Lamborghini Urus v Audi TT-RS v Porsche GT4 v VW Golf R: DRAG RACE

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We know what you’re going to say… Yes, this is another weird drag race line-up. Why? Well, because we could - that’s why!

Let’s run through the stats. Mat’s in the Porsche Cayman GT4. This RWD sports car comes with a 4.0-litre 6-cyl naturally-aspirated flat-six engine that can put down 420hp & 420Nm. It would crush the competition on a track, but how will it fare over the standing quarter-mile?

The Lamborghini Urus, meanwhile, has the power advantage over the GT4, but it is heavier too at a hefty 2,199kg! Its 4.0-litre 8-cyl twin-turbo V8 engine delivers a whopping 650hp & 850Nm!

They’re lining up against the 5-cyl Audi TT-RS & the 4-cyl VW Golf R. The TT-RS actually weighs the same as the GT4, but is down on power, producing 400hp & 480Nm. Finally, our resident hot hatch drag race king, the Golf R, can put down 320hp & 420Nm.

It’s going to be an interesting one, that’s for sure! So stick with us to see how it all plays out…

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Dave Cooke
Dave Cooke преди ден
TT aaalllllllllllll day long
carol crossman
carol crossman преди 4 дни
We need some drone shots
Zahid Memon
Zahid Memon преди 5 дни
All of them are from vw group
Anshuman Hingane
Anshuman Hingane преди 6 дни
If mat didn't had the massive wing he would had beat the tt by massive margine
UnknownSoldierZA преди 9 дни
Matt's obligatory start before the race actually starts(hands drop) again. Tsk, tsk
Anu Micky
Anu Micky преди 10 дни
Do comparison between 911 GT2, GT3 and Cayman GT4
Michael Williams
Michael Williams преди 10 дни
Yeah I like these types of vids, I don't even care about the outcome.
sue polkadot
sue polkadot преди 12 дни
How far this race
Bakir Tufekčić
Bakir Tufekčić преди 14 дни
Cam Clark
Cam Clark преди 15 дни
Bring back warming up the tyres
Robert Ljungberg
Robert Ljungberg преди 16 дни
ghost town
ghost town преди 16 дни
Lol man is Yianni
zaid zaid
zaid zaid преди 17 дни
The sound in said the gt4 is terrible
AggeTheHotdog преди 18 дни
A urus have 8 cylinders lol
Jorge jose Mirep
Jorge jose Mirep преди 19 дни
Hi matt how are you, i would like to say that a Porsche cayman gt4 never in the live can win to a Audi ttrs only in dreams
Thanusan & Thivisa
Thanusan & Thivisa преди 20 дни
This race makes sense since they are all VW Group cars.
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo преди 20 дни
Poor Golf never stood a chance At least it tried
Nobody important
Nobody important преди 20 дни
Inside the Porsche is deafening😂😂
Zwakele Ndlovu
Zwakele Ndlovu преди 20 дни
That 4 cylinder should've been the AMG A45s, the Golf isn't the fastest 4 cylinder out there
QcdeSouche преди 20 дни
Gt4 automatic... what a shame
Martin Donohue
Martin Donohue преди 20 дни
Give me that Cayman any day of the week!
Jordan bester
Jordan bester преди 21 ден
I’m from South Africa 🇿🇦 you should bring car wow here just a thought 💭 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Tyelle Hiralal
Tyelle Hiralal преди 22 дни
Mat: NEVER GIVE UP!!! Also Mat: Okay I give up🤦‍♂️
Tyelle Hiralal
Tyelle Hiralal преди 22 дни
Mat: Okay Let’s Race!!!! Mat after the Carwow ad: Okay so BEFORE we race…
Tyelle Hiralal
Tyelle Hiralal преди 22 дни
No one: Absolutely no one at all: Not a single damn soul: Yianni in the second race infront on everyone: HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAAAAAAAAAA
Marc-Antoine Simard
Marc-Antoine Simard преди 24 дни
Only missing a V10 R8 ;) great video !
Wattanak Kai Seang
Wattanak Kai Seang преди 24 дни
he use grip tires :)
Wattanak Kai Seang
Wattanak Kai Seang преди 24 дни
when yanni just say cmon and mat say oh no but like what yanni cheat :)))))
Blake преди 25 дни
Of course the Urus was going to win. However, that Cayman GT4 is beautiful. A little surprised that the TT RS kept up as well as it did.
Jesus Ochoa
Jesus Ochoa преди 25 дни
Shalom Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble./Inspiration+ I find the repetition of the word interesting: have you ever thought of someplace as your refuge? Have you ever taken refuge before? In the news today, we often hear about refugees taking refuge to get away from war-torn countries. They seek a better life in the unknown, having faith that if they just go, it will be better. Our faith in Christ is not so different: if we just believe, it will be better./Prayer+ Almighty God, my rock and refuge, hallowed be thy name. I am thankful that I can come to You at any time and You will always be there for me. Give me the strength to be more reliable for my brothers and sisters. I take refuge in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer, Amen.
B M преди 25 дни
Sure it was-- why don’t use the specialist time gear in these episodes? Coul also be fun to see who is thé early starter!,,
Usama Said
Usama Said преди 25 дни
What you learn today Toby? That if you have a Porsche an Audi and a golf R dose t get you a Lambo Urus ! 🤣
Don Sniffen
Don Sniffen преди 26 дни
Mat jumps the start every time!
Mac Mogale
Mac Mogale преди 26 дни
With the price of the urus I can actually get the other three cars on this drag race 🤔
Lambochaser преди 28 дни
Can't we get speedo cams for the other cars as well?
Samuel Wachira
Samuel Wachira преди 28 дни
The Golf R didn’t fit there.It was so disappointing!!!!!
Yusuf Ardy Putra
Yusuf Ardy Putra преди 28 дни
The Volkswagen family fun run 😌
Omid Akbari
Omid Akbari преди 28 дни
I think the golf is the best , cause its got just 2.0 liter And have best records with that monsters
Кирилл Глазунов
Кирилл Глазунов преди 29 дни
fireoil преди 29 дни
That little golf R seems so good for everyday living with that quick early acceleration . Yani not saying "Lambo all day everyday " no like ! Jk
Msy91 преди 29 дни
I would love to see Yianni's face with the Alpine A110 Litchfield close to the Urus 😆
Granatenpapst преди месец
So many awesome 4 cylinders out there and you are thinking of a Golf?? Well... ^^
Piotr 757
Piotr 757 преди месец
Manuel Wagner
Manuel Wagner преди месец
Was macht der Golf R da dabei?😂😂
Teddy Ogoye
Teddy Ogoye преди месец
Here for the golf R because we both know the Porsche will win
aola wili
aola wili преди месец
porsche: how much horsepower and torque shall we give the gt4? The bosses son high af: I got this
Zzz преди месец
Repeat the race with golf r + downpipe + stage 2. 1k upgrades 440hp And let’s see what happens
Yusof Emarah
Yusof Emarah преди месец
yianni is so happy knowing there’s 200hp difference like wow😂😂😂
3v4761 преди месец
At 230hp more it should be further ahead.....porches are amazing
aola wili
aola wili преди месец
Yanny with that batman
doliio volay
doliio volay преди месец
Imagine having ceramic brakes, and also the worlds biggest brakes and loose a brake test to steel brakes? This is nuts.
Carlos Rubio
Carlos Rubio преди месец
Putting that Volkswagen in there was lamer than Matt's sarcasm
SAM Marine
SAM Marine преди месец
i really want to see a drag race with Koenigsegg Regera wich has one speed gearbox, that would be fun
sokratis emmanouilidis
sokratis emmanouilidis преди месец
So basically that’s a VW against a VW against a VW against a VW against a, guess what, a VW
doliio volay
doliio volay преди месец
The Porsche GT4 has 'nice' stats...
Marco M
Marco M преди месец
Mat, will you ever learn? The name of the car is Porsche not Porsh... Every time you say Porsh my ears start to bleed...
dolita windo
dolita windo преди месец
When yanni goes full borat, "it's nice, I like!"
Bobola Onatemowo
Bobola Onatemowo преди месец
The race makes no sense
Nicholas Manning
Nicholas Manning преди месец
Imagine that golf r stage 2 full bolt-ons
Aasem Elshinnawy
Aasem Elshinnawy преди месец
Yianni i hope you see this, don't get so full of yourself, you're just a useless leg pushing the pedal.....
Derek Morrison
Derek Morrison преди месец
Wow sorry cars got smoked by giant suv 😮‍💨
dolita windo
dolita windo преди месец
I'm surprised the VW wasn't that far behind tho😳😳👍🏾👍🏾.
Kenneth Debrah
Kenneth Debrah преди месец
Yianni always makes me happy. His reactions 😍😍🤩🤩😂😂 are always dhope
jannis98765 преди месец
Shouldve brought a Fiesta ST as well
JAMX UG🇺🇬 преди месец
U always get the faster car mr director
Jim Lawrence Jr
Jim Lawrence Jr преди месец
The TT driver, said quite loosely. Was behind on the drop every time. You should have made it known that they were paid-off to suck at the beginning of the video 😉 NICE job Mates 👍🏼
Nas Al
Nas Al преди месец
Yanny with that batman
Diviyan Subramaniam
Diviyan Subramaniam преди месец
It is All about FAMILY... The Volkswagen Group Family Drag
Robin jansen
Robin jansen преди месец
Can you do a drag race whit all the porsche 911 the made ??? So you can se hou much faster and bether the got over the years.
jermaine austin
jermaine austin преди месец
Lambo is pointless , people who have families do not take family in it and when they do they do not use the power,
TATTVA RAJPUT преди месец
The Porsche GT4 has 'nice' stats...
Ale Dadda
Ale Dadda преди месец
cupra leon 300 vs gti clubsport vs bmw 135i. like if u want this drag
Emre Aybars
Emre Aybars преди месец
When will there be a video witth Tesla Plaid?
Mohamed Klako
Mohamed Klako преди месец
Hey Matt we want C63s brabus rocket 900 vs supercars please
Angel преди месец
vw won, it owns all the other brands!
Al Mac
Al Mac преди месец
I'm surprised the VW wasn't that far behind tho😳😳👍🏾👍🏾.
ISLAM I преди месец
Those Audi wheels are uglyyy
alida flus
alida flus преди месец
Auto Species
Auto Species преди месец
GT4 is held back by the aero, a lot more than the other cars.
Simon Elzes
Simon Elzes преди месец
Are you jumping Matt?!
Sibusiso Madondo
Sibusiso Madondo преди месец
Vw group maniacs
Ashwin Dudes
Ashwin Dudes преди месец
X6 M was also required😌
alida flus
alida flus преди месец
Listen to that GT4 when above 7k. Sensational
Anthony Levin Jean Paul
Anthony Levin Jean Paul преди месец
Imagine blazing a joint at 4/20 at 4:20 pm in the porsche.
Edkic Draganovic
Edkic Draganovic преди месец
His urus really moves 😂
Janiya Nethma
Janiya Nethma преди месец
Can I have the TT? You mean titi? Of course not mat!!!
Lihle Ntonga
Lihle Ntonga преди месец
Carwow South Africa ??
Brian Makgamatha
Brian Makgamatha преди месец
The TT did very well against the big 4 litres 🙌
Cristhian Moisés Chévez Salinas
Cristhian Moisés Chévez Salinas преди месец
I'm obsessing over 1 mile races!
Jake Brooke
Jake Brooke преди месец
Before I watch, it's gonna be either the TTRS or the Urus 100%
shiv 592
shiv 592 преди месец
5:55 swag🔥
Danyal преди месец
Most people usually get pushed back into their seat when launching , but yianni seems to not move but move closer to the wheel
Codgod150 преди месец
do mclaren senna vs lamborghin aventodor
Rapalaaa преди месец
I need the Kawasaki Ninja h2
VYCMa преди месец
Poor golf R...unfair competition.
Zino Toubal
Zino Toubal преди месец
Audi has really fucked up with their performance cars. They used to be the king in launching, that TTRS launched like a Prius. Smh!
Alex Seddon
Alex Seddon преди месец
Listen to that GT4 when above 7k. Sensational
Abdul Mohd
Abdul Mohd преди месец
You supposed to bring merc A45s instead of the Golf :(
Sebastiano Zanella
Sebastiano Zanella преди месец
Why not A45s?
John French
John French преди месец
Imagine if one day Matt actually didn't jump the launch. Literally every single video Matt launches before the arms go down.
Liony Leftwich
Liony Leftwich преди месец
Do a race between 2012+ Jaguar XKR Vs. 2014+ F-Type R Vs. 2013+ Dodge Viper.I want to see who the fastest between 2 BEASTLY discontinued cars that never should've been discontinued and to see if the F-Type is worthy of being the XKRs predecessor even tho Its body styling says other wise to me😎
David Jewiss
David Jewiss преди месец
So the ridiculously priced SUV driven by the worlds smuggest man won against cheaper less powerful cars. What a victory...
Μανος Γιακουμακης
Μανος Γιακουμακης преди месец
I am a vw fun but it would be better to have a Mercedes a45 to replace the golf R
Jospy Fernandes
Jospy Fernandes преди месец
TTRS and lambo all day please
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