911 Turbo S v GTR Nismo vs Honda NSX: DRAG RACE

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Who's ready for an incredible three-way drag race?!

Mat’s sitting in the latest Nissan GT-R NISMO, and this week he’s lining up alongside a Honda NSX and a Porsche 911 Turbo S.

All 3 of these cars are packing some serious power! Starting with the GT-R NISMO, it’s powered by a 3.6-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that delivers 600hp & 652Nm of torque. It weighs in at 1,703kg - slightly less than the Honda NSX, which is 1,759kg! The NSX has a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 plus three electric motors, meaning altogether it produces a combined output of 581hp & 645Nm.

And then finally we have the Porsche 911 Turbo S, which time and time again has crushed its competition in our drag races! It’s got a 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six engine that puts down 650hp & 800Nm, making it the most powerful car in this line-up. It’s also the lightest car here too, weighing 1,640kg.

So you’d probably back the Porsche to win, right? Well, we’ll see if that’s the case… LET'S RACE!

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carwow преди месец
So… which of these cars sounded the worst? (And why is it always the Porsche? 🤪)
Arash Zare
Arash Zare преди 18 дни
Porsche 💪💪💪
Arash Zare
Arash Zare преди 18 дни
Nissan 💪💪
SS преди 22 дни
@Parthsarthi Thorat Revving an engine and bouncing it off the limiter with no load is not good for the engine.
Filip A. Urbanski
Filip A. Urbanski преди 27 дни
Mon Gangte
Mon Gangte преди 27 дни
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson преди час
The Turbo S launched better than the NSX despite the NSX having electric motors
the fameG
the fameG преди ден
funny how the Porsche is quite cheap and also the fastest
Jed Bone
Jed Bone преди 2 дни
Matt why you don’t do every race in manual is beyond me
Haro Master
Haro Master преди 2 дни
The Honda sounds horrible. That’s not good.
AK47 преди 2 дни
That Turbo S really is insane isn't it, they should do a drag race between this and Tesla Plaid
Wanda преди 3 дни
Next , will u race the new NSX Type S with same rivals.
Kiel Constantine
Kiel Constantine преди 3 дни
Try put Turbo S VS GT2 RS
Hamyyh YT
Hamyyh YT преди 3 дни
Why always porsches 😂😂😂
A преди 3 дни
If he had rickys gtr that would have beat the Porsche
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee преди 4 дни
Did he say the Porsche has a "soft limiter"?
MrAloboy преди 4 дни
Porsche mskes no sense
Gerhard Louw
Gerhard Louw преди 5 дни
YouTube Person
YouTube Person преди 6 дни
I watch carwow drag race just for Porsche to win my dream car and also the exhaust sound so sweet...love it.
ShoTa TsereTeli
ShoTa TsereTeli преди 6 дни
Here is a real NSX drag race !! bgpost.info/post/yK5lvaqPi6WL34U/video
A.M преди 8 дни
All commenting, "I already knew Porsche would win". But no one remembered, this same sentence used to say to the GT-R about 5 years ago. My respect to the long living king.
Cael преди 8 дни
nsx type s would definitely destroy all of them. This joke has no punchline.
Keith Crandall
Keith Crandall преди 8 дни
Did Matt say, “I’m sitting?” It’s “I’m sat!” on this channel!
ekko eko
ekko eko преди 9 дни
For the first time I am dissappointed by the Godzilla.
mehdi pervez
mehdi pervez преди 10 дни
acura honda is da best of da best if u upgrade it (u can up grade cars in irl like ea games such as nfs payback and most wanted and more.........................
george v
george v преди 10 дни
I remember when the GTR came on the market and was beating everyone. Until Porsche decided that enough was enough. And it has been like this for almost a decade now.
chris mccarty
chris mccarty преди 11 дни
You are the the best advertising for the 911 turbo S!
EASY.CREEPS преди 11 дни
Porka not bad,but not a patch on my f-reg VW polo,come on mate don't laugh it had TURBO,colour coded go faster stripes!
Muny Way
Muny Way преди 11 дни
Ease of the gas are lil that would of help for sure
Selva Ganesh
Selva Ganesh преди 11 дни
Porsche is the king 👑 of drag racing
فضل الله الزعبي
فضل الله الزعبي преди 12 дни
Dude Where is the sound of the cars Is this real sounds
Dane Needoba
Dane Needoba преди 12 дни
Now let's put em on the track let's see how the fr gtr goes
RSA Jay преди 14 дни
Solid scientific method there Mr Watson: one should always have a control sample when racing a Nissan against a Honda... As an aside, who'd ever have thought someone may one day say: "Oh yeah *sigh* the Nissan was too expensive so I bought the Porsche 911 Turbo S instead" ffs Nissan git gud for that money, maybe put the RB26DETT back into production or something 🙄
Su Q. Le
Su Q. Le преди 14 дни
The Porsche 911 is a Beast At launching
Caterider преди 15 дни
This is why I never understood the hype of the NSX, such a lame car.
A G преди 15 дни
The only things the Porsche ever loses in… the sound test.
Bally Dukhi
Bally Dukhi преди 16 дни
Can we see some more mainstream performance diesels like the Audi A6 3L Bi-turbo (bitdi) drag against other performance diesels. 530/535d Bmw etc please.
Miki преди 16 дни
I mean get the Gtr r35 skyline whit the 1600hp and it will gap the Porsche and the Honda in a sec.
The Zig
The Zig преди 3 дни
And what is the point of racing stock cars against tuned cars? Use your brain
Albos Salihu
Albos Salihu преди 16 дни
bmw m5 cs vs nissan gtr nismo
Piotr kukliński
Piotr kukliński преди 16 дни
Something tells me that nsx is gonna get smashed
John Wolf
John Wolf преди 18 дни
Fake drag race 100%
Frit - z34
Frit - z34 преди 18 дни
Porsche winning is expected...not terribly impressive. Most impressive imo is an old ass gtr still beating a new nsx 🤷‍♂️
Arash Zare
Arash Zare преди 18 дни
Porsche 💪💪💪
Kingdom Auto Consulting
Kingdom Auto Consulting преди 18 дни
Unbelievable how fast that Porsche is.... Hard to believe it can make a GTR look so slow, considering they used to be pretty much the king of the 1/4 mile.
5m4llk1ng преди 18 дни
Turbo S cheaper than Gtr and yet win all of it..
Amaan Gandhi
Amaan Gandhi преди 18 дни
Do anyone else hear him say Honda NSX
Jason Chatham
Jason Chatham преди 19 дни
Turbo S > everything else
hussein alibhai
hussein alibhai преди 19 дни
porsche sound low but this car is faster than any car in the world
Lewis преди 19 дни
Really do think Honda royally cocked up making the nsx a hybrid. Should ditch the electric motors and just add more power to the turbo v6.
Insa Tiable
Insa Tiable преди 19 дни
My scooter is faster than those expensive cars....in heavy traffic.
Abhishek Chaudhary
Abhishek Chaudhary преди 19 дни
Matt always brings the king porsche to humiliate other cars...but i love the gtr as well
Lucci Imperato
Lucci Imperato преди 19 дни
Acura nsx why do you call it the honda nsx
Thabiso Maleka
Thabiso Maleka преди 20 дни
Porsche all day everyday
Vin Vin
Vin Vin преди 20 дни
JDM 🔰❤️
Clifford Dabo
Clifford Dabo преди 20 дни
Turbo S is just magnificent
Bib the Boulder
Bib the Boulder преди 20 дни
Never seen one of these drag races where Matt doesn't get it wrong on the first launch. Makes me wonder how (in)competent he is for testing and reviewing cars...
Cine crede Iubeste
Cine crede Iubeste преди 21 ден
Porsche turbo s vs Ferrari f8 Tributo. Porsche can loose
Tim Matthews
Tim Matthews преди 21 ден
Acura NSX?
Tim Matthews
Tim Matthews преди 21 ден
Is there such thing as a Honda NSX?
Touchofgrey53 преди 21 ден
No one bothers to mention the Porsche is a RAGTOP! (About 200 lbs. lighter)
Adam Benard
Adam Benard преди 21 ден
What’s the point of even putting the Turbo S against these cars? We already know what’s going to happen.
Adriyan преди 22 дни
Matt how about a drag race between a Porsche 918 and the ultimate Porsche turbo s
Kayhan Patel
Kayhan Patel преди 22 дни
Piedade Higino
Piedade Higino преди 23 дни
We all new that the Porsche was going to win
Mats Norway
Mats Norway преди 23 дни
I had no idea the NSX was that bad
Hatim ELALLOULI преди 23 дни
That porsche is a cruel quiet monster !
Tim B
Tim B преди 23 дни
Haven driven a previous version of the Turbo S all I can say (as a GSXR1000 rider)…Wow! Fast as….!
花輪くん-日本を元気に- преди 23 дни
I would like you to change two of these three models and increase one model, change GTR and NSX to AMG GTR and RCF, and add Audi R8 to this project. I'm Japanese, so please post a video on the Japanese channel.
花輪くん-日本を元気に- преди 23 дни
By the way, please use a performance package vehicle for RCF.
mack cummy
mack cummy преди 23 дни
The NSX has less power and weighs more. It still did well
بدر ربيع
بدر ربيع преди 23 дни
GTR GodziLLa ✔👍
KaSom_CarSom преди 23 дни
fatih geraslan
fatih geraslan преди 24 дни
Why porsche why porsche why porsche alwasy once 😏
Hqrror преди 24 дни
Literally every race Porsche goes into it wins.
manuel martinez
manuel martinez преди 24 дни
Once again reality strikes
Sufyan Dohni
Sufyan Dohni преди 24 дни
Nismo GTR driver's must be well skilled .. Not a Muppet 😁 Porcshe wins at the end anyways 🇩🇪
Bruhmoment69 преди 25 дни
It’s crazy how they go 170mph+ and aren’t even scared or tense 😂
Roberto преди 25 дни
GT-R 😍🇧🇷
Sonny Ali
Sonny Ali преди 25 дни
I think the true mission of this channel is to document every vehicle the Porsche 911 Turbo S beats. And that's fine by me.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa преди 25 дни
10-12 years ago the GT-R was close to unbeatable. Time for a new model now, even though it still is quick.
Matěj Kusnierz
Matěj Kusnierz преди 25 дни
God that GT-R is ugly
Danny Cutter
Danny Cutter преди 25 дни
Obviously Obviously again ai in half an hour xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa преди 25 дни
Next video should be h2r vs 911 turbo s h2r is hungry for a prey feed it to this invisible 911 turbo s wanna see the fanboys cry when that h2r walks it
Sai преди 25 дни
Why are tesla fanboys so cringe Surely if you have to be spamming everywhere, even in videos that has nothing to do with a tesla, you must be compensating for something else
Irfan Mukhriz
Irfan Mukhriz преди 24 дни
Idk, but some of them are nerds
Ducati Rob
Ducati Rob преди 25 дни
The 911 turbo is basically a camera car now.
Cookiewriter преди 25 дни
Porsche: Make it go fast and stop well. Engineers: Yes *German Engineering*
SabtheShaman преди 25 дни
Every race with a Porche, Porche wins.
King David
King David преди 25 дни
Matt cheats on the start often.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi преди 26 дни
Porsches are the pinnacle of automotive engineering, I want one
Abhijeet Dey
Abhijeet Dey преди 26 дни
Bring on the tuned gtr and let's watch other cars bleed....
Irfan Mukhriz
Irfan Mukhriz преди 24 дни
Then, bring on a tuned 992 Turbo S
You'll make it
You'll make it преди 26 дни
What in the world changed in the turbo s??? How's it so much faster now? No 911 was ever this fast
gioyu comi
gioyu comi преди 26 дни
Delisha Mikayla
Delisha Mikayla преди 26 дни
911 very powerful sportcar 👍
Moses Cerodosnocity
Moses Cerodosnocity преди 26 дни
This car is a real fast to furious !¡ 🤣🤣turbo S !!
You'll make it
You'll make it преди 26 дни
Guys who cares if your car got smoked, on the highway, where cutting splitting cars happens, if you're a good driver you'll destroy any of other cars on this video
Aivensons преди 26 дни
You getting some nice videos now, something diferent form audi , bmw and audi bmw porsche. thats good.
Vegas Tan
Vegas Tan преди 26 дни
The Porka is the camera car.
Boxer786 преди 26 дни
Next video should be h2r vs 911 turbo s h2r is hungry for a prey feed it to this invisible 911 turbo s wanna see the fanboys cry when that h2r walks it
Sture Jonsson
Sture Jonsson преди 27 дни
I like this nice sport cars😊😊👍👍🦾🦾
Stanislav преди 27 дни
Go drag race: Honda accord 8 type r, Toyota camry 3.5 xv40 , Mazda 6 , Skoda octavia II rs, Volkswagen passat and other...
yuoop noke
yuoop noke преди 27 дни
10-12 years ago the GT-R was close to unbeatable. Time for a new model now, even though it still is quick.
소울서퍼 преди 27 дни
일본 버블경제 아직도심하네 저돈주고 누가사 ㅎ
NikesZ28 преди 27 дни
So, they are all similar price so who would be dumb enough to not buy the Porsche!? And i dont even like Porsche... :D
yuoop noke
yuoop noke преди 27 дни
Nucleo Acid
Nucleo Acid преди 27 дни
every race against a Porsche is a lost race.
맨of맨 преди 27 дни
911 TurboS 1000hp vs M5 1000hp vs AMG GT 63s 1000hp Not tuning 911 TurboS vs Not tuning M5 vs Not tuning AMG GT 63s I want to see the competition.
othman GT-R
othman GT-R преди 27 дни
GT-R 😭😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Damandala Ramarao
Damandala Ramarao преди 27 дни
Subashini преди 27 дни
Just do the race between that 1000 hp supra that you rewiewed long ago and that Porsche good competition
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