Best new cars coming 2022-2025: My A-Z guide to the Munich Motor Show!

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With SO many new cars coming out over the next few years, you've probably found yourself wondering which ones you should be looking forward to the most...

Well, wonder no more! Earlier this week Mat attended the Munich Motor Show, and he's compiled a comprehensive list of all the best new cars & concepts that were on show and are due to hit our streets over the next few years. From Audi through to Chinese manufacturer Wey, this is the only Munich Motor Show round-up you need!

The question is, which car are you most looking forward to us reviewing? Let us know in the comments!

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carwow преди месец
Name a car we should review next...
Mihailo N
Mihailo N преди 2 дни
Audi A8 Horch
Loutre Tom
Loutre Tom преди 10 дни
peugeot 308
Rosie Chang
Rosie Chang преди 12 дни
The eqe
Cosmin S
Cosmin S преди 12 дни
Luka Zajc
Luka Zajc преди 13 дни
New skoda fabia
farelamore преди 12 часа
Even the word ELECTRIC makes me sick.
Deloin Alain
Deloin Alain преди ден
disgusting products
Amir Salari
Amir Salari преди ден
Nice content 👌🏻
G T преди 2 дни
My best channel
moltitrader преди 3 дни
👎 2 many ads, 2 long
Sweet Nothings
Sweet Nothings преди 4 дни
I only watch this channel for u matt преди 4 дни
13:50 M-CRO !!!.. Perfect Police Car !! ... save money, and eliminate all FAT Cops !! Win Win!!
CTS Zhang
CTS Zhang преди 4 дни
ORA straight up copying porsche headlights and bentley tailights, not surprised when i heard they're chinese
LordSabo преди 5 дни
That Ora brand is even uglier than the new BMW's damn
English Encyclopaedia 9M
English Encyclopaedia 9M преди 6 дни
Consumers do not want a perceived cheap car; they want a car to flaunt. A car is as much about status and identity as it is about transport.
M340 преди 8 дни
That maybach electric SUV might be the ugliest car ever made.
E C преди 8 дни
Mercedes-Maybach EOS looks more like a souped up 2015-16 Buick Enclave SUV.
Slawomir Krause
Slawomir Krause преди 9 дни
What a bull sh....t
FitChik Alina
FitChik Alina преди 9 дни
Just do the report, cut out the stupidity, you're about as funny as a kick in the B******s
Spy See Sauce
Spy See Sauce преди 9 дни
Batteries don't grow on trees. This woke cult has eaten up car industry.
Daniel Warton
Daniel Warton преди 10 дни
Normally love the motor show but starting with going green and self driving cars just says “we don’t really like cars”.
YUF TUF преди 10 дни
Ben Joseph
Ben Joseph преди 10 дни
Hydrogen Fuel Cell is still considered an EV though right? Just an alternative power source for an electric engine to lithium batteries.
CA преди 10 дни
Ha ha, what's this science friction?
gr3yh4wk1 преди 11 дни
Holy hell there is some *seriously* ugly cars on the way. Why are they making electric cars like lego or kids toys? Seriously if one of those said "Tomy" on the side I'd not be suprised. The Dacia is the only one not going completely nuts. I'm pretty sure that engine will be turbocharged and there's be a couple of more powerful engines available. That Maybach was utterly yak...its like driving a bus with bling...the chinese Wey ones look like funeral hearse's. Bleh....though great video!
Donny De Bomb
Donny De Bomb преди 11 дни
I don't like the future. I like my car more than any of these cars, and it's 20years old.
Hisoka преди 11 дни
Damn they all look appalling.
Nigel преди 11 дни
Why do you give the battery capacity and charging rate in Kwh and Kw but the power output in Horsepower? The Horse was replaced as the primary power for transport 200 years ago. Could you at least give both values? (Hp + Kw for engine power)
Alan Blanes
Alan Blanes преди 11 дни
This was the only media coverage that I've seen on the Munich Auto Show. Much appreciated!
Henrik Berger
Henrik Berger преди 11 дни
Still no station wagon family car like the 5-series?
qazwsxedc преди 11 дни
Fucking hell, SUVs everywhere, electrics everywhere, all are big cars, disgusting.
pm18r преди 11 дни
91% of plastics are not recyclable
Kris Black
Kris Black преди 12 дни
When he enter inside the Dacia I feel his dissapointment :))) it was like Luke cut this part with this trash car :)))
phanzu mavinga
phanzu mavinga преди 12 дни
Wtf bmw
Irfan Habeb
Irfan Habeb преди 12 дни
12:18 khaby style👀🤲
Raul Savu
Raul Savu преди 14 дни
ce cauta Dacia aici?
Jori Diculous
Jori Diculous преди 15 дни
Maybach was outrageous, as it should be. Looked very 50's futuristic. Best looking (production)car, the EQE 350. Good looking inside and outside. Also the Robotaxi, of course manly for based on the really interesting ioniq 5
Alex Sukstansky
Alex Sukstansky преди 15 дни
Looks like electric cars will do to luxury car brands what apple watch did to Rolex etc.
F To
F To преди 8 дни
And what should that be? There are no smart watches from Rolex?!
Otmar Lindner
Otmar Lindner преди 15 дни
All ugly!
FistoftheNorthStar6 преди 15 дни
Why do concept cars look some much better than the production models. Why not just make the concept. WTF.
Jaynoon преди 16 дни
Can we stop seeing electric cars pleassee😭
Magnus B
Magnus B преди 16 дни
'Recycled' mentioned a THOUSAND times. Yes, yes, we get it. Pls stop now.
terald doucett
terald doucett преди 16 дни
The only car I will buy is Hydro Power...aint no way Im charging up a car all the time...when i can fill up in five. EV will burn up in accident like thanks...Tell your boss your late for work because your power went
mares81 преди 17 дни
hate chinese...only copy paste...
Noobsly преди 17 дни
Wheres the toyota????????
C2H6-e преди 17 дни
thanks i hate it
Richard Martin
Richard Martin преди 17 дни
You said the Car is Recyclable!... What about the Battery?... You never said anything about the Battery?...
Herr Unsinn
Herr Unsinn преди 18 дни
Apparently I never received the memo saying "big boy pants" are no required when doing a (supposedly) professional presentation.
George Meadows
George Meadows преди 18 дни
What are they gonna call the c class electric equivalent ??
Cars that are worth it
Cars that are worth it преди 18 дни
Next review do the Ferrari 488
MrPeetmura преди 19 дни
This is a panopticum of ugliness. All the cars look the same - caroonish and uninspired. I will gladly electrify my old Alfa but I will never give it up for any of this s**t.
Chris B
Chris B преди 19 дни
What an awful selection of cars.
Chris Brummitt
Chris Brummitt преди 19 дни
Try getting in and out of a tight parking space with electric doors opening out front and back!
Cam F
Cam F преди 19 дни
The ORAs look interesting, hope they come to Australia too.
Michael Aitchison
Michael Aitchison преди 19 дни
The Audi looks like the new Audi Camaro. The BMW looks like one of those pimp cars. Go Germany
Sandor Varga.
Sandor Varga. преди 20 дни
Clarity Auto Details
Clarity Auto Details преди 20 дни
The used car market got inflated because of the lack of new production cars. It’s gonna stay that way because there’s not going to be much demand for these junky pieces of crap coming out.
Dan San
Dan San преди 20 дни
What a disgrace BMW has become. How they coul show something like this without feeling shame is beyond me.
Ed lawson
Ed lawson преди 20 дни
Future is looking good.
Wiesenthal преди 21 ден
gównianie te targi w porównaniu do ubiegłorocznych chińskich.
Ya Meg
Ya Meg преди 21 ден
Electric cars suck. They are not real cars, they're more like toasters, coffee makers, vacuums and can be included in the house appliances
Darrin Brunner
Darrin Brunner преди 21 ден
CirCar is ugly. The Maybach is pretty cool. The G-class is just as aggressively ugly as ever, now with more lights! Is that the Smart Car Toupée?
SniffHub преди 21 ден
i don’t like these designs man, they just are extra and look like alien ships
Aniounz FTW
Aniounz FTW преди 21 ден
that audi was mind blowing
Aviation Mode
Aviation Mode преди 21 ден
there’s actually automatic cars which don’t make you do anything there called taxi's
Nick Haralampopoulos
Nick Haralampopoulos преди 21 ден
BMWs “propeller” is actually the Bavarian flag. Time to end the myth.
Archer A
Archer A преди 21 ден
I was excited about the Cupra Born before this video..but knew it was based on the ID3 so expectations weren't wildly out of whack. Seems Matt was quite underwhelmed and flippant about it
Doge from the Future
Doge from the Future преди 21 ден
Bmw and Mercedes going full 90's light kits to try to compete with Tesla 🤣🤣🤣
Doge from the Future
Doge from the Future преди 21 ден
Hydrogen cars 🙄
Suna преди 21 ден
I don’t know what happening with plants inside the cars 😂😂
Erick Posada
Erick Posada преди 21 ден
You need a better shoes Sir.
R W преди 21 ден
Most of these cars are so boring.
Pat Mifsud
Pat Mifsud преди 21 ден
The electric Mercedes look like they were designed by a talented high school kid
Mia Kneale
Mia Kneale преди 22 дни
I'm from the isle of man and really want you to test out the peel p50!!! World's smallest car!!! Made and designed on the isle of man !!
cemb1979 преди 22 дни
ORA CAT-fish
Killert68i преди 22 дни
A lot of shiny glass and batteries inside - that`s all You need to know about cars of future. Boring ((
Arctic Alpha
Arctic Alpha преди 22 дни
Cheesus... They all look shit. None of them had anything even remotely interesting about them.
Denys Korotych
Denys Korotych преди 22 дни
Please new KIA spoteg !!!
rong Yao
rong Yao преди 23 дни
I know this may back EQS will go into production because I saw this car in one of the Mercedes trailers and you know every car in the trailer goes into production well that is according to Mercedes please Mercedes make this car a production car
SID преди 23 дни
It's coming to a stage like devolution man movie, not good 😐
Piko преди 23 дни
Ngl, KIA rebranding is NUTS.
Melon bee
Melon bee преди 23 дни
I am sad, disappointed and worried about the future of car, will there even be car enthusiast in the future with these cars
Google User
Google User преди 23 дни
Barn doors. Great. Unless you're in a carpark bay. Or a multistorey.
Kayla преди 23 дни
That maybach is the worst things I've ever seen
Yibin Gu
Yibin Gu преди 23 дни
Oraaaaaaa!So proud to see chinese car brand here. 02 cat is perfect car for city driving, especially for girls
Jeremy Blair
Jeremy Blair преди 23 дни
if we're still making cars in 2040 humanity is even more doomed then it is right now
Noah Derrington
Noah Derrington преди 24 дни
That ionic 5 robotaxi looks cool, like the car from ghostbusters
Mario Kart
Mario Kart преди 24 дни
The EQE looks better than the EQS
Stey Picton
Stey Picton преди 24 дни
I can't wait to see the impact all these electric cars will have on the power grid when everyone decides to plug them in at night, I guess we could always burn some more fossil fuels to keep up with demand or maybe some of that green energy otherwise known as trees and I guess the batteries will last for a good 150,000 to 200,000 ? But hey ho! If you get strapped for a bit of cash you could always weigh it in, I believe ali is at a good price at the moment.
Artyom Khateev
Artyom Khateev преди 24 дни
mmm, so much electric cars.😀
BiTe mE
BiTe mE преди 24 дни
vw life is alsmost as big as I.D 3 😂😂😂 and with massive wheels, oh my i hope to see normal hatchback size ev's with 17inch wheels ...
Noor Ameen
Noor Ameen преди 24 дни
That Maybach at 15:04 is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.
J. Savage
J. Savage преди 24 дни
the kia sportage is getting uglier and uglier...that mini car is nasty...omg
2204JCM преди 24 дни
Its pronounced “Hun-Day”
george081982 преди 24 дни
Mercedes Benz USA is total garbage. Before the new slew of issues on my 2020 amg gtc, I asked them to take the car back and refund me and they refused. I already had a full case for filing for lemon but rather than try to work with me, they decided to fight me. For $187k car... pretty surreal situation. What luxury brand does that?! Ignored emails and calls, this person Maria some referral manager not offering any mediation or apology. This brand is disgusting. Current messages on dashboard: rear axle steering malfunction, brake assist functions limited, traction control off/inoperable. GARBAGE
Kenneth Bril
Kenneth Bril преди 24 дни
Why can they take a normal car , put batteries in it , analog dials and voilla...... cheap electric car ...... No it has to have horsepower and self driving capeabilities and recycled expensive 3D printed parts ....... screens in the interior no mirrors and other stuff that can brake down ....... is this the ecological way to go??? ...... Biggest scam ever and everybody is buying it.....
Ben The Car Spotter
Ben The Car Spotter преди 25 дни
It appears that everyone has forgotten how to style a car properly especially Mercedes that Maybach concept is absolutely hideous luckily it’ll probably never go into production, I guess the Porsche was the most interesting car but it’s basically telling me that the 911 will have some form of electric motors on board and that makes me sad.
Ben G
Ben G преди 25 дни
That Ora Cat definately took design inspiration from the Porsche lineup
Carl Pelz
Carl Pelz преди 25 дни
The first Audi is ugly.
Thatsme849 преди 25 дни
i feel like the chinese manufacturers might as well go home again with the crap they are bringing lol
HereIgoAgain преди 25 дни
Love, "This points to cars coming from BMW in the year 2040." Throwing shade BMW way.
HereIgoAgain преди 25 дни
Car shows used to have sexy models. Now we get Mat :)
Donald Waller
Donald Waller преди 25 дни
No Italian cars? I've owned BMWs and Mercs, but I'll take an Alfa anytime. I've owned 5 over 55 years.
Paster of Muppets
Paster of Muppets преди 25 дни
Pay a shit load of money so you can have cork and ropes inside your car ? Sign me in
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