Range Rover Velar review - 0-60mph & brake tested!

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преди 16 дни

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This is the new Range Rover Velar plug-in hybrid!

Now we know what you’re thinking - it doesn’t look that different to the standard Velar. And to be honest, you’d be right! So Mat’s on hand to find out exactly what has changed.

And let’s be honest, the biggest change you’ll find is under the bonnet. This new PHEV Velar comes equipped with a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol (or diesel) engine along with an electric motor. Combined, it has the ability to put down 404hp and it comes equipped with AWD. You'll also be able to drive up to around 33 miles in electric-only mode.

However, the inclusion of electric power means the new Velar doesn’t come cheap. Whereas the entry-level petrol-powered model starts at £46,000, the PHEV starts from £64,000!

So is it worth it? And has anything else changed once you take a step inside the cabin? You’ll have to join Mat in this all-new review to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:35 Exterior Design
01:30 Interior
02:36 Engine
03:25 Brakes
04:06 Back Seats
04:45 Boot
05:09 Five Annoying Things
06:25 Five Good Things
07:33 Driving
11:30 0-60mph
12:09 Verdict

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carwow преди 16 дни
Which brand makes the coolest SUVs?
Cat преди 6 дни
What? No one likes the Pontiac Aztek? 😆
Rc Fan Boys
Rc Fan Boys преди 7 дни
Aydin Gaming 123
Aydin Gaming 123 преди 10 дни
@Dwayne Duncan and Vw and Skoda
Thor is gaming
Thor is gaming преди 11 дни
VW Touareg
Henry Mercer
Henry Mercer преди 13 дни
Mark 61
Mark 61 преди 2 дни
When you are on the motorway using the petrol engine, will it recharge the battery?
Sanjay Yadav
Sanjay Yadav преди 2 дни
"and it's a little bit like Lewis Hamilton"😂😂
Meenakshi Poojary
Meenakshi Poojary преди 2 дни
Tata motors💥🔥🔥🔥
Atul M
Atul M преди 3 дни
I miss Jeremy Clarkson
Tom Jonkman
Tom Jonkman преди 3 дни
Dissing Lewis got this video a like from me 👍
Gav преди 3 дни
toh tata moters short kardu phir?
Sultan Niazi
Sultan Niazi преди 3 дни
The car to get when one goes to the Australian outback. Stunningly beautiful and Uber reliable.
Dịch Vụ Facebook (www.maxlike.net)
Dịch Vụ Facebook (www.maxlike.net) преди 4 дни
👆👆👆04:21:46. Giới hạn của hàm số là lim, còn giới hạn của trái tim là cậu. ☀ 🌤
Joel Henderson
Joel Henderson преди 4 дни
Why did you change brake test from 70 mph to 60? I was all used to the 70-0 stop distances of around 40-44!
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla преди 4 дни
Great video. ☺
matija leva
matija leva преди 5 дни
in the intro u just said "I'm a verstappen fan!"
Freddie Edwards
Freddie Edwards преди 5 дни
the old gear selector is amazing BUT they were really unreliable so they got rid of it
Chris Forester
Chris Forester преди 5 дни
Literally placed an order for an HSE of these this week, only to be told I couldn’t have parking cameras, HUD and a bunch of other tech because of the supply issues. Land Rover reckons it will be 18 months at least before you could spec a car with the kit you want. So, no closer to owning one!
Rover Waters
Rover Waters преди 6 дни
4 cyl is for Dacia Duster
Jeremy преди 6 дни
Forget plug-in hybrids - they're the worst of both worlds. They need to make a Velar pure EV. Now that would be a desirable SUV.
Leyan Clasi
Leyan Clasi преди 7 дни
NEVER. BUY. LAND ROVER. From one previous owner to - wannabe owners - save yourself my friends!
Draw with Dan
Draw with Dan преди 7 дни
Velar is still a great looking car.
Roarijo преди 8 дни
Mat is not a Lewis Hamilton fan lol
eRZé преди 6 дни
@Roarijo Let's face it, he looks absolutely ridiculous in that outfit. (I mean the one he wears to walk the dog.)
Morgan 4real
Morgan 4real преди 9 дни
It seems like this site only want people around the UK because it keeps asking me the address from UK while I’m not even around UK
Tough Critic
Tough Critic преди 9 дни
They didn't change the front seat rails for better rear seat foot space... Love the center screen change
Tough Critic
Tough Critic преди 9 дни
They didn't change the front seat rails for better rear seat foot space... Love the center screen change
Tough Critic
Tough Critic преди 9 дни
New exterior changes... Previous parked on gravel... Currently parked on grass... Did I get it?
Tăng Like Zalo (www.maxlike.net)
Tăng Like Zalo (www.maxlike.net) преди 9 дни
21:59:21 Tim em đã bật đèn xanh. Yêu em thì nói nhanh nhanh lên nào 🏵 💦
alan jenkins
alan jenkins преди 9 дни
I don't understand this review. It seems to be saying don't buy it because the fuel economy is not so great if you do not charge the battery. Apart from a company car driver, who would do that?
Geert Romain
Geert Romain преди 9 дни
Stop flashing that ridiculous Korean phone, orange man. 😕
Andrew преди 9 дни
As a fan of Land Rover heritage, I cannot figure out why they insist on making their newer vehicles look like half filled water balloons. I suppose it has to do with aero and efficiency but just give me the crappy fuel mileage and the fantastic boxy styling
T N преди 10 дни
How can leg room be lacking when the car is as long as a bus?
Marlon Mudzudzu
Marlon Mudzudzu преди 10 дни
My favourite posh car!
Power преди 11 дни
very good .. I am from Egypt .. Nubian
Daily Driven Audis
Daily Driven Audis преди 11 дни
It looks like Skoda Kodiaq
Sven преди 11 дни
Real quick question : does it off road as good as the other range rivers though?
Allison Gerry
Allison Gerry преди 11 дни
Great Video!👍👏 Am Investing my time and money in crypto now, this new price is clear sign for new investors to come in 🤩....
Brad Coberly
Brad Coberly преди 11 дни
Lol 😂😆
Nathan Isaac
Nathan Isaac преди 11 дни
A friend that I referred to him just recivce $7,050 profit after 10 days investing.....I became jealous.....lol
Patrick Dean
Patrick Dean преди 11 дни
I think i have gotten myself an expert here, i don't think trying him is a bad idea.
Heather Marod
Heather Marod преди 11 дни
Sometimes it's to believe that things happen for a reason we lose to Learn now we gain when our mind is made up I gave him a try and He never failed me and my friend he's been investing with him for months now
Juliet Benkon
Juliet Benkon преди 11 дни
He's great! I enjoy working with him.
SmartfoolGB преди 12 дни
Thank you for doing this video. My life was literally missing this information
Saint Etienne
Saint Etienne преди 12 дни
Hybrid is pointless - after about 30miles you are just lugging around a very very heavy car at the cost of MPG
Groza преди 12 дни
Old velar looks cooler than this new one imo. The front end
Mark 61
Mark 61 преди 2 дни
In my opinion he wasn't comparing like with like as the old one he showed I think was the dynamic R with the fins in the front bumper etc. The vanilla model of that era looks the same as this one, so I think its down to the model variant (S/SE,HSE and Dynamic etc)
Tech Domain
Tech Domain преди 12 дни
These reviews are becoming boring 😴 😑
Alastair Critchley
Alastair Critchley преди 12 дни
Why the fixation on it being a hybrid? I don’t really care about it being a hybrid, I’m interesting in it being a Range Rover
Tăng Like Zalo (www.maxlike.net)
Tăng Like Zalo (www.maxlike.net) преди 12 дни
13:42:10 Tài nấu ăn em hơi ẩu. Chẳng biết nấu gì ngoài món lẩu tình yêu. Hảo Hảo làm em cay. Còn anh làm em say! ⛈ 🌻
Dan Alex
Dan Alex преди 12 дни
WTF is wrong with this car ?? No leather, electric ?! Screw that !
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez преди 12 дни
Damn looking a bit old Matt! Saw my parents for first time in a while and they look much older as well now
John Williams
John Williams преди 13 дни
I can't help feeling that you, a Brit from the Midlands, have an automatic negative reaction to the few British 'built' cars that remain. If it' German, its great but your tone when reviewing cars made here indicates suspicion, contempt and almost dislike. Its a miracle that JLR is still here and producing cars at all. It'd be better for JLR if you didn't review their cars at all, and that goes for Mini as well.
Ruth Mrombo
Ruth Mrombo преди 13 дни
Helloooooo mat can you please review the new 2021 range rover sport SVR
Romeo Netili
Romeo Netili преди 13 дни
the new one is a down grade
Paulo преди 13 дни
I prefer reliability
Ivo Fixzone
Ivo Fixzone преди 13 дни
Car PopUpBanner should be the new channel name.
Christopher Long
Christopher Long преди 13 дни
Considering it’s almost the same price as the BMWX5 hybrid perhaps you should do a comparison test to see which one it’s best
krosrods51 преди 13 дни
look at the bumper side intakes....that's the difference at the front
Erik Scothron
Erik Scothron преди 13 дни
I had a Range Rover for 3 years and never had a moment's problem with it.
Harish Jagtap
Harish Jagtap преди 13 дни
Hey Matt, Make a video on Mercedes Benz g 63, 6x6
Sudarshan Dahal
Sudarshan Dahal преди 13 дни
Range Rover makes cars that are really beautiful to look at, not to drive, just look.
I love my country
I love my country преди 13 дни
Hi Matt can you please make a car review of a Toyota TRD Pro please🙏🙏
Deelaw преди 13 дни
SUV’s are just unpractical most people that drive them that I see are by themselves in the there.
Bob808 преди 13 дни
I'm guessing this press car has a leather steering wheel due to covid. Leather is easier to clean (and more durable) than alcantara.
Steve D
Steve D преди 14 дни
Totally pointless addition to the RR range, I don’t see what you gain over the Big Daddy or the Sport or even the Disco
baron eleve
baron eleve преди 14 дни
From the dealership, make sure you drive straight without stop to the closest land rover service center. Because it won't make it home.
P L преди 14 дни
404hp not found error
Christopher Hunter
Christopher Hunter преди 14 дни
I have a Velar 240D HSE Dynamic.. I bought it nearly new 3 1/2 years ago, No reliability issues so far. Sad though they have ditched the rotary gear selector which suits the car better. The original steering wheel is also nicer. However all in all a very nice car and the best looking SUV in my opinion.
Joe Stone
Joe Stone преди 14 дни
Phev Land Rover… what could possibly go wrong 😑
willie s johnson
willie s johnson преди 14 дни
don't ever change mat, don't ever change
NithiSh JVJ
NithiSh JVJ преди 14 дни
Velar heavier than a X5 plug-in, lol
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh преди 14 дни
There is no other car that can stand in front of this hot fatboy. JLR has improved a lot in recent years in terms of reliability. Mat bends for Germans lol.
Dream car ❤️
artur russo
artur russo преди 14 дни
Hybrid ruining the car
file name
file name преди 14 дни
Much prefer the front on this new model. The old model just looked silly.
steenfraosterbro преди 14 дни
Easy to spot the difference. One is red other one dark grey.
Leve levi
Leve levi преди 14 дни
i wonder how soon this shit will brake down lol
Joao Lemos
Joao Lemos преди 14 дни
If sharing posts on instagram 24/7 doing something for the environment now?
Harry Sadeepa
Harry Sadeepa преди 14 дни
Me too not interested in this Velar. It feels not sophisticated.
Jake Holtz
Jake Holtz преди 14 дни
Pretty yes reliable hell no
Alec The Car Guy
Alec The Car Guy преди 14 дни
Such a nice video! I hope everyone will be able to buy their dream car, and yeah let's share what your dream is! My goal is a green Porsche GT3 RS!
Kiss Gergő
Kiss Gergő преди 14 дни
For some reason the front of this car looks a bit dated to me, maybe because it's very rounded, no sharp edges anywhere like in most new cars nowadays.
Kindly help me reach 1k subscribers❤❤
Kindly help me reach 1k subscribers❤❤ преди 15 дни
Edward Jewell
Edward Jewell преди 15 дни
Mine broke down after 12 months, 9000 miles on the clock. Made of chocolate.
AKA Nounez
AKA Nounez преди 15 дни
Straight 6 diesel with 4 cylinder engine im confused lol
Roberto Rojas
Roberto Rojas преди 15 дни
You have to do the review from the Ford Explorer hybrid please
Mokset Harous
Mokset Harous преди 15 дни
Just im goona say اللهم أرزقنا ياااا☝️ااارب
Albert de Salvo
Albert de Salvo преди 15 дни
5:33 grubby-looking fingernail. The Range Rover is now so far removed from its roots as to make its name utterly inappropriate. The JLR Pretender would be more fitting.
Callum Steadman
Callum Steadman преди 15 дни
I would imagine there’s no air suspension for the Hyrbids because the compressor lived in the boot!
Нейтральный угол
Нейтральный угол преди 15 дни
7:21 check engine already???
The Foreigner in America
The Foreigner in America преди 15 дни
Am I the only one that loves Matt’s accent?? He makes cars look classier lol
Michelle преди 15 дни
Bigger grill..
Tommaso Cais
Tommaso Cais преди 15 дни
is fast but not to buy or on a twisty road
Amber Heard
Amber Heard преди 15 дни
So in normal average cars fabric interior mean cheap but in Range Rover they can called it fancy Vegan friendly! Just a cost savings for them.
Tommaso Cais
Tommaso Cais преди 15 дни
Tommaso Cais
Tommaso Cais преди 15 дни
more on that later... seems like james may
Dustin 9999
Dustin 9999 преди 15 дни
Ugliest car
Bardi Sh
Bardi Sh преди 15 дни
this is a very lazy review , who reviews a range rover by measuring how quick it is , nobody cares how fast a range rover is , do the right thing and off road test proper suv's no not everyone who buys them use them for town driving thats a bullshit excuse bc you cant be bothered to off road test and do a real journalistic review at this rate you are no better than a car salesman with a youtube channel , this is no journalism sir .
Sam Bomorse
Sam Bomorse преди 15 дни
Lewis Hamilton is a hypocritical tosser. Never thought the Velar was good looking - the front and rear are too smooth and there's too much body coloured plastic.
O N11
O N11 преди 15 дни
Mat trying way too hard to be funny as usual. Failing hard
O N11
O N11 преди 15 дни
Why would anyone buy a hybrid for 20 grand extra?
David Radosavljevic
David Radosavljevic преди 15 дни
Wow 70k car and doesn’t have adaptive air suspension
steven postlethwaite
steven postlethwaite преди 15 дни
So use the petrol to get to town, and electric around the town, right
Javid Ishraque
Javid Ishraque преди 15 дни
Aren't you British ?? You should be using kms, please don't get into these crazy units
It'll be good to see a review of the Merc GLE 350 de, they claim over 200 mpg and 100 kms eletric only range, maybe Mat would like to test it himself
All Videos
All Videos преди 15 дни
Kindly make a list of top ten cars,SUVs, break test in meters
ShinyHunterAsh преди 15 дни
Lovely car, shame it won't get far the way they're made
Ted Grant
Ted Grant преди 15 дни
Sooo 39 metres on American big beefy off-roder Ford Bronco was very bed, but 38 meters on "baby Rover" its alright??? Am i watching car reviewing or commercials?
Rohan Sapha
Rohan Sapha преди 15 дни
Believe me or not when it comes to SUV Land rover is ferrari of SUV Most people want to own an suv from JLR
SUGS 1 преди 15 дни
PIH’s are a complete waste. No one is going to maintain daily battery charging.
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