so compatible with family driving. Also 5 year car warranty illimited kms (Max 80 000 for Tesla... Reliability issues?), and 8 year battery warranty (same as Tesla).
S Z преди 2 дни
I like it because the silhouette is lancia delta integrale esque ish sort of. Maybe.
eStock преди 2 дни
Test the new Kona 😀
Kramnam преди 2 дни
Wow! 1% saving with warcow! Spot on about the handshake! 😂I guess you know about that gear selector tool because you've been married a few years now
Ben Gosling
Ben Gosling преди 3 дни
The car is already sold out in Oz all 200ish lmao pathetic number
MonakoBoy преди 3 дни
Interesting that the lack of a rear wiper did not make it to the annoying things list.
greggy weggy
greggy weggy преди 3 дни
Downvote for the Dweeb presenter.
Yazan Rawashdeh
Yazan Rawashdeh преди 3 дни
This is seriously my number 1 car on my shortlist, absolutely fantastic looking and performing car 😍
Yo-No преди 4 дни
A sport or N line version of this would be amazing.
Tăng Like Zalo (
Tăng Like Zalo ( преди 4 дни
👆👆👆01:14:17 Có một lâu đài nhỏ. Ở trong đó có em. Anh cứ nhìn mà xem. Cứu em nhanh đi chứ! 🌎 🌟
Sodium Alignate
Sodium Alignate преди 4 дни
You could better say that bmw can learn from this design
Taco Bell
Taco Bell преди 5 дни
make it 25k
Jean Bonhacher
Jean Bonhacher преди 5 дни
God it’s ugly inside and out
adrian mihai
adrian mihai преди 5 дни
Door handle works like an aston martin model don.t you think? Could of made that reference😉
woody555kl преди 5 дни
Seen one of these in person yesterday, great size look great proper nice ev and even tho im a petrol head its one i would think about owning👍
Partha Thakuria
Partha Thakuria преди 6 дни
I see an upsized LANCIA DELTA... in design cues
Peter Donnellan
Peter Donnellan преди 6 дни
lol! when Matt jumped in front of the car! 🤣
James Dryden
James Dryden преди 6 дни
That R-Kelly soundclip didnt age well
George Varghese
George Varghese преди 6 дни
2:30 that Lag on the infotainment screen!! Reminds me of the Phone well past it’s android update support . Also the driving seat not comfortable and supportive, a good reason for me to look else where.
Studio 문
Studio 문 преди 6 дни
Hey! Mat, I wanna see your Genesis review! I'm wonder how you discriminate the series of Genesis. Hope you evaluate funny!
Peter Kirgan
Peter Kirgan преди 7 дни
Why bother?? If something screws up then your up for big money !!!! It's not something your ordinary mechanic can fix !!!!!
Paul Maisey
Paul Maisey преди 8 дни
Yes its a great looking car and its interesting to note the seats are not great for long trips. In 2012 we had a Kia Optima (sister car to the Hyundai), are great looking car but you definitely got a sore ass on a long trip.
Fortitude Valance
Fortitude Valance преди 8 дни
Never imagined that Hyundai will make a car like this. Love it.
Joni Boulware
Joni Boulware преди 8 дни
Why are all these cars eliminating real buttons. Don't think consumers have ever begged for multilevel menus to find basic controls.
Obsolete преди 8 дни
Beware for the door handles. They can chop fingers 🤣
DamDam_NZ преди 8 дни
First time watching a car review and this guy was amazing. Informative and charismatic. Love your work
Lord Bucket Head
Lord Bucket Head преди 8 дни
Simon says “Hyundai’s are for men who sleeps with other men. Mats going gay people.”
Tăng Like Zalo (
Tăng Like Zalo ( преди 9 дни
21:03:18 Có một lâu đài nhỏ. Ở trong đó có em. Anh cứ nhìn mà xem. Cứu em nhanh đi chứ! ☂ 🍂
andrewbrav преди 9 дни
Wonder how quickly all these lcd screens will date in modern EVs? Why not just have a simple interface with the key car functions and leave the rest for “fruit and robot compatibility”. (not mine see #Sarahntuned)
Marcus Svean Flaten
Marcus Svean Flaten преди 9 дни
I absolutely love the internal combustion engine. YEARS of refinement and perfection to be replaced with a battery. Its heartbreaking but necessary. I blame the fact there are WAY too many cars on the road. Many households have multiple cars which I think is ruining it for us. We have dug our own grave - I'm sad I wont grow up with a good strong combustion engine like my dad and his dad did :(
Mebthe12luvulongtime преди 9 дни
This car looks fantastic.
Aussie ideas man
Aussie ideas man преди 10 дни
My follow-up trashing of EVs is uploaded - Ioniq 5 loses . . .
Rafa Towers
Rafa Towers преди 10 дни
Mat put his historical hatred aside to review this Hyundai, I hope he does not repeat his unprofessional behavior with the Tucson.
PNF преди 10 дни
Your ringtone sounded very similar to mine. 😎👍
Jesper Lindegaard Berg
Jesper Lindegaard Berg преди 10 дни
Nice, BUT You really should include charging sessions when testing EV's......Especially this Ioniq 5 has some "serious problems" when its just been charges (warm battery) or when its just to cold in the battery OR when it has been driven "hard" for some time (it happens when the battery is not in the "optimum" temperature. Ioniq 5 will throttle the power outpu to around 70 KW of power.
Ross Holden
Ross Holden преди 11 дни
If you don't know what Spirograph is, you haven't lived.
Gordon Scott
Gordon Scott преди 11 дни
The Ioniq 5 is currently my "really, really want it" car. I always wanted a Lancia Delta HF Integrale back in the day, and this looks quite similar to it. Love the technology aspects of the Ioniq 5 too, with the Kia EV6 also a strikingly good looking car, both being part of the same company, they are offering serious competition to the likes of Tesla/Polestar/Rivian etc. Funny video too Mat ;-)
john doe
john doe преди 11 дни
Wtf is haiundai???
ED Zen
ED Zen преди 11 дни
This is by far the best looking EV
Ian Plummer
Ian Plummer преди 12 дни
I had a test drive recently and rejected it very quickly. The voice command system was totally useless, even the salesman couldn't get it to work. Also the supposed semi autonomous diving, a miserable failure. Apart from the adaptive cruise and one pedal driving none of the other advanced features would work reliably. I so wanted to like it, but in the end came away very disappointed.
Garlicbrother prx
Garlicbrother prx преди 12 дни
pronounce it wrong!!! NOT Hi- hyun-die, It's called HYUN DAE
T Wong
T Wong преди 12 дни
The Koreans are your kimchi & buy the Ioniq
Jesus Ochoa
Jesus Ochoa преди 12 дни
I don't like that if you want to travel or load the boot with groceries,you'll have to take things out to recharge or keep the cable out, than the chance of it being misplaced or broken gives me a no on EV cars for now
missdiva421 преди 12 дни
I wished the Tucson looked like this
Random Dude
Random Dude преди 13 дни
Tbh it's better to have usb a to usb c instead of c to c
xfr4200 преди 13 дни
My project 45 does 2.4 miles per kWh which is terrible - Matt doesn’t mention it’s poor efficiency. I’m so disappointed with it.
Toby Jackson
Toby Jackson преди 7 дни
Yeah that was the big surprise to me during the test drive as well. I was getting a little more than you but certainly not by much. Nothing compared to their previous cars like the Ioniq and Kona which were commonly referred to as the kings of EV Efficiency.
Harry Rock
Harry Rock преди 14 дни
Not sure why he’s in a rush and spoke 1,000mph?? Maybe he needed a loo break! It felt like he was taking the mick all the way through!!
Alex Cameron-Hollyer
Alex Cameron-Hollyer преди 14 дни
Thanks Matt for a great review. Was eagerly awaiting your feedback on this EV and you didn't disappoint as always. Love your honesty and humour. My order is in.
Valito Cardoso
Valito Cardoso преди 14 дни
I saw this car in London today! What a car🔥😍
Fat Northerner
Fat Northerner преди 14 дни
Looks good on the outside but the dash is dreadful
patrick771 преди 14 дни
The back of the car looks ugly in my opinion ...
Froogy the danish frog
Froogy the danish frog преди 14 дни
I thought it was pronounced jun-die and not hi-un-die
RCTitan преди 14 дни
Matt is really channeling Alan Partridge for this one
Keith Isaacs
Keith Isaacs преди 14 дни
I might just buy the wheels. Apart from that it's pretty dull especially the interior.
Life Psycle
Life Psycle преди 14 дни
Digitalisation on wheels. A work of auto-e-motive art.
Luciano Lopes Lima
Luciano Lopes Lima преди 14 дни
It's a Fiat Ritmo with Audi A1 😂
깐부 преди 15 дни
It quite looks like back to the future design
Catalin Cazacu
Catalin Cazacu преди 15 дни
36k yo 49k I will for sure buy a tesla, not a Hyundai. When I saw the price I just want to stopwatch but...curiosity
rob No
rob No преди 15 дни
Camera on audi and bmw ha ha proves this prat is against merc..
Itsallinthewrists преди 15 дни
It looks a lot bigger in person, when it was first advertised it looked more compact i dunno. Still great looking though, like a lancia integrale.
Mannasah Muzika
Mannasah Muzika преди 15 дни
Why I have a feeling that they owe Mercedes the dashboard layout 😆
Oliver Holmes
Oliver Holmes преди 15 дни
Isn’t it silly telling viewers to find the best deal on car wow when Hyundai dealers aren’t discounting currently
Roblox Hacks And Glitches
Roblox Hacks And Glitches преди 15 дни
Ok I’m going home and you can come home I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ is going home I have no home 🏡 and you don’t know if I have a problem with you
Right Winger
Right Winger преди 15 дни
Mat Watson you’re really not funny man. Just be yourself
Cypher Nnamdi
Cypher Nnamdi преди 16 дни
I love Mat and his reviews but check out The Late Brake Show' review with Jonny who I think really went beyond and did this brilliant car justice
Cypher Nnamdi
Cypher Nnamdi преди 16 дни
I just saw Matt and a giant electronic Carwow billboard in london!
Mudskipper 007
Mudskipper 007 преди 16 дни
South Korea is totally smashing the EV roll out …👍
Nipun Murada
Nipun Murada преди 16 дни
Still Tesla is the best...
Atero dominatus! Primo victoria
Atero dominatus! Primo victoria преди 16 дни
Very ugly inside..
Игорь Железняк
Игорь Железняк преди 16 дни
tesla model s plaid vs porsche taycan !!!!
Denis Leskovar
Denis Leskovar преди 16 дни
I have one right now on test drive and it is simply amazing. To bad it is too expensive, if they would drop price for 10k€ this would probably be most selling car here, by far. It is one of the best sensible cars to drive everyday.
crocodile2006 преди 16 дни
Hyundai: "Please take care of the press car" Him: 6:12
Zack Massie
Zack Massie преди 17 дни
What IS with Hyundai and no USBC? Could ignore it for a while but.... But not even the Ioniq?
Le Sexy Fish Horse
Le Sexy Fish Horse преди 15 дни
Yeah interesting. Kia has them in all the new vehicles.
Scout 1874
Scout 1874 преди 17 дни
It's a Maestro!
Adam Chapman
Adam Chapman преди 17 дни
Definitely a striking looking car... Digital dash etc. looks a bit like hospital equipment though, and I'm not sold on the design.
stuey36 преди 17 дни
Black plastic gloss buttons are dreadful :/
stuey36 преди 17 дни
This is what the ID3 should have looked like. Serious Golf Mk1 design cues
Le Sexy Fish Horse
Le Sexy Fish Horse преди 15 дни
It is actually inspired by Hyundai Pony. Not far from Golf Mk1 either.
kelum perera
kelum perera преди 17 дни
I'm trying to order a one. Which derivate I should select. 225kw ultimate (tech)?. Thank you for your advice.
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia преди 17 дни
I think you shouldn’t joke because it most doesn’t make sense and you have not made me laugh once
Jæ Š
Jæ Š преди 17 дни
Lots to like about its functional interior design choices.
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady преди 18 дни
Please Hyundai revive the Coupe with this drivetrain and styling. 217bhp, RWD. I just want someone to make a low riding, 2+2 coupe or convertible EV. NO ONE HAS DONE IT YET EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE MILLIONS OF VARIANTS OF SUVS.
dedsert преди 18 дни
dude don't lobby against a 12v socket. there's loads of stuff that plug into them, like tyre inflators.
shay P
shay P преди 18 дни
Mat do a galaxy z fold 3 review :D
Brian Stevenson
Brian Stevenson преди 18 дни
I went to see an Ionic5 this week simply because my original choice of car is taking forever to be completed at the factory, it’s an Enyaq built at the beginning of Aug but unfinished due to shortage of parts. Skoda can’t give a completion date or delivery date even tho they are completing later builds on the production line, I don’t appreciate being kept waiting so that Skoda can keep using available parts on the production line whilst still having compounds full of part finished cars, rant over. Back to the Ionic5, afraid to say I was very underwhelmed with this car, yes it is full of tech but in the flesh a very plain Jane, it just did not look like a £40k+ car. Sorry it possibly is slightly ahead on tech but it is not in the same league quality wise to the Enyaq. Skoda is now quoting into the middle of next year for some variants of the Enyaq, you will get none this year if ordered now yet this Ionic5 I can have next week if I wanted one. Lots of Hype from the reviews and lots of Tech but the buying public are not rushing to the Dealers to buy them evidently.
Ben Perry
Ben Perry преди 18 дни
Looks like a 21st Century Maestro.
Demon Highwayman
Demon Highwayman преди 18 дни
Why won't the car designers listen ? we want our proper buttons back ! love that massive potato drawer though.
Le Sexy Fish Horse
Le Sexy Fish Horse преди 14 дни
@Demon Highwayman Yeah thats what I did previously. Now I just need micro fiber cloth and its always shiny haha.
Demon Highwayman
Demon Highwayman преди 15 дни
@Le Sexy Fish Horse Well no, I have never even heard of Tucson. And I understand your point about buttons having dust and grit on them but its easy enough to keep an old shaving brush in the door pocket if the dust bothers you.
Le Sexy Fish Horse
Le Sexy Fish Horse преди 15 дни
@Demon Highwayman Is anyone you have spoken to potential Tucson target auditory though? This is usually researched, so I guess they had good numbers to try it out. Even then glad there is atleast one generation with no phisical stuff on main panel. It is one swipe away of being clean, instead of all the usual dust and grit.
Demon Highwayman
Demon Highwayman преди 15 дни
@Le Sexy Fish Horse Everyone I have spoken to about it agree that actual physical controls are much better than touch screens/surfaces. It would be interesting to see some polls on the subject.
Le Sexy Fish Horse
Le Sexy Fish Horse преди 15 дни
They are listening, I want none of the buttons back. The less, the better. New Tucson did it right.
RRSmurf преди 18 дни
Terry Tong
Terry Tong преди 18 дни
This white colour is really not as good as the silver . It contradicts with the rest of the colour scheme.
Arctic Alpha
Arctic Alpha преди 18 дни
That gauge cluster looks absolutely horrible. Now show me how do you change the radio station when it's -40 degrees outside with gloves on, while driving 80 km/h?
BEN POTTER преди 18 дни
I've found what it reminds me of. The old alfa sz. That squared front end and square lights. I knew I'd seen something really similar before. High praise really, if your going to take design highlights for any EV to continue to persuade more people into battery cars then picking an alfa design cue is a good place to start. Although, "your still not a petrol head until you've owned an alfa"
Stephen Homoki
Stephen Homoki преди 18 дни
When I watch carwow, I give like not because of the cars, but because of Mat :D
Aditya Pawar
Aditya Pawar преди 18 дни
Its a shame you said you go to dentist😂😂😂
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