Mercedes S-Class v Tesla Model S: DRAG RACE

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преди 18 дни

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Who’s ready for an almighty, luxurious petrol v electric drag race?!

We’ve got our hands on the Tesla Model S 100D, and it’s going head-to-head with the Mercedes S-Class S500.

So how do these cars compare? Well starting with the Model S, it’s equipped with dual electric motors which deliver AWD and 600hp. It weighs in at 2.3 tonnes, and when it was new, it cost £82,000.

Next up it’s the S-Class S500. With a 3-litre straight-six turbo under the bonnet, it can put down 435hp and 520Nm of torque. It’s also equipped with AWD, but it’ll set you back more than the Model S, coming in at £110,000.

So how do you think this will play out - will the newer S-Class snatch the win? Or will it be a walkover for the Tesla? There’s only one way to find out - LET’S RACE!

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carwow преди 17 дни
What others should we drag race against the Tesla Model S? Let us know below!
Peter Zander
Peter Zander преди 2 дни
Against my washingmachine at 1600rpm. Sound simular as Tesla.
Mohammad Rahman
Mohammad Rahman преди 8 дни
Should have raced the Tesla with the new S63
David Michael
David Michael преди 10 дни
Why pick the V6 Mercedes? Anyone in this segment will buy the S580, Audi A8L 60TFSI (V8), BMW 750xi. There’s a theme, all V8’s. Either way, even the Hummer EV will shoot past them.
Papa Agyemang
Papa Agyemang преди 12 дни
Andrew Lucks
Andrew Lucks преди 13 дни
the plaid editon
A Light
A Light преди 7 часа
It’s Tesssssla and NOT TeZZZZZla ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
yeetus59 преди 16 часа
He forgot one thing about electric cars. Sure theyre quick off the line but they dont have top end!
SDA Dan Cars
SDA Dan Cars преди ден
Hard choice here...🤪
Atharva Velhankar
Atharva Velhankar преди ден
And it isn't even Model S plaid
LITTLE преди 2 дни
Speed isn't everything.
დავითი ქობულაშვილი
დავითი ქობულაშვილი преди 2 дни
ხანდახან ისეთ ყლეობებს დებ გააოცებ ადამიანს რაა
Andreas Lassak
Andreas Lassak преди 2 дни
Lifestyle4Dividends преди 3 дни
Now imagine the Plaid 😂😂 Merc will seem like its stuck in reverse 🤫
Ciobanu Iulian
Ciobanu Iulian преди 3 дни
Tesla model s plaid!!
By. ColorDark
By. ColorDark преди 4 дни
There is no Turkish, Spanish, Japanese subtitles why, you are number one, but you should add language options with subtitles...
Ivan Kovarin
Ivan Kovarin преди 4 дни
Pointless race, it was obvious what was gonna happen
LordSabo преди 5 дни
Honestly the dumbest drag race I have ever seen >.>
You Best
You Best преди 6 дни
La tesla fait vraiment bas de gamme à côté de la Mercedes
NWC MOTORISED преди 7 дни
electric cars will never top cars today sound is everything especially turbo flutter
Jul1an преди 6 дни
But for 99% other things are more important like the environment, fun, acceleration, smoothness, etc.
Jason Nghiilwamo
Jason Nghiilwamo преди 7 дни
I'd like to see a drag race between the s500 and the bmw 740i please 😅
Chris S
Chris S преди 7 дни
"S500, which means it has a 3 litre engine" Yes, yes. Obviously that's what the 500 means.
Thabiso Maleka
Thabiso Maleka преди 9 дни
I'd still go for the S-class
Marcus Svean Flaten
Marcus Svean Flaten преди 9 дни
I absolutely love the internal combustion engine. YEARS of refinement and perfection to be replaced with a battery. Its heartbreaking but necessary. I blame the fact there are WAY too many cars on the road. Many households have multiple cars which I think is ruining it for us. We have dug our own grave - I'm sad I wont grow up with a good strong combustion engine like my dad and his dad did :(
Massimo CSW
Massimo CSW преди 9 дни
Merdeces M-class
Nick Barnett
Nick Barnett преди 9 дни
Running out of ideas now.
prolebenz преди 10 дни
so u took a car the size of an e class and with 200 hp more than the s class as a comparison. The e63 wouldve been the fair comparison but obviously the views from the elon musk cult are way more important than quality content
Harry Furness
Harry Furness преди 10 дни
You guys should do a video on a possible Tesla Model 3 Plaid. What is might be like, I just wondered what it could be like?
CronoX GOD
CronoX GOD преди 10 дни
The Merc looks better inside and out though
One Issue Voter
One Issue Voter преди 10 дни
An S500 without a huge V8 or a V12 is NOT AN S CLASS. I can't believe Merc is charging $120K for a V6. It's shameful
David Michael
David Michael преди 10 дни
I think the vast majority would pick the Mercedes S. I went Audi A8L with the V8, which was a tad sportier. We’re talking all >$100 cars and Tesla just is not on my list even in it’s Plaid trim. I’d rather do Taycan if going electric.
Saberwing преди 10 дни
Wow the plaid is really slow
D B преди 10 дни
unfair as fuck!!!
Донбасс преди 11 дни
I would pick BMW E38 to brand new S-class 😬
icantenternamedontbegme lolwhat
icantenternamedontbegme lolwhat преди 11 дни
He claim its 100D, yet 100D model has 420 Horsepower, Not 600. P100D is the 600 HP version, which does 2.7-2.8 sec 0-60, and its much faster than the S class, so what version is this car after all ? People are getting Misslead thinking this is P100D, with the 600 HP, 100D does 4.1 sec 0-60 with 420 HP, and i think this is the actuall car in the video, if it had 600 HP it would smoke the S class.
ali rocker
ali rocker преди 11 дни
That Mercedes should be s580e I guess. Then it would be a more fair one.
Jens Vielmann
Jens Vielmann преди 11 дни
That was obvious from the start…
Thomas Alp.
Thomas Alp. преди 11 дни
Still waiting for Matt to test the plaid
JATTAN DA MUNDA преди 11 дни
merc interior and exterior are always exquisite. GOAT.
Ben Sternberg
Ben Sternberg преди 11 дни
A really stupid matchup. What was it that you were trying to prove Matt?
Aryan Choudhary
Aryan Choudhary преди 11 дни
06:25 the outro was sooo cool. Good work by the editing team.
Przemyslaw Dembowski
Przemyslaw Dembowski преди 12 дни
Maybe you should also compare comfort and quality. I take The s class ...
kirk Shotton
kirk Shotton преди 12 дни
C. Schuster
C. Schuster преди 12 дни
Tesla compare with s class 😁. Compare Tesla with opel, fits better 😀.
Elvin Rashid
Elvin Rashid преди 12 дни
Fukin pointless race!
Antholito преди 12 дни
Still waiting for a Plaid review 😬
Gopolang Mokgatle
Gopolang Mokgatle преди 12 дни
You hate mercedes we know
I'm George
I'm George преди 12 дни
A car facing a non-plaid model S now just feels like it's actually facing the model 3 performance
Dirk Digler
Dirk Digler преди 13 дни
Do 911 turbo s versus tesla plaid please
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar преди 13 дни
I'd take the Mercedes any day. If I wanna drive EVs, I go to the amusement park
Alejandro Rubio
Alejandro Rubio преди 13 дни
Looks like a paid advertising from Tesla !
Ivo Fixzone
Ivo Fixzone преди 13 дни
The only similarity b/n these two cars are the ugly tablet screens.
ygg drasil
ygg drasil преди 13 дни
6:24 Music link please?
Aaran Patel
Aaran Patel преди 13 дни
Shouldve Used an S65
Leandro Agostinho
Leandro Agostinho преди 13 дни
Comparativo sem noção. É óbvio que o Tesla possui rendimento superior ao MB. Seria considerável comparar com o S63
Venkat Sai
Venkat Sai преди 13 дни
Viewers: watching the vid to see tesla win. Mat: here's what happened. The tesla won.
Rasheed Al Wazier
Rasheed Al Wazier преди 13 дни
Andrei M
Andrei M преди 13 дни
S-Class vs Tesla? What we gonna see next time? Phantom vs Supra? Driver ca vs passenger car? Very bad idea…
steve smith
steve smith преди 13 дни
Heard tezzluh and hit mute. Moronic
cloudniner4lifex преди 13 дни
S class 🔥
Ramzi Ghezal
Ramzi Ghezal преди 14 дни
We want S class VS EQS
Nightdown Fox
Nightdown Fox преди 14 дни
Y’all really need to get Plaid over there. Also, ELECTRIC CAR DRAG RACES ARE USELESS WITHOUT SOC INFO.
Vicary преди 14 дни
Tesla literally humiliates every car on earth in this show!
Alex Alex
Alex Alex преди 14 дни
unfair 600 hp vs 400
Smit Joshi
Smit Joshi преди 14 дни
What about a drag race between a German luxury and Japanese luxury (Mercedes S class vs Lexus LS)?
Ignacio Garcia
Ignacio Garcia преди 14 дни
i prefer the s-class but even if it had been the s63 amg would lose
Daniel George
Daniel George преди 14 дни
nobody: Carwow: Lets race a luxury 400 hp petrol car vs a 600 hp electric car
Mush Abd
Mush Abd преди 14 дни
What are the dynamics of this race?? I don't understand putting S class versus a Tesla electric 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jarle Tronerud
Jarle Tronerud преди 14 дни
I'm tired of real-life-unrealistic drag races between the aged Model S and other cars...
Ігор Чепишко
Ігор Чепишко преди 14 дни
Matt! When we see Model S Plaid???
Chinmay Gupta
Chinmay Gupta преди 14 дни
The plaid has been all the rage for a few months now why is this dude still uploading videos of the old model S?? Can't be that hard to get for a guy who has access to 99% of all cars in the world
alexdennis435 преди 14 дни
Dickotine преди 14 дни
That s-class interior tho.... Gesh man
Bloom0to9 преди 14 дни
Where is awesome Yanni? You two should only be making videos together. To become the most subscribed automotive BGpost channel, you need this man !!! It's like Top Gear episodes would not be the same if it were missing 1 of the 3 stooges
Vitali Levin
Vitali Levin преди 14 дни
This video is a striking resemblance to a video you guys made years ago...... hmmm... Reuploading old videos? Anyway, Mat's opinion has changed since then. He got beat and learned his lesson about ICE cars being slower and less efficient and terribly-needlessly loud.
Bender 2999
Bender 2999 преди 14 дни
Top shelf merc vs base model s……bahahaha and how much do you pay for the triangle badge thing? Bahahahaha
surplus stock
surplus stock преди 14 дни
S class is such a nicer place to be.
RANA SARKAR преди 14 дни
The music in the last was interesting
laistab 1
laistab 1 преди 14 дни
Imo since the merc is all about comfort it did pretty well
Anton Buchholz
Anton Buchholz преди 14 дни
These recent races kinda suck. Not a fan of the races where the outcome is obvious
J. Batyr
J. Batyr преди 14 дни
Too boring
Joe woz ere
Joe woz ere преди 14 дни
Does the 100D mean a 1 litre diesel?
Dylan Nair
Dylan Nair преди 14 дни
This is like a f1 car vs a normal road car the f1 car is much faster but it ain’t gonna be my daily
Ahmad Fodeh
Ahmad Fodeh преди 14 дни
the S-Class interior and exterior made the Tesla look like a project car assembled by Top Gear ⚙
Moises Cervantes
Moises Cervantes преди 14 дни
If I was making enough money to afford either of these I’d take the Tesla. If I was making enough money to stop working all together, I’d take the S-class
napraznicul преди 14 дни
You just started to work for banking system, and for next future slave society which they intend to estabilish to avoid anarchy which will come once with global warming? (then following ice age). That's why you promote often those bullshit EV which is seen as "future" by mental retarded and.. obviously by our masters? How could you ask about results between 4xx bhp luxury limousine and 6xx whp shitty ev?! I'm just asking when you'll start to promote on this chanel.. Forced Vaccination, or those useless sign of absolute obedience - masks?
Nadeem Janjua
Nadeem Janjua преди 14 дни
Tim Holst Petersen
Tim Holst Petersen преди 15 дни
You're getting destroyed in the Mercedes..... but consider that everyone thinks ur Greta driving in the Tesla !?
chuks merill
chuks merill преди 15 дни
I think an AMG would have put up a better performance...
T A Z преди 15 дни
why so many dislikes though?
ILLYRIAN SON преди 15 дни
Never teska never electric car👎👎👎👎👎
D. B
D. B преди 15 дни
I can lose all day if someone beat me driving that S class 😂😂
LTAC turn1
LTAC turn1 преди 15 дни
you still clicked even though you knew the outcome
insouciant rambler
insouciant rambler преди 15 дни
Carwow logic, probably: both cars have *S* in its name, so..... 🤷‍♂️
Ivan Milicevic
Ivan Milicevic преди 15 дни
I love you Matt I really do, but what the fuck with this pointless races with Tesla 🙄🙄🙄, Tesla is faster then all Lambos, Ferraris, Bugattis we know that... Mix and match other car... Or car of bloody same range
Deonisch преди 15 дни
Please invite Ken Block to your races. he's got a cool mustang!
Fakhir Ali
Fakhir Ali преди 15 дни
Need a tesla plaid vs 911 turbo s
Random fun & tricks
Random fun & tricks преди 15 дни
Just imagine if he used Model S plaid
TiptronicSS преди 15 дни
Luxury limo vs one of the fastest cars, well how about an RV or a truck vs that new Rimac?
Kristijan. преди 15 дни
Just stfu tesla is better
Irfan Mukhriz
Irfan Mukhriz преди 14 дни
S class' interior is wayy better than the Tesla
Andy Putra
Andy Putra преди 15 дни
Not bad for an luxury car😅
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson преди 15 дни
Pointless race, in fact "race" is false advertising
AL Game
AL Game преди 15 дни
S-class is not for racing bro!! Wtf Next video Gt63se and you see😏
João Lucas
João Lucas преди 15 дни
Cadê o Tesla Plaid?
uykyukkf ykyyuk
uykyukkf ykyyuk преди 15 дни
Imagine S class owner rolling on track to drag race 😂
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