New Ferrari SUV 😱 - this or a Lamborghini Urus?

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Is Ferrari about to release an SUV?! Well, we hate to break it to you supercar fans… But we think the answer is YES!

But why do we think that? Well for starters, let’s look at their engines. We all know that Ferrari is famed for its glorious naturally-aspirated V12 engines. But unfortunately, with new emission regulations on the horizon, it can’t keep making them forever!

Thankfully, it's at least been getting prepared for this, and it's been developing hybrid supercars like the awesome SF90 Stradale!

But that’s not all! Loads of supercar brands have proven it’s possible to develop SUVs while still being able to release epic supercars. Let’s face it, Porsche has the Macan & Cayenne, Aston Martin has the DBX, and Lamborghini has the Urus!

So surely Ferrari can’t afford to get left behind, right? All we know is, we think it’s going to happen sooner than you may think… And you’ll need to keep watching this video to check out what this all-new SUV may look like!

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carwow преди месец
So what do you reckon? Is it about time for a Ferrari SUV, or should they just stick to supercars?
Ron Davis
Ron Davis преди ден
I need Ferrari SUV
Hadi Kamalzadeh
Hadi Kamalzadeh преди месец
Only supercars and station wagons , SUV Noooo
Hadi Kamalzadeh
Hadi Kamalzadeh преди месец
@Sebe r35 He is right ✅👏
Sergey Vetchinin
Sergey Vetchinin преди месец
supercars top suvs is a shit
Lesego Motshelanoka
Lesego Motshelanoka преди месец
Stick to supercars. Too late now to join the fray. Focus on making hybrids. It will be too expensive to build a line during a pandemic.
Christian Frydensberg
Christian Frydensberg преди 10 часа
I mean i like the name but not the shangwei or how it's called just the puero or how it's called again
TokyoDrifter преди 2 дни
Look, every company is doing it even if we dont want it
Frankie Holsey
Frankie Holsey преди 3 дни
Lamborghini all the way
SuperstarMagic преди 4 дни
Range Rover Sport or Range Rover Velar still the most beautiful SUV! Just look at all other SUVs, they all look like sh** have in comparison with Range Rover, I don’t care what’s the badge or the price!
Krzysztof Łabuda
Krzysztof Łabuda преди 9 дни
Its a terrible idea to build ferrari suv, this kind of car has nothing in common with ferrari soul, but the times and market show what customers want and thats sad. If Ferrari want tobe competitive the have to do it :c
Sky Bound
Sky Bound преди 13 дни
Going by the title of this video, I'm going to say "neither"
깐부 преди 15 дни
Dieghito преди 16 дни
kamiraa преди 17 дни
Love your videos but yall need a bigger teleprompter. James your eyes are going wild trying to read it, very distracting from the video.
Bongani Miya
Bongani Miya преди 19 дни
I get a feeling that Ferrari is destroying the pleasures that come with its scarcity. Lamborghini made only 3 cars while Ferrari made over 7. F1 team is not doing so well and the "SUV" will just make things worse.
Marcel Vičar
Marcel Vičar преди 19 дни
Enzo is haveing aheadache in haven. Please ferrari no !
Kivo преди 19 дни
I hope it isnt gonna look like that
Quaze преди 21 ден
You want to do a cross-desert rally raid, but none of the 4x4s on offer will make you look like enough of a rich douchbag? Well, we’ve got the car for you. Part racer, part off-roader, all asshole with a large dollop of suspension. You won’t know if you’re crushing protected wilderness or the bones of the underprivileged under your deep-thread, titanium-reinforced tires. This is the natural order of things.
vive la france
vive la france преди 21 ден
Kamel Tahri
Kamel Tahri преди 21 ден
no no and no , ferrari is and must stay a little 2 doors sport car.
K B преди 22 дни
SO MANY of your videos are clickbait now, holy shit
Artyom Khateev
Artyom Khateev преди 23 дни
Spinning in a coffin, like Uncle Ferdiand Porsch
PushyPawn преди 24 дни
These studio apartment shoots are so boring.. 😴
Moharnob Dipak
Moharnob Dipak преди 24 дни
The SUV should get a V12 engine with over 900hp
Amir преди 25 дни
I actually remember seeing some page of an article that said ferrari would make an suv in 2020 That didnt age well
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin преди 25 дни
It would be nice if Ferrari stayed out of the SUV race and just made sports cars. But there's money to be made so Ferrari will jump in and cheapen the brand doing so.
mashup преди 26 дни
I'm waiting for a crossover from McLaren and Koenigsegg. What's going on with the world🤬🤬🤬🤬
JuanPa _Oc
JuanPa _Oc преди 27 дни
WTF that is not a Ferrari SUV test is a Maserati Levante Test.
Jose Manuel Puig Martínez
Jose Manuel Puig Martínez преди 28 дни
that front render make it look like a peugeot
Reggie Cam
Reggie Cam преди 28 дни
I understand why car company like Lamborghini went suv route some these rich people prefer getting a suv that their loyal to that doesn’t want switch up, but have too bc that favorite brand they loyal to doesn’t offer an suv.
Davide Ghirelli
Davide Ghirelli преди 29 дни
I would choose this, because unlike the urus it's italian
LW преди месец
I don’t exactly have an issue with brands like Bentley and Rolls-Royce making SUVs; there is clearly a spot for the ultra-luxury segment there. What I *do* take issue with is performance brands like Lamborghini (well, tbh, their SUV is just an Audi RSQ8), Aston Martin, Porsche and above all Ferrari just hacking SUVs out for the sake of it so twits living in obscene can spend their money on an oxymoron in the shape of a car. Example: Aston Martin. They started supplying safety and medical cars for F1 earlier this year. I find it a pity that they’ve never sent the Merc C63 and the Aston DBX out on the track at the same time, because I’d *love* to see how that works. If I were to guess, if the DBX tried to take corners the way and at the speed the Merc does, it would roll over. That’s because the thing is as tall as a two-story house and weighs about as much as one, to compensate for which I presume they’ve either welded up the suspension or just thrown out most of the interior (whereas the C63 just has lighter bucket seats fitted). And therein lies the problem: The performance SUV segment is an oxymoron. A performance SUV can’t ever utilise the performance granted by its massive engine to its fullest potential, because it’s shaped like a filing cabinet and weighs more than most mountains. Meanwhile it has to sacrifice passenger and cargo space as compared to estates so that it isn’t literally the size of a bus. So in the end you just get the worst of both worlds. A car *can* be both fast and practical - the AMG estates have proved this plenty of times - but not like this.
Kevin Punter
Kevin Punter преди месец
Why not just go straight to a dual cab ute?
thabani mathonsi
thabani mathonsi преди месец
The proposed name sucks Bigly puro sangue sounds like puree sandwitch
thabani mathonsi
thabani mathonsi преди месец
The idea is great, exterior renders are too bland but the interior rendars are dope AF!
ToAsTOnDeck преди месец
Hopefully it doesn’t look like this. That looks just like the mustang SUV. The Urus looks way better.
Chuka Osabiku
Chuka Osabiku преди месец
Matt sounds like he's drunk😂😂
Janelle Tzoumanis
Janelle Tzoumanis преди месец
I have to run 5meters is the day and outside in my home town of your hard work mum because she made it h e l p me
Senne преди месец
Wow that must be one of, if not THE, best renderings I have ever seen! Looked like the real deal. If they make one, I hope it looks like that.
The_ Druid00
The_ Druid00 преди месец
"Puro Sanguay" sounds like the new Kia🤣
George Henry
George Henry преди месец
What a pointless video.
Blondee _xx
Blondee _xx преди месец
I could be wrong but I am sure that Audi did a V12 Q7. New to your content and love your style.
2010 BTC So what!
2010 BTC So what! преди месец
They can keep it! Some rich white girl will crash one before yours is available for delivery!
Ahmad Hassan
Ahmad Hassan преди месец
Dragomir преди месец
I just don't get this SUV trend, not only in sports cars, but in general.
Pizac TV
Pizac TV преди месец
clickbait bro. i thought there was a real suv
isma 0023
isma 0023 преди месец
cade os br?? fico uma bosta kkkkkk
Chicken Nuggie
Chicken Nuggie преди месец
Oh hell naw
Jason Jennings-Rigg
Jason Jennings-Rigg преди месец
The new Porsche Cayenne can also beat the Urus
Light Weight
Light Weight преди месец
Ferrari SUV looks like a maserati SUV and it's disappointing.
caleb gaming
caleb gaming преди месец
I still choose Lamborghini urus
VixAAT -
VixAAT - преди месец
I suppose enzo only made cars to fund his racing cars. so if the sales of the suv go in to the f1 car and make ferrari win a wdc in f1 i am all for it
Harshvardhan Sinha
Harshvardhan Sinha преди месец
At 3:08 why there is carwow written on ferrari test suv
fredericoamigo преди месец
Click bait alert 🚨
CommanderSinclair преди месец
Since the Urus is just a glorified VW Touareg, hopefully the Ferrari SUV won't just be a an Alfa Stelvio in disguise! Personally, I think Ferrari should just stick to what they do best.
Westernfreedom преди месец
Enzo would approve I think. He always drive the four seater GTC’s
Rokas преди месец
ugly in an unattractive way
Tulio Alfonso Castillo Villarreal
Tulio Alfonso Castillo Villarreal преди месец
I like the interior of it.
6_vsn преди месец
I hope they do it🤍
Andrew George
Andrew George преди месец
Footballers car, they're signing up already W ......!
Freelanc3rX преди месец
You've got 6.2million subscribers, do you really need to do clickbait videos?
TheMeakster преди месец
Stop the world I want to get off.
G G преди месец
The Lavante Trofeo already has a Ferrari engine in it.
Abha Dwivedi
Abha Dwivedi преди месец
If they never made an suv, and changed with changing times, they might as well go out of business now. If Porsche hadn't made the cayenne way back when, they would've stopped production of all cars since they nearly went out of business.
Scrap Industries
Scrap Industries преди месец
I saw the ferrari "suv" camo testing cars... They are at best some fat super hothatches... Not an actual SUV
Stocklee преди месец
No SUV ever looked good or special. They're too puffy and too big with aerodynamics of a file cabinet, and they all look more or less the same due to the overall shape of an SUV.
Tristan Acosta
Tristan Acosta преди месец
To choose I will do way with the DBX just because purosangue would look like it, definitely.
Damon Reynolds
Damon Reynolds преди месец
I don't know, but can say my favorite Lambo is Urus
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin преди месец
There’s no reason for a super SUV. There just isn’t. At this price range, buy a super car and an SUV. Don’t combine the two. It’s a waste of engineering.
Francesco Orano
Francesco Orano преди месец
Wait the show of the new ferraris' fuv, then compare It with its competitors. I don't think that Urus will be the best suv for so long time. Ferrari is the benchmark.
Enrico Harding
Enrico Harding преди месец
BMW ALPINA XB7 please carwow, saw reviews not as entertaining
Fabrizio Barnes
Fabrizio Barnes преди месец
purosangue is purebred fire your translator cuz its literally translation to English is PureBlood
Paul Negrean
Paul Negrean преди месец
Lamborghini : Sure u can do my homework just don't make it obvious Ferrari :
Dalcius Pierre
Dalcius Pierre преди месец
Nice car but you also should review the GreatWall Haval line-up from China. They have some great cars that are not knock-offs
Devil's advocate
Devil's advocate преди месец
Why? Please show me who are these morons buying these SUVs? WHY NOT BUY A TESLA MODEL X?!?!?!?!?! If you really want a fast SUV.
Devil's advocate
Devil's advocate преди месец
Devil's advocate
Devil's advocate преди месец
so you will be speeding down the street with your kid in a booster seat?...
Devil's advocate
Devil's advocate преди месец
Because their quality of paint and interior is poor. I am used to good quality. And my wife wants us to get an SUV for our damn accidental kid. I mean. precious kid.
James Hedges
James Hedges преди месец
The answer to this title of this video is... Neither. Id rather swallow a cactus and pass it sideways.
Hadi Kamalzadeh
Hadi Kamalzadeh преди месец
Lamborghini had 4 Concept SUVs : cheetah, LM001, LMA002, 2012 Urus and one production suv LM002 ( 328 car produced ) , and New Urus in 2017 ... So you can't compare ferrari with Lamborghini . if they produce a suv it's from the weakness and pureness.
Lazzie Bardakos
Lazzie Bardakos преди месец
Ferrari before Lamborghini anytime.
Aidansky преди месец
Where are the door handles?
hansdietrich83 преди месец
Ok please stop with this absolutly blatant cklickbait. That's hiw you loose your credibility really quickly
Motor Spins
Motor Spins преди месец
Avieshek преди месец
Like the idea but don't like the design.
Antetokounmpo Statham Jorge Alcala Giannis
Antetokounmpo Statham Jorge Alcala Giannis преди месец
GangScud_ 07
GangScud_ 07 преди месец
This is definitely NOT the new Ferrari SUV!
Moescolla преди месец
Where’s your glasses Matt Save your vision bud
DiscoVolante преди месец
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so its just fucking clickbait then.
romica1972 преди месец
sc0or преди месец
Each car maker must spread eggs among different buckets as sooner or later petrol engines are going to be banned in cities, and electrical supercars might not be interesting at all.
Akaye преди месец
question is this or model x plaid, which obviously is the model x plaid
evan o'connell
evan o'connell преди месец
bro the thumbnail is latterly an exact replica of the dbx, but with a Ferrari badge
Stratchona преди месец
There is other SVU's with more power then you mentioned.. such as Dodge Durango Hellcat and the Trackhawk in fact you should drag race them vs the Urus and see what happens :P
dangertomarketing преди месец
1000 hp drivetrain. That's all for now. :)
ayeta dave
ayeta dave преди месец
Lambo all day, lambo every day 💝😘
Sayam Ahmed
Sayam Ahmed преди месец
The rear reminds me of a Mazda suv lol
Nuno Hipólito
Nuno Hipólito преди месец
Bit of clickbaity
Ben Lecluyse
Ben Lecluyse преди месец
Winston Beckford
Winston Beckford преди месец
Not another pointless ICE🤣😒
Brian Nchema
Brian Nchema преди месец
We are waiting for a buggatti suv😁
Roberto Lombardi
Roberto Lombardi преди месец
Another pointless SUV
harlyquin преди месец
even more pointless when it doesn't even exist
c Car
c Car преди месец
CLICKBAIT: the link at 5:10 doesn't work.
Jeff F
Jeff F преди месец
Man with squeaky voice
obs1dian _01
obs1dian _01 преди месец
One would think that a company like Ferrari would never sully its bloodline with SUVs, pity :C But then again I don't care much for Ferrari so whatever :D
KingKrusty преди месец
Ah, Ferrari selling its soul by building a horrid SUV. For shame.
SS s
SS s преди месец
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