BMW v AMG v Alfa v Jaguar: SUV DRAG RACE

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It’s time for a performance SUV drag race!

Mat’s lining up in the AMG GLC 63 S, and alongside him we’ve got a BMW X3M, an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, and a Jaguar F-Pace SVR!

So let’s see how their stats compare… Starting with the AMG, it’s powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 which can deliver 510hp and 700Nm. As for the x3m, It’s powered by a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six, which also puts down 510hp, although it’s slightly down on torque, at 650Nm.

We then have the Alfa, which houses a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 which puts out 510hp & 600Nm. And then finally we have the F-Pace SVR, which rolls up with a 5-litre supercharged V8 that puts down 550hp & 700Nm!

So the Jaguar’s got the most power, but does that mean it’ll be first over the line? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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carwow преди месец
Will Mat flex his Galaxy Fold in this video? VOTE BELOW!
Yasaaa преди 8 дни
Anders Krarup
Anders Krarup преди 21 ден
Bfan преди месец
Hamza Mohammad
Hamza Mohammad преди месец
Yes 😂
Chrysanthos Theodorou
Chrysanthos Theodorou преди месец
funny videos
funny videos преди 12 часа
Why do you abandon BMW when there is a Mercedes?
Ethan Norman
Ethan Norman преди 2 дни
Did anyone else notice that the thumbnail says "F-Type" not F-Pace
LINKSN преди 2 дни
Hello Matt, why don't you show RR Sport performance ?
Bob A
Bob A преди 3 дни
Mercedes is the best😍😍🔥
Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips преди 8 дни
That alfa had an aftermarket setup :/
Valantis Dokos
Valantis Dokos преди 8 дни
would it not better to compare the amg 63s with the bow x4 m competition?
Yasaaa преди 8 дни
The c63s isnt as quick as the glc63s. C63 is lighter. Looks like science is wrong about power to weight ratio😱
Rufus Titus
Rufus Titus преди 8 дни
Bmw underrating their power figures again
Vedansh Sharma
Vedansh Sharma преди 10 дни
everyone gangsta till the cayenne turbo gt arrives
John Perrin
John Perrin преди 11 дни
Hello Audi. Maybe the SQ5 can use that 4.0 twin turbo V8 ? Just like the GLC 63 ?
Philipp Götten
Philipp Götten преди 14 дни
dislike because of the reaction of the Bird hit
Den Alisio Montpellier
Den Alisio Montpellier преди 14 дни
Stelvio glc and x3m are literally pair on 1 4 miles, the jag is marginally slower. As usual, you guys can't launch cars properly
Mulalo Magonono
Mulalo Magonono преди 15 дни
Mat likes show of
Muhammad Shaikh
Muhammad Shaikh преди 16 дни
is no one gonna realise how it says f type instead of f pace in the thumbnail
Yiwan Ye
Yiwan Ye преди 16 дни
Alfa was cool until 2020... they need a performance update
Aluani Netshituni
Aluani Netshituni преди 16 дни
Believe in JESUS today, confess and repent of your sins. No one goes to heaven for doing good but by believing in JESUS who died for our sins. GOD loves you so much❤❤❤🙏
Joel Rama
Joel Rama преди 17 дни
editing on point 🔥
ADAM преди 17 дни
6:15 doom eternal level killing
루캘빈 преди 18 дни
Amr Mustafa
Amr Mustafa преди 19 дни
Please when you explain each car's performance capabilities, please add the acceleration from 0-100 km/h.
Riding Nomad
Riding Nomad преди 20 дни
I would still love to take that jaguar, that v8 sounds amazing
mohammed elyoubi
mohammed elyoubi преди 21 ден
are you Muslim or Christian
IORD SPIDEY status преди 21 ден
How did you choose the cars that you race in all these videos 🙄
Dionis Angelidis
Dionis Angelidis преди 21 ден
C'mon BMW))
Dr. TC.
Dr. TC. преди 21 ден
BMW red leather interior is undefeated. 😭🤩🔥
Pramith Aryan
Pramith Aryan преди 21 ден
2:48 Always showin off your fancy wearables and gadgets
POP chopper
POP chopper преди 21 ден
Mat I have a request plz show us all of your cars and also Y.......... cars
nade allume
nade allume преди 22 дни
So you really forgot about the 2021 dodge Durango hellcat?????
SS преди 22 дни
BMW surprising capable, shows it not all about peak hp and torque but more about average hp and torque plus power to weight.
AleksanderTheGreat преди 23 дни
14:38 AAHAHAHAHAHA Yanni's reaction is EVERYTHING XDDD
CEX преди 23 дни
Lenny J
Lenny J преди 23 дни
Germany engineering all the way
mustafa Bm
mustafa Bm преди 23 дни
Even the rays is not fair But this why we love the BMW And it is a less cylinders 😉
Sameer Budhwani
Sameer Budhwani преди 24 дни
Dancingdude1234 преди 24 дни
The sound of that Jag🤤🤤😍
Adnan Shafique
Adnan Shafique преди 26 дни
lmao. somebody fix the thumbnail. It says F-Type SVR.
Jordan Cook
Jordan Cook преди 26 дни
4 1/2 minutes of talking before hearing a car. Lol
Player_no _trader
Player_no _trader преди 27 дни
Tiago Feitosa
Tiago Feitosa преди 27 дни
Suvs are the worst trend in car industry. What happened to sport wagons ? Did they get fat and became Suvs ? The 1995 Audi RS2 was the perfect "suv" for me. Whats the appeal of these big bulky cars ? A sports car must be nimble, light, simple. These suvs are just the opposite of that.
vmgc12 преди 27 дни
Seriously...5min50 before the ACTUAL drag race starts....come in guys...I get it you have stuff to say and sponsorship and whatnot....BUT COME's more than a third of your video.....
İbrahim Erdem
İbrahim Erdem преди 28 дни
Jaguar f pace depth review
Pozitivchik преди 28 дни
Carwow, make a race with lambo urus and new mersedes brabus
버릇이야도르트문트 преди 29 дни
RIP little bird . .
Crazy Phill
Crazy Phill преди 29 дни
I want drag race for New Porsche Cayenn GT Vs Lamborghini Urus
DEADSHOT _X_1 преди месец
Why not using x5?
jOhNnYr1cO преди месец
You need to put similary weighted people in the cars!!! Are you listening??
jOhNnYr1cO преди месец
Thank you, finally a video that perfectly shows, why Yanny should never participate in these drag races!! He ruins the chance of the car he's driving by his enormous bodyweight!!!
Tim B
Tim B преди месец
For once a drag race makes sense! I love following these jacked up sporty SUV type cars through the twisties in my M3 as they totally suck through the corners 😂
Badonkabonk преди месец
Who gave Yanni a driver license?
Jon Ambrose
Jon Ambrose преди месец
Jaguar always my choose~
seeni gzty
seeni gzty преди месец
the Jag absolutely killed it in the sound department 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Yusuf H
Yusuf H преди месец
The Range Rover SVR should of been there Mat!
Crystal Cxrtier
Crystal Cxrtier преди месец
The wacky races are officially over. Mat Watson killed the pigeon in the GLC. 💀🐦
HD Movies
HD Movies преди месец
Yiani just makes videos more interesting
Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma преди месец
Jaguar is 2nd according to all of these
KEVIN WILLIANS преди месец
stelvio just sounds really amazing
Reda BL
Reda BL преди месец
Yanni you're a noob driver hahaha 😂😁
Brandon Pittman
Brandon Pittman преди месец
Sitting in a woman's whaaatttt? Do you need help getting out
fireoil преди месец
Drag races suv then killing birds... i think there isn't more way to make angry ecologist vegetarians vegans... PETA is watching you
Storm Øvreseth
Storm Øvreseth преди месец
in norway the svr starts at 160 000£
Максим Мешков
Максим Мешков преди месец
Rjc tlbssn quotes about the same time⌚ as well as a friend who are you doing for me is the most important than I thought I was so much fun with your friends👭👬👭👬👭👬 with me on you want your not a bad thing I
gerrard8djc преди месец
Love your bromance with Yanny, great friendship. Jag is awful
Lorenzo Giuntini
Lorenzo Giuntini преди месец
What is the Alfa doing with its 2.9 V6 Ferrari-derived engine? My Italian proudness has never been so low...c'mon!
Max Sittenfeld
Max Sittenfeld преди месец
To much talking!!!! Just go man
Azfa Dzaki
Azfa Dzaki преди месец
Παυλιδης Γιωργος
Παυλιδης Γιωργος преди месец
Bmw's top speed difficult catch em
SARA преди месец
Anyway BMW better than any car 🤤
Rex Everything
Rex Everything преди месец
When Matt's "braking," he looks painfully constipated.
RCOATES89 преди месец
Dropped a like cos you kept it gory
Sapir Vahav
Sapir Vahav преди месец
can we please get a channel for matt's mom where she drives all those high end cars and give reviews?
Hamza преди месец
Should’ve used the X5M
Deva Nandan MS
Deva Nandan MS преди месец
This is for AMG lovers💖💖💖.
speedy911 преди месец
Yani is an integral part of carwow
Xpeng Fangirl
Xpeng Fangirl преди месец
good cornering skills, alfa
XxJunebugXx *
XxJunebugXx * преди месец
Matt put himself in the fastest car every time then get excited as if he didn’t expect to win lol smh
STELLA ❤❤ преди месец
Binsheng Xu
Binsheng Xu преди месец
ngl glc63 vs gle63 is a good idea
Yi Zhang
Yi Zhang преди месец
Is BMW's sound fake?
masooda akbar alli
masooda akbar alli преди месец
This is unfair
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu преди месец
The Jag did really well towards the end of the video with an amazing comeback …but Matt or Yani gave it no recognition 🤷‍♂️
andrei 2
andrei 2 преди месец
Job well done BMW... Rolling and braking
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen преди месец
The BMW X3M might be my next purchase.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu преди месец
One video where you can’t say no animals were harmed in the process.
Theunholyone_ преди месец
For those giving their prayers for the bird. Birds don't use youtube so your prayer don't give a shit.
giorgos karakoz
giorgos karakoz преди месец
Amg power
Lukas deBlok
Lukas deBlok преди месец
5:26 no one likes a softy
Arnold преди месец
Yianni the Punjabi Munda is back
Alexander Menck
Alexander Menck преди месец
All quite alike with the same max bhp. Off the line a bit of an advantage with more power in the rev band of the AMG 4l engine. Marginal differences.
dsounds1 преди месец
No way that Alfa Stelvio is that slower then the rest of the pack with the same horse power. It's even lighter and more aerodynamic. Something wrong with that particular car or the driver held his foot on the brake pedal all the time.
Lee Bolden
Lee Bolden преди месец
Stelvio is the best bang for your buck imo
dog alexmister
dog alexmister преди месец
mercedes is king
S M преди месец
For me the Jaguar F-Pace SVR is the winner here, it looks handsome, best roar, priced appropriately and fast (who cares if it lost by 0.1 or 0.2 sec), it is still blazing fast. They didn't show the interior but I hear the latest updates made big changes inside with Pivi Pro software, tech, and leather. As per reliability goes I believe JLR boss Thierry Bolloré vowed to improve company's negative reputation for build quality, should be a positive for all those people to check out the Jaguar brand again.
Sheikh Aldo
Sheikh Aldo преди месец
had money on the jag but i guess the cleaning lady is a shity driver
jack daniels
jack daniels преди месец
I like the white car still
Kobi Price
Kobi Price преди месец
Hey huge fan can i like work with you guys
Gabriel-Martin Horik
Gabriel-Martin Horik преди месец
You should try with a Maserati Levante Trofeo. Now that should be interesting 😉
LucianTheOnly One
LucianTheOnly One преди месец
You needed to put a BMW X6😂👌👑
superfunkicalifragisexy преди месец
One video where you can’t say no animals were harmed in the process.
Marko Medic
Marko Medic преди месец
It says F-Type on photo before you tap to enter the video 🤦🏻‍♂️
Neo Vdm
Neo Vdm преди месец
It’s a Jaguar f PACE svr, no f type.
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