New Ford Bronco review: better than a Land Rover?

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преди 21 ден

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This is the new Ford Bronco!

It’s an almighty, All-American off-roader and Mat’s taking it for a test drive to see if it really lives up to the hype!

For starters, there’ll be no mistaking it for another car, thanks to the huge BRONCO badge up front. Not only that, but the boxy style & shape are instantly recognisable as Ford’s well-known off-roader.

When it comes to performance, there are two engines to choose, with the top-of-the-range being a 2.7-litre V6 that delivers 330hp & 560Nm of torque. It’s also equipped with AWD, and it comes as an automatic.

So, does the new Bronco have what it takes to compete with its oh-so popular predecessors? Or are you better off looking elsewhere if you’re in the market for an off-roader? Mat’s about to find out!

Land Rover Defender Review -

00:00 Intro
00:40 Exterior Design
03:12 Interior
06:24 Back Seats
07:54 Boot
09:19 Five Annoying Things
11:09 Five Good Things
12:22 Engines
13:13 Driving
16:20 0-60mph & Brake Test
17:55 Verdict

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carwow преди 20 дни
So, do you need a Ford Bronco!? Let us know below!
Oru KeralakKaaran
Oru KeralakKaaran преди 6 дни
@Dante Sdu 😅
Adam GT40
Adam GT40 преди 8 дни
If this was a British car you would be in Love with it, So Arrogant.
Garang Bullen
Garang Bullen преди 11 дни
Mat can you please review the Cadillac Escalade 🔥
Dan Dotson
Dan Dotson преди 15 дни
Said I never had much need for one, never said I didn’t know how to use one!
R C преди 16 дни
If we're sticking with American brands I'd rather have a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon as it looks much better and is capable enough for off-roading. Otherwise I'd have a G-Wagon or some sort of Land Rover.
Gregs Mowing
Gregs Mowing преди 3 часа
Based on a ford ranger chassis. Designed by a brit that designed the transit custom. The stitching being all over the place is no surprise as it said its made in America...
Le German dude
Le German dude преди 4 часа
Ah yes Ford Bronco is definitely more reliable than any land rover.
Tom S
Tom S преди 21 час
Comparing a Ford to a Rover or Benz is idiotic. Two different types of vehicles. And you wonder why Americans hate foreigners. Lol
frank furtur
frank furtur преди ден
worst time in history to buy a new car, all the crook dealerships are taking advantage of their loyal customers and marking up everything at least %25 over MSRP. and blaming the pandemic for the thievery. I will remember this for life.. F all the dealerships doing this.
benedict ma
benedict ma преди ден
I haver 3 in the wild (of Vancouver BC streets :)) and they are beautiful.
raceboy55 преди ден
Back in the days in 90es sub8 to 60 and 16s quarter mile were considered to be fast!
Terp83 преди 2 дни
A 'buy' verdict was the last thing I expected to hear.
Kris Black
Kris Black преди 2 дни
If you're wheel is not on the left (normal part where it should be ) that means you're gay
In Cars We Trust
In Cars We Trust преди 2 дни
I nearly fell off my chair 11:42 lol
Base Elv
Base Elv преди 2 дни
Bronco Elctric, when?
Randy Robinson
Randy Robinson преди 2 дни
Ford sucks
Steve Michael
Steve Michael преди 3 дни
Oh man. I remember teletext…haha. So long ago. I had forgotten all about it before this video. 😁 the Bronco looks ok too.
sinoxar преди 3 дни
It's like watching another marvel What If episode, where Tom Holland's spiderman got older, abondonded superhero stuff and started reviewing cars.
Moath Beni Sakhr
Moath Beni Sakhr преди 3 дни
This version looks like LADA Niva urrrrge
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips преди 4 дни
Of course it’s better than a Land Rover, Land Rover is always in the shop
Lord Craig
Lord Craig преди 4 дни
We need to see American luxury SUV like an Escalade against British luxury like a Rolls-Royce Cullinan or just a review of the Escalade
Victor Beltran
Victor Beltran преди 4 дни
Land Rover will break down 20 times in one year before a Bronco does. Sorry, I love the Defender but I know it will be a waste of money
Touch my
Touch my преди 4 дни
Anything is better then a land rover
Tăng Like Zalo (
Tăng Like Zalo ( преди 4 дни
👆👆👆02:04:22 Nếu anh thích một người thú vị thì em đây là một ví dụ. 🌷 🌔
John Williams
John Williams преди 4 дни
You run cables from those handles to the corners of the roof. This then fends off tree limbs so they don't smash the windscreen.
me преди 4 дни
USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸🏈💸🍔🍟
mark verberne
mark verberne преди 4 дни
8:35 "she-wee"? LMFAO XDXDXD I dont think there isnt any normal word for this in any language XD
Hi Matt, I really appreciate your review of the New Ford Bronco. Yes, the car is very dashing and tough, both for traveling in urban areas and in areas with muddy or rocky terrain. One more thing I really like your style by wearing a cowboy hat.
richard greenwood
richard greenwood преди 5 дни
At first I thought this might be a successor to my old Grand Vitara soft-top....... but not so much. The GV was cheap and relatively economical for its day, whilst still being very capable off road. I'll just have to hope Dacia will take a can-opener to the Duster, like the old one from the 80s.
Konstantin Ridaya
Konstantin Ridaya преди 6 дни
Of course these things on the front is for tying down dead animals! Have people nowadays never watched Deerhunter? The movie! Even American reviewers don't seem to know this, which is weird. Don't tie a moose or elephant on the front though; that might impair the forward vision a bit.
Gk Mofo
Gk Mofo преди 7 дни
I don’t know bout but those are meant for 4 wheeling....
Glenn Zanotti
Glenn Zanotti преди 7 дни
As much as I like Land Rovers, the NEW Defender is rubbish off road, compared to the Bronco or a Jeep Wrangler -- or comped to the original Defender.
AP-RSI преди 7 дни
Typical cheap US quality... LOL
Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson преди 7 дни
Sadly the only think called Bronco I can remember was toilet paper that only a masochist would use.
Nursultan Magauiya
Nursultan Magauiya преди 7 дни
Definitely needs to be compared with new Defender
semperf1dude преди 8 дни
what a knob
Mr Fish
Mr Fish преди 8 дни
Greetings from the US, someone tell Mat that people who wear cowboy hats in the US would never be seen dead in a toy Bronco lol They all drive Dodge Ram trucks
Adam GT40
Adam GT40 преди 8 дни
The "COWBOY HAT" is fine, you're the stupid one. Also you talk so much trash about America, yet Americans don't care enough about the English to make fun of them.
S I R E преди 8 дни
I would rather Ford had splurged on better quality (not premium, just keep it far from cheap and flimsy) and take away the the even cheaper feeling low frame rate displays and choppy infotainment system. At this quality, they should have priced far more reasonable than they have or just used materials that are better suited for the price.
Reynier Du Plessis
Reynier Du Plessis преди 8 дни
Quite difficult choice, we all know the Land Rover will break down continuously, but the Ford looks cheaper. At least you will look rich waiting for LR assist next to the road.
Nkululeko S
Nkululeko S преди 8 дни
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they kinda do have fat bellies
Stetson Washington
Stetson Washington преди 8 дни
My name is Stetson !! Thanks for the shout out Matt 😁😂
Prince Seibeb
Prince Seibeb преди 9 дни
Carwow, Do a drag race of pickups which includes a Nissan navara 4.0 v6
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh преди 9 дни
7:30 😂😂😂😂
Seattleguy0 преди 9 дни
The design looks really shitty
jodeskid преди 9 дни
'Right up your arse, but not in a good way' LOL
huppdaddy2 преди 9 дни
Are you trying to be crocodile dumbdee
Concept of the mind
Concept of the mind преди 9 дни
Cup gloves dwl
Allen Bay
Allen Bay преди 10 дни
why did i think all broncos were electric?
Ross Fripp
Ross Fripp преди 10 дни
Matt: This bit goes right up your arse, and not in a good way Errrr....there's a good way?!
브래드피똥 преди 10 дни
브롱코 사고싶다
Eden преди 10 дни
Why did he start talking like Boris Johnson at 1:40
bharathi raja
bharathi raja преди 10 дни
Matt just roasted the Bronco 😀
Mangofresh2012 преди 10 дни
Ford Bronchitis
holsteincowboy преди 10 дни
In my option it’s a ugly car
TheArrowkarts преди 11 дни
Lincoln Navigator!
dz302g50911turbo преди 11 дни
You keep getting better... Entertaining and Informative-Best humor is when you make fun of yourself and trash both sides of the pond
Auto Flame
Auto Flame преди 11 дни
Wow 👍
Prince Tarusenga
Prince Tarusenga преди 11 дни
Dream car, even the original one will do💯
jason mutumbulua
jason mutumbulua преди 11 дни
Dodge Ram 1500
TheSweptClock4589 преди 11 дни
Looks like a jeep
Wòofy Wòoflez
Wòofy Wòoflez преди 11 дни
You can tell he's british when he compares it to a landrover ...although the quality control's about even
Herman Munster
Herman Munster преди 11 дни
You can now star in your very own remake of Brokeback Mountain.😁
Lïgêr Hèrçúlës
Lïgêr Hèrçúlës преди 11 дни
Look similar to Hummer ev
3316 преди 11 дни
Where is this video shot?
Gift Morzel
Gift Morzel преди 12 дни
Yes please do the navigator and escalade ...please ....I'm Gift your favourite no one fan from kenya
Rase Cedric
Rase Cedric преди 12 дни
You must drive it off road as well 😎
OMG VAPOR преди 12 дни
Nicolai Jarlbæk Kornmod
Nicolai Jarlbæk Kornmod преди 12 дни
Review the Cadillac Escalade og the Chevy Suburban please
Martin Bettler
Martin Bettler преди 12 дни
As for off-roading, yes, the Bronco is definitely better than the new 'Defender'. But what effectively distinguished the Land Rover Defender, that even after 30 or 40 years, it still simply does its job, that both will probably not fulfill.
VALORIE AUSEN преди 12 дни
As an American do i need a Bronco No, as an American do i want a Bronco HELL YES, I will say you made a good point about the window switches, it really doesn't matter having them in the center and not on the doors because if the doors are off what difference does it make 😜
Michael Truscott
Michael Truscott преди 13 дни
not sure I'd want to be hit by the steel front bumper. How did this do in crash tests?
Michael Z
Michael Z преди 13 дни
Well, my Big Bend, Bronco is built (7/21, to be exact). Waiting at DM for a new MIC....
Ivo Fixzone
Ivo Fixzone преди 13 дни
This is not a car review, but a childish pretend-to-be-funny video. I can't watch any more of this . What a clown Mat has become.
James Hampton
James Hampton преди 13 дни
Review all of them haha. Love your reviews. All will be informative, interesting and hilarious :) Keep up the good work
Nuno Leão
Nuno Leão преди 13 дни
Wait... Isn't this the track where top gear did a truck race?
StepBro преди 13 дни
7:57 Are Turn-ups back in fashion with the 'Yoof'? 🤣
Thabang Ntladi
Thabang Ntladi преди 13 дни
7:27 Mat having a paradox moment 😅
Thabang Ntladi
Thabang Ntladi преди 13 дни
Mat don't anger the Americans 😅
DarkClosetOfTheMind преди 13 дни
The bronco does come with a manual transmission.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman преди 13 дни
"not in a good way" LOL
George Diaz
George Diaz преди 14 дни
You make a review and for me it felt like you were making fun of the vehicle, as if you hate it, dude just don't do it. Also making fun of Americans even wearing a "cowboy" hat. For me I did not like your take on this. Maybe is your weir sense of humor.
KevinN преди 14 дни
wow, those prices are crazy. A Bronco here in Canada starts at 40k CAD and you can get one for 50-52k well equipped. 50k is £30k.
Sam Morgan
Sam Morgan преди 10 дни
It is so cheap there
Tc J
Tc J преди 14 дни
You definitely need to test out the Shelby Cobra 427
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson преди 14 дни
no...I'm American and I wouldn't buy it, if they gave it to me, I would sell it off the dealer lot. JUNK!
Irfan преди 14 дни
Is it available in RHD?
Dennis Evarist
Dennis Evarist преди 14 дни
The Crazy Matt from 11:42 🤣🤣🤣 off-road on flat surface
KissTheGreat преди 14 дни
Those things on the bonnet are for rigging cables up to the top of the windshield to stop branches hitting it when you’re off roading. But of course you wouldn’t know that because you are single handedly the worst and laziest automotive reviewer in existence. But good journalisting again there, Mat! 👌🏻
Fat Northerner
Fat Northerner преди 14 дни
As a utility Vehicle down on the farm it would be great, but as an every day vehicle looks cheap and nasty, rather have a new Defender. In any case I don't believe it meets UK crash standards so wont be coming here in big quatities
VDPEFi преди 14 дни
I would take a hard top one over a defender any day. Base spec with the V6 and all the off road bits please!
Ian Williams
Ian Williams преди 14 дни
Simple answer no!
Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
Lord Refrigerator Intercooler преди 14 дни
sheesh what a nasty offroader. it costs almost the same as a Rivian R1T.
John W
John W преди 14 дни
Those things on the front of the fenders/wings are end-of-vehicle sight line aids for tight off-roading first, and tie-downs second. They work. Too bad you weren't able to take it off-road, where it's much more focused. A test soon?
andy c
andy c преди 14 дни
Not cheap but nasty
Sphinx преди 14 дни
0:23 slowest ive ever seen a car move
Holistic Formula
Holistic Formula преди 14 дни
4:55 I have died 😂 Matt I finally rest my case, I honestly don't think your ok, why wouldn't it fit the real GOAT acronym 😂
AAMIR MALIK преди 14 дни
Had to skip pretty jokes today
Patrick Kairu
Patrick Kairu преди 15 дни
It pain to see Bronco modern car 🚘 looks just like the old one. DEFENDER should have used the same concept! Unlike their new defender/Kia
Doen Simms
Doen Simms преди 15 дни
Mat not all American are fat or have big bellys you know
Thisen Ahangama
Thisen Ahangama преди 15 дни
No one: 11:59 When people look inside the car from the outside and my fav song comes on
Snowy The Bastard
Snowy The Bastard преди 15 дни
Would be good to see a review of the short wheel base version vs a Jeep Wrangler. Great off road test.. do it.. do it now...
Mr. A
Mr. A преди 15 дни
I would love for the new Bronco to come to South Africa
Asimo FORD
Asimo FORD преди 15 дни
Ford Bronco with the sasquatch package is the best.
Khanya преди 15 дни
Ford Bronco and gloves 🙆🏾‍♂️
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