Lamborghini Huracan Turbo vs Kawasaki H2R: DRAG RACE

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преди 13 дни

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This is going to be EPIC!

Mat’s rolled up to our latest drag race in a Lamborghini Huracan and he’s about to face off against an awesome Kawasaki Ninja H2R!

Trust us, the stats on both of these vehicles are insane! Starting with the Lambo, it’s had not one, but TWO turbochargers added to its 5.2-litre V12, and as a result, it now puts out an immense 1,100hp & 1,000Nm of torque! In terms of weight, it tips the scales at 1,450kg.

Then we have the Kawasaki… Naturally, it’s SO much lighter than the Lambo, weighing in at 216kg. It’ll also put down an awesome 310hp & 165Nm!

So how’s this one going to play out… Will the Lambo smash the bike off the line? Or will the bike shoot off and snatch the win? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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captainzarlon преди 2 часа
I keep seeing good job Chris in the comments. I was not impressed. His launch and his breaking could have been better IMO. Perhaps if he had more hours experience on that bike it would be better. I think people with experience jumping on a friends bike to take it for a hard spin knows what I'm talking about. 5:40 That bunny hop was far from smooth. I'm not saying I would do better with limited time on the bike. The bike needs a longer swing desperately.
GlitchyGamers18 преди 6 часа
When you look at the footage closer the bike only starts getting ahead softer the first gear change. Maybe tuning the gears would do the trick?
Emilio Jose Leite Osorio
Emilio Jose Leite Osorio преди 8 часа
Ninguém consegue bater a H2R
VOLT GAMING преди 11 часа
I want Mat to try a sports bikes once
Duck you
Duck you преди 11 часа
Race starts 4:15 “‘ thank me later😊❣️…
Zandro Mucho
Zandro Mucho преди 11 часа
Beginer bike Jk
N J P преди 12 часа
More modified car videos are needed
Parth CODM
Parth CODM преди 13 часа
All the people bitching how they like the bike but when it comes to top speed. The fastest car is faster then fastest bike
queen преди 15 часа
Biker boys rocks
queen преди 15 часа
Daumex преди 16 часа
I like he points to the front of the car when he was saying "My V10..." 🤣
MFUNDO NGOBESE преди 18 часа
Only if that h2r is stretched...
Halloween преди ден
I would very much like to see Matt launch a bike and film it, to get his reaction to the difference between bikes and cars, doesn't matter if it's a banged-up old 600 or something, just think it would make for an awesome watch
Fasih Hamza
Fasih Hamza преди ден
H2r vs Bugatti Chiron Please 🙏 😛
John China
John China преди ден
You have to realize that the bike is made to go around a track. It’s not just for straight line acceleration and launch.
Bernie Coles
Bernie Coles преди ден
Bikes defy gravity, cars just suck. I owned a ZZR1100 C1 in 1990 when I was 20yrs old and I survived……just😬
MR.K преди ден
The hurrican with turbo looks extremely bad at the back
Kaan преди ден
so much less drag on the bike at higher speeds maybe ? :D
TikTok India
TikTok India преди ден
Make a review for H2R
Jibon Ghosh
Jibon Ghosh преди ден
King is Kawasaki ninja H2R😍😍😍😍
Made Sudiksa
Made Sudiksa преди ден
Mark Montgomery
Mark Montgomery преди 2 дни
lore преди 2 дни
l'm car supporter but, motor bikes on straight *ARE DEVASTATING*
محمد رضا ابراهیمی
محمد رضا ابراهیمی преди 2 дни
very good race
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe преди 2 дни
Typically the bikes have the quicker acceleration when they can put the power down but cars have the higher top speed. Idk why but the bikes just stop pulling and hit a wall.
ìcyslipp преди 2 дни
Warryn Naude
Warryn Naude преди 2 дни
When you getting the new RS3 to race the A45S , M2 Comp and Golf 8R?
Venom Gaming
Venom Gaming преди 2 дни
A lot of car lovers don't know how crazy that H2R is, to the point that if it is set so properly for a drag race, it can beat even a 2000hp tuned cars
__ATHiF__ преди 2 дни
Sean Dominic Gabasa
Sean Dominic Gabasa преди 2 дни
Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the 3rd fastest Superbike
Mamoon Rasheed
Mamoon Rasheed преди 3 дни
It's not h2r it's h2
Top Doge
Top Doge преди 2 дни
It's an h2r.
Blue Gamer GAMER
Blue Gamer GAMER преди 3 дни
For a bike it breaks very good actually and in such huge speed nice job kawasaki
Maugrade преди 3 дни
That bike has too much power. It wheelies when it has traction, and it spins out when it doesn't. Oddly enough, a lot of top line bikes remove power from the engine in favor of maintaining control to reach higher speeds quicker.
Shaikh Ahmed
Shaikh Ahmed преди 3 дни
Dude, that brake test was borderline suicidal on that bike, huge respect for the bikers, sheesh!
Itsdaley преди 3 дни
Can never underestimate the power of a bike, I can say from experience it's a satisfying feeling having a "supercar" in your mirrors when they think you have no chance 😂👍
Stijn nope
Stijn nope преди 3 дни
I really loved this video. Great respect towards each other and great fun as well.
Etienne Etienne
Etienne Etienne преди 3 дни
The Kawazaki is amazing! And apparently it corners well aswell....
A. Bakker
A. Bakker преди 3 дни
The HR2 is just a bit faster then my Transalp XL 600V 😂
Mika Nüchter
Mika Nüchter преди 3 дни
It would be nice to see what a MotoGP Bike can do against this crazy Lambo..! Hope you guys can make this🙏🏻
Ol Tee
Ol Tee преди 3 дни
All non-bike people here need to appreciate that H2R....
Muhammad Khatib
Muhammad Khatib преди 3 дни
H2R vs F1 pleeaaseee!!!!!!!
Rizwan Duan
Rizwan Duan преди 3 дни
This lambo are crazy btw😕 im scary with this crazy cars😂
Muhammed Aboobacker
Muhammed Aboobacker преди 3 дни
I love it .I love it 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ .. this video has perfect timing in my life ..I was looking to buy this bike .and here it is ..u come with the video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Adnan sami
Adnan sami преди 3 дни
No air bags. They ride/die like a real men🔥
Airtime89 преди 3 дни
Mr: Souliya HL
Mr: Souliya HL преди 3 дни
Wow amazing #Fc from Laos
Tonmoy Trishnav Handique
Tonmoy Trishnav Handique преди 3 дни
I am done ☺️☺️☺️...
Tahseenation преди 3 дни
Trun off Traction control on h2r , then do a race
cleo преди 3 дни
Indonesian subtitles, bro, I'm your loyal audience
Boog Boog
Boog Boog преди 4 дни
100mph + wheelies crazy skills
Steve Kemp
Steve Kemp преди 4 дни
Video of a the bike modified to get the power down against a similar modified car. Enjoy
Steve Kemp
Steve Kemp преди 2 дни
@Top Doge the bike had very similar horsepower just able to get it on the ground as the car wow bike. Just shows how much of the bike horsepower couldn't be used in the car wow video.
Top Doge
Top Doge преди 2 дни
Similar modified car? Lol a 300 hp bike wich is a top tier build against a 1200 hp huracan wich is pretty much the softest build companies like UGR offer.
H R преди 4 дни
310hp in something that weighs as much as a tea bag...insane,Chris has big balls riding that weapon 😂👍
Ayeote99 преди 4 дни
With a proper wheelie bar and a sticky slick that bike would be flat out gone!
2WheelTrev преди 4 дни
That was really awesome to watch!
samin1991911 преди 4 дни
would love to see a comparison video against a stretched H2R!
Sunitha Jain
Sunitha Jain преди 4 дни
As per i know the Kawasaki h2r give their own exaust not any other Nothing can beat Kawasaki h2r
roeva2 преди 4 дни
Bike life 😏😏😏😏😏😏🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Saqlain's Art
Saqlain's Art преди 4 дни
Do it with stretch H2r 🔥🔥🔥🔥 u will the real power of H2r 😎
Saqlain's Art
Saqlain's Art преди 4 дни
H2r is insane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rana Biswas
Rana Biswas преди 4 дни
H2r have so much Power.. just see when he starting front wheel up🙃
Lucas Almeida Rios
Lucas Almeida Rios преди 4 дни
H2R vs McLaren 720s Stage 2 !!!
Lucas Almeida Rios
Lucas Almeida Rios преди 4 дни
H2R vs McLaren 765 !!!!
คน เดินทาง
คน เดินทาง преди 4 дни
กว่าจะเริ่มได้ พูดมากฉิบหาย
bryan therrien
bryan therrien преди 4 дни
Do it from a rolling start the bike will kick ass
Heijuhbaitki Muskut
Heijuhbaitki Muskut преди 4 дни
One of the best race
Stu W
Stu W преди 4 дни
Problem with cars they spend more time sitting in traffic 🏍️
Lord Butler
Lord Butler преди 4 дни
That 40k upgrade doesn’t come with screenwash
Nikos Roumelioths
Nikos Roumelioths преди 4 дни
He didn’t even know how to sit on the bike
Comrade From The Southeast Asia
Comrade From The Southeast Asia преди 4 дни
Im waiting a suzuki hayabusa vs H2R vs a random sports car that it will be matt's choice
himanshu raj
himanshu raj преди 4 дни
I bought a lambo uris
Octavian Gradinaru
Octavian Gradinaru преди 4 дни
I mean 300+Hp 4 a bike 🏍 is quite a lot
Tejas Sawant
Tejas Sawant преди 4 дни
That h2r rider not good rider worst driver ever.... you should go with Kenan sofuoglu...
Qaseem Ahmad
Qaseem Ahmad преди 4 дни
Wow. Amazed to see H2R in Carwow. Hope to see it more
nnn преди 4 дни
bike needs an extended swingarm
justgjt преди 4 дни
Run the Lambo up against a stock Standard Tesla S Plaid. . .
OCSIN 9P преди 4 дни
Hammad Ashraf
Hammad Ashraf преди 4 дни
U cant mess with h2r
Banana Bloke
Banana Bloke преди 4 дни
Good fight!!🔥
Hayu Bero
Hayu Bero преди 5 дни
Gila sih ngajoak bebeledagan eta mah
Benjamin Tardy
Benjamin Tardy преди 5 дни
Imagine if the h2r had an extended swung arm...
MK cyvil
MK cyvil преди 5 дни
I love the DAMN abs! Abs saves lives
Will Speakman
Will Speakman преди 4 дни
Yeah 6 packs are awesome
Damian Brown
Damian Brown преди 5 дни
When you've got this many subs do you need to introduce yourself anymore?
Tasha Meynardt
Tasha Meynardt преди 5 дни
The ahead emery supposedly reject because building unquestionably beg till a workable aunt. wanting, miniature dungeon
Mouwcat преди 5 дни
A 9.9 sec 1/4 bike is fucking nutz
BANANA MEDIA преди 5 дни
Janrell Tapnio
Janrell Tapnio преди 5 дни
How about Dodge demon vs hellcat on the next video?
Matteo china
Matteo china преди 5 дни
Feels like one of the 100 drivers dares to drive lambo 1000hp, but how many dare to ride that moto like this? 1/10000? or 1/100000?
Sam TV YT преди 5 дни
Please make longer videos now carwow and please show us the best results of every vehicle in every race and trap speeds H2R won they didn't do some more tries to launch that H2R properly it could have smoked in drag race too look how even they were in second race and the H2R was pulling I promise the H2R ran 9.3 seconds quarter mile But they showing the time 9.9 seconds from 3rd drag race quite disappointing carwow Show us the best results the vehicles had in every race H2R clearly wins if you get the launch right in second race he launched somehow good and so my calculations are on the perfect launch on the H2R and the Lambo they will be even from 0-80 mph But after 80 mph the H2R will simply walking away from that lambo So if that lambo ran 9.4 The H2R has ran 9.4 seconds quarter mile on wet surface H2R is clearly capable of 9.2 at quarter mile full bone stock no mods no stretch or anything Only with a good rider who actually uses the H2R daily I mean you need more seat time on H2R to launch this thing properly This was Chris maybe 4th time riding this H2R it will take at least 50-100 days to learn how to launch this H2R properly at leas I know Chris has ridden 200+ bikes in the past but he needs more seat time on H2R They he will just destroy anything
JM-Imports преди 4 дни
Grey lambo has done already done 9.2 on this surface and the green one did 8.9 both built at JM.. The green now at pod with more mods has done 8.4 But the grey one will go 8.9 if leaned on.
JM-Imports преди 4 дни
@Sam TV YT yes we build that one too. A mean this can also be pushed to this time but risky.
Sam TV YT преди 4 дни
@JM-Imports nope There was another Lambo with 1260 hp that did 9.2 and then 8.9 seconds quarter mile H2R is bone stock still runs 9.4 in wet go watch the redbull F1 Vs H2R Vs jet video Its capable of running 9.2 with a good launch and good surface
JM-Imports преди 5 дни
Fyi the lambo best time was 9.2
raian преди 5 дни
does matt not moisturise his face, poor guy looks like foreskin
MrLeeson660 преди 5 дни
Please get Chris back on some normal superbikes to show just how quick they are. From all us riders, thank you carwow for choosing a decent rider 💪💪
Garrett55 Ls3
Garrett55 Ls3 преди 5 дни
“If he dies it’s his own fault” 😂😂😂
James Price
James Price преди 5 дни
Wicked video
Serpex преди 5 дни
You just gotta Love these kind of Videos
Mehar Plays
Mehar Plays преди 5 дни
Noob rider
Giang Trường
Giang Trường преди 5 дни
Saiba mais sobre materiais de titânio | O que é titânio?
MrLewisBate преди 5 дни
Does Matt think downforce make you quicker in a straight line? 🤦‍♂️
Mimicristan преди 5 дни
9:22 just wow🙀😲
w0lf Universe
w0lf Universe преди 5 дни
you should learn to ride a motorbike...
El Dude
El Dude преди 5 дни
I think the lambo needs an oil change (10w40 preferably)
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