New Skoda Fabia review ‐ 🤬 you VW Polo!

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This is the all-new Skoda Fabia!

Now for starters, the new Fabia isn’t exactly unique. Once you get under the skin, it’s pretty much identical to a Volkswagen Polo or SEAT Ibiza! The question is, does this new Fabia offer enough to sway you away from its German or Spanish counterparts?

Well, let’s take a look at what’s new. For starters, the exterior design has had a full redesign, with an all-new grille, LED lights and a huge ‘SKODA’ badge at the back. It’s also been redesigned to assist with drag, from the alloys and even the size of the side mirrors!

Once you step inside, it’s fair to say the Fabia has one of the nicest small car interiors to sit in, with super-comfy seats upfront & in the back. You’ll also find a fair bit of tech, such as a digital drivers display, and you can even get a panoramic sunroof, too!

As for performance, there’s a choice of three petrol engines to choose from (that’s right, no diesel or electric options!), with the top-of-the-range being a 1.5-litre turbo petrol with 150hp.

So what do you think, is the new Fabia the must-have small car of 2021/22? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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carwow преди 9 дни
Name a better manufacturer in 2021 than Skoda. We'll wait... 👀
Trevor Morris
Trevor Morris преди 3 часа
James Waring
James Waring преди 16 часа
@Sanjaya Jayawardana BMW? Aside from the M monsters, they've completely given up on the average family car. Look at the new 1 Series. Looks like a Hyundai. And the 2 series is somehow even worse. X1 is an overpriced X5 wanna-be. Unless you've got 50k to spend, BMW is in the past
Laura Shepherd
Laura Shepherd преди 16 часа
lolly pop
lolly pop преди ден
@Millmoor Michael Could you please name some reasons ?
HeWhoMustNotBeNamed преди ден
Škoda Katie
Škoda Katie преди 2 часа
I am going to order the new Fabia❤️.
Papel Stepanek
Papel Stepanek преди 3 часа
Hmm Škoda Fabia is from Czech Republic me too takže je my jasné ze toto auto bude na nic protože proste Škodovka
Jeremy Cubs
Jeremy Cubs преди 23 часа
Took me a while to realise it's actually a Left hand drive Fabia.
u2santi преди ден
Someone’s been training hard
Richie Lyon
Richie Lyon преди ден
I just seen that they are not vRS.
Ruse Nikolovski
Ruse Nikolovski преди ден
15K for a supper mini. No wonder Dacia is most sold.
lolly pop
lolly pop преди ден
I would buy this over a Golf 8... I know that's not the same car category. 😉
SDA Dan Cars
SDA Dan Cars преди ден
Very practical car ✅
Abhinav B Nair
Abhinav B Nair преди ден
Volkswagen ❤️ and skoda ❤️
Stephen G
Stephen G преди 2 дни
Shame they can't give a decent warranty like Kia & Hyundai
Italian pizza Noodle
Italian pizza Noodle преди 2 дни
Defined an upgrade from the previous version, bought mine last year and it’s been a good little car but this one does look like a significant upgrade
ass преди 2 дни
why does a car like this have a manual
Tom Mills
Tom Mills преди 2 дни
Every bloody review he dismisses the entertainment system to say you'll just use your phone. It's utter bs. Review the system.
Corsa15DT преди 2 дни
good, EV sux big time anyways
Kwasi Mensah Is
Kwasi Mensah Is преди 2 дни
my dad has a dead car mm broke car ill ask him if he can by from carwow
Ekllips преди 2 дни
Corsa15DT преди 2 дни
Absolutely no need for bigger wheen than 15".
Loongemeister преди 2 дни
Skoda and Seat have more exciting designs than their VW counterparts. They also seem to be more practical as well where the VW cars are given slightly more expensive materials to compensate for the boring exterior designs.
Jayesh Rathore
Jayesh Rathore преди 2 дни
where are the colours in your video?
PsYDaniel преди 2 дни
Shame i cant buy this car here, apparently the Fabia isnt popular here? But i can tell you for sure that this one is looking fantastic, the exterior and interior are just top notch from the video. And with 150 hp? This will be the go to small car in this nation.
Kevin De Smet
Kevin De Smet преди 2 дни
The styling on the Fabia needs a complete rework, it reminds me of the Clio 3 that was also a pretty horrendous looker
Ian Douglas
Ian Douglas преди 3 дни
rear visibility as compared with previous please?
LuboMauta преди 3 дни
Very nice car
25500X преди 3 дни
I really prefered the old tune (the one that sounded like a theme from The Sims) for pros and cons of the car... :(
watermelonsugarhigh преди 3 дни
So which Hemsworth brother is it?
david преди 3 дни
Hi mat how r u? Can u suggest review of the new vauxhall/opel astra 2022?
Ewan Clegg
Ewan Clegg преди 3 дни
Mario преди 2 дни
Okay I can give you the company number so you can chat up the company
Danny López Calderón
Danny López Calderón преди 3 дни
It's a shame to see Matt whining about no EV Fabia, what a boring "car guy".
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy преди 3 дни
I've got the 2016 Fabia Monte Carlo, the new Fabia isn't a bad car but stuff like the lack of a good sunroof cover and that fat front grill just don't sit quite right with me.
Loki преди 3 дни
Mat looks like he has been sleeping rough. No soap, shampoo or shaver Mat?
kablg81 преди 3 дни
Thank God it doesn't have fake exhaust pipes. 😃
alagusudhan sakthivel
alagusudhan sakthivel преди 3 дни
1 litre turbo petrol TSI engine is better.
Ivan Kontenski
Ivan Kontenski преди 3 дни
Best feature is actually the mechanical handbrake imo
Nitro. at
Nitro. at преди 3 дни
Cupbox removable is great for cleaning!
Danny Andersen
Danny Andersen преди 3 дни
The new fabia looks really nice! Would pick this over the polo any day (would pick the estate/combi though). Having driven both VW and Skoda cars, I must say I disagree with the cruise control stick - I much prefer it over having it being placed on the steering wheel. With the stick, I can enable/change settings even if I'm doing a turn.
Sam Broadbent
Sam Broadbent преди 3 дни
I own a Mk1 Fabia VRS, it’s mad to see how far the Fabia has come, especially with the interior 😂
Seve Sellors
Seve Sellors преди 3 дни
Looks better than the Polo or Ibiza like a baby BMW.
Barış Oktay
Barış Oktay преди 4 дни
Jeez Mat stop taking piss at low specs, I'm trying to buy my first car here 😄
ITTZ PARSA 🍁 преди 4 дни
Pliss review and the skoda octavia vrs 2021
James Rennie
James Rennie преди 4 дни
Not even mild hybrid tech? 🤨
Pedro Barrera
Pedro Barrera преди 4 дни
This is so much more useful for both your brand and us as customers to your service. Please make more videos of cars that normal people can actually purchase, instead of premium vehicles that only retired people with a lot of savings or spoiled kids can get.
Mario преди 2 дни
That has been where I have been buying all my cars with the best rate ever
Mario преди 2 дни
Okay I can introduce you a company where you can get the best
Tom Fisher
Tom Fisher преди 4 дни
I'm tempted to get a Skoda next, they seem great.
Brem преди 4 дни
People care that the rear lights aren't LED?
cichy999 преди 4 дни
I can't belive you didn't clock it 0-60
ThisIsDaxter преди 4 дни
Skoda please bring back the Fabia VRS! 🙏
corey perryjones
corey perryjones преди 5 дни
Wtf no diesel option
corey perryjones
corey perryjones преди 5 дни
Thought that was a Corsa to start with 😂😂
Mladen Milić
Mladen Milić преди 5 дни
Modern Škoda is what VW used to be.
Chris Blunt
Chris Blunt преди 5 дни
Looks like a corsa
Alex Ștefan
Alex Ștefan преди 5 дни
Really? No diesel?….I’m so angry 😡…
milos panic
milos panic преди 5 дни
How the hell is lacking of an electric verson a downside??
Arun M.u
Arun M.u преди 5 дни
Bring This is in to INDIA 🇮🇳 CMON SKODA 🔥🔥🔥
McJohn Konnully
McJohn Konnully преди 5 дни
Hey @carwow. I think it will be good if Matt can also include the cost of ownership for a car in his reviews. Cost of normal servicing (interim and Full) also the monthly plan cost for service plans provided by the manufacturer. Just a suggestion
Martin K
Martin K преди 5 дни
The Fabia has become ridiculously expensive. With the TSI engine, manual transmission and some useful options it costs as much as a Yaris Hybrid. No doubt what I would choose.
Creative LKR Brothers
Creative LKR Brothers преди 5 дни
Hey mat i wanna drag race between outlander phev vs honda crv vs kia sorento vs peugeot 5008 pls do a drag race pleeeease
Quavolaz преди 5 дни
who touched the windows 11:40
Quavolaz преди 5 дни
Why tf would anyone want an electric fabia. I'm so happy that they made a 1.5 liter! Finally a fabia with some horsepower
kivboiii преди 5 дни
who willingly orders a EV when you can get it with a gasoline engine
pitecusH преди 5 дни
I'm surprised you got the name of the car right and didnt call it a Skoder Fabier 😂
Schnitzel_Stephan преди 5 дни
I'm a big fan of Skoda! If you don't have a fetish for brands, they truly offer the most car for your money.
BruceLeedar преди 5 дни
Considering Fabia is built on an ICE platform, an EV version would probably be very compromised. The Skoda brand isn't about flashy, cutting edge and expensive, so it just isn't a good fit until EV is closer to a majority of new cars.
Red преди 5 дни
It's a shame they don't make the estate version anymore.
jay crispys
jay crispys преди 5 дни
"shut up fan"
Simon Grinham
Simon Grinham преди 6 дни
Brilliant car for the money
Bho преди 6 дни
I really enjoy when you do car reviews as opposed to all the drag races you have been doing lately. They are fun but your reviews are even better!
Someone преди 6 дни
Do we know when is the 1.5 engine coming for Fabia? Also is there going to be a monte carlo version?
Chadi Amallouk
Chadi Amallouk преди 6 дни
Please review peugeot 301 ^^
miele939 преди 6 дни
Matt your reviewing skills are starting to become boring even rude about perfectly nice cars
miele939 преди 6 дни
Rather have this than a fiesta any day of the week
Oliver Løvgard
Oliver Løvgard преди 6 дни
@carwow have you tried out the new Opel/Vauxhall Mokka?
RMails преди 6 дни
Value for money ride
ZjemCiBabcie преди 6 дни
ABHINAV P A преди 6 дни
Why didn't you launch the car?
H0ku преди 6 дни
Why was I so impressed by the umbrella?😂
Ryan Laffan
Ryan Laffan преди 6 дни
Move over VW POLO
Marlon Mudzudzu
Marlon Mudzudzu преди 6 дни
Basic but handy little cars!
Yannick Toonen
Yannick Toonen преди 6 дни
The new Fabia really looks the Aliexpress Audi A1
Master преди 6 дни
The lack of a sunroof blind is so stupid. I'm sure most people getting the option will be asume that it does 😂
John Skaria
John Skaria преди 6 дни
Will it be launched in India,Hope it comes here
Byron Deithrick
Byron Deithrick преди 6 дни
A review of a Fabia, I think it’s the low point of my day. Only handy for rent a car but then it’s the TSi Ibiza to go for
iPlagiattor преди 6 дни
that interior is so overwhelmingly ugly
JBtv преди 6 дни
Awful car, who buys these besides old people with no taste? Skint people?
black storm
black storm преди 6 дни
I fell in love with the mk1 fabia i am not sure if i am going to buy this one cuz i am rly attracted to the Mercedes a class
Jeremy Lister
Jeremy Lister преди 6 дни
Agree on cruise control positioning A failing on VW group cars. If you use them they need to be on the steering wheel in sensible positions. Like Renault did 15 years ago! Having lived with a 1 litre 3 cylinder engine for a year (ford) and test driven others, I'm not a fan. The ford engine.. technological success yes, but vibration under load below 2000 rpm and lack of natural grunt make it less pleasant than a larger capacity 4 cylinder engine. Smooth at tickover though unlike hyundai's effort, like a diesel when cold. Fabia..Good car and a manual handbrake..YES!
Abdullah Ilyas
Abdullah Ilyas преди 6 дни
Electric power is 🤢
DGB Services
DGB Services преди 6 дни
Looks a bit like a Vauxhall Corsa
Anirudh преди 6 дни
12:48 Thank goodness Skoda! Either go full electric (for people it serves) or full internal combustion. No freaking hybrids to make maintaining it even more of a nightmare!
Owen Cattigan
Owen Cattigan преди 6 дни
Annoyed at mid-vid ads - 3 of them. Didn't mind CarWow ones, need to pay for content somehow, but mid-vid ones take the biscuit.
Andy Turner
Andy Turner преди 6 дни
Needs electric handbrake
Vladlen Coffey
Vladlen Coffey преди 6 дни
Jaime  T
Jaime T преди 6 дни
Dairyam ondengil Indiayil iraku
Norman Willems
Norman Willems преди 6 дни
I agree on the cruise control positioning. Always preferred buttons on the steering wheel or even better, how Mercedes put it above the indicator handle.
Philip Harris
Philip Harris преди 6 дни
Had a 2016 Fabia. Lovely little car. I’m not sure a 1 litre engine in the latest version would be big enough though. Own a Karoq now. Brilliant car with the extra space I needed.
Sakhe Sengwayo
Sakhe Sengwayo преди 6 дни
Looks like the new BMW 1 series combined with a VW polo
interceptor1986 преди 6 дни
Problem with the last generation Fabia was it always felt underpowered
Sergio Philips
Sergio Philips преди 6 дни
Great Video!👍👏 Am Investing my time and money in crypto now, this new price is clear sign for new investors to come in 🤩....
Victor Jack
Victor Jack преди 6 дни
Sometimes it's to believe that things happen for a reason we lose to Learn now we gain when our mind is made up I gave him a try and He never failed me and my friend he's been investing with him for months now
Hailey Anthony
Hailey Anthony преди 6 дни
Mr Joe Portman all the way 💪
Bennett Ossy
Bennett Ossy преди 6 дни
1 3
Bennett Ossy
Bennett Ossy преди 6 дни
4 5
Bennett Ossy
Bennett Ossy преди 6 дни
7 7
_ Dan_
_ Dan_ преди 6 дни
Смешной высохший кособликий англикашка делает забавные обзоры по типу 2+2=4, на уровне домохозяйки. Чем он так популярен, накруткой))
Izanxmi XI
Izanxmi XI преди 6 дни
Can you do please review the 2021 opel corsa Gs Line?? @carwow
Nicolas Cibrian
Nicolas Cibrian преди 6 дни
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